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State water officials in Ukiah talking about their part in making sure marijuana is grown in a way that won’t hurt the environment as part of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. The State Water Resources Control Board says they’re coming up with a program so state waters are protected from harmful activities related to cannabis cultivation. It bans waste discharges from agricultural practices, land clearing and grading activities in rural areas and forests. Board officials, Department of Fish and Wildlife and Food and Agriculture officials in town today at 4 p.m. at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center at 200 S. School St.

Two girls on their way home from school say a man in a big white truck was following them. The Ukiah Police Department the two girls told them they left Frank Zeek Elementary School between 2 and 2:30 p.m. Monday and hit an alley where they saw the man in his truck, parked, but with the engine running. They say he spoke in Spanish, saying inappropriate things to them. They say they got scared and ran home, then later, saw the same guy drive by their house. They say he was Hispanic, with very short, black hair and crooked lower front teeth.

Reduced broadband cost for telecommunications companies looking to upgrade systems means improved access. The Gov. about to sign Assemblyman Jim Wood’s bill which will also mean companies and organizations work with Caltrans to install conduit. Caltrans will have to notify companies and organizations like the Redwood Coast Connect Consortium and the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County, of projects where whatever the construction was, if it was also suitable to put down broadband conduit, they’d notify them, so it could be done.

An emergency declaration has been extended 2 more weeks for the Yokayo Center in Ukiah after a flood. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors gave the declaration 14 more days yesterday. County Executive Staff says since the flood happened, the place has been scrubbed clean, including cleaning the carpet and mold from walls. Now a county contractor will do an overview of the work needed. Those who need to go to the center for help may have longer wait times.

The former Stanford University student who raped a passed out student and got 6 months in jail is getting out early. Brock Turner’s sentence was criticized because of its leniency, now he’s getting out Friday, which is only 3 months. The Superior Court Judge who sentenced Turner, Aaron Persky, faces a recall campaign related to his handling of Turner’s case. Turner was found guilty in March for assault with the intent to commit rape of an unconscious person, sexual penetration of an unconscious person and sexual penetration of an intoxicated person. It happened on campus in January 2015. He was facing 14 years in prison. Prosecutors went instead for a six-year prison term.

The five members of Mendocino County’s SWAT on administrative leave after a fatal shootout in Humboldt County are back on the job. David Fulton was killed at an apartment complex in McKinleyville a couple weeks ago. He died after a daylong standoff after a shooting in his apartment manager’s office. He holed up in his apartment with his girlfriend after and shot at arriving deputies. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s office requested the SWAT team which shot back at Fulton after his girlfriend was let go.

Several wildfires started after a woman who police say was high on drugs drove on rims that sparked on asphalt. At least 450 acres burned, one home burned and several people had to be evacuated after the fires started in Calaveras County. Renee Hogan has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, plus Cal Fire’s filing more charges against her due to the fire she started, nobody was injured. Her car was gutted by the flames.

A dwarf billy goat blamed after a horse got loose in the Santa Cruz mountains. The nearly one ton Clydesdale, Buddy, was missing several days, but corralled again Sunday. The goat, Lancelot apparently butts open the gate to their stable, letting Buddy take a local spin. Another Clydesdale, Harry, also got away but he was found the next day. They say that Buddy may have been about 3 miles away. Searchers on horseback found Buddy hiding in shrubs.

Those for and against the End of Life Option in Calif. lost a little in their fight. A Riverside County Superior Court Judge said no to a local DA who was trying to get the case dismissed in court. The judge said no and denied a request to immediately stop the implementation of the law in favor of the citizens of California and terminally ill patients who might want to use the new law which was signed by the Gov. last October. The case will be back in court December 5th.

The criminal case against a man from Clearlake accused of stealing an ambulance, vandalism and dealing in stolen property is put on hold. Derrick Schuleter in court last week for his Preliminary Hearing, but his lawyer argued he was not mentally competent to stand trial for the July 29th incident where an ambulance was stolen that was sitting near the scene of a fire. It was found after officers pinged a cell phone left inside. Schuleter will be evaluated and report back to court Sept 20th.

Fires in Lake County may force supervisors to pass on 20 million dollars for improvements to its Hill Road Jail. The money would come from the state but the county would have to agree to a five percent match. The county administrative officer says it’s just not in the budget ..mostly because of what the county has had to spend on firefighting and recovery over the last two summers. The CAO also says the jail’s population is down by 25 percent so expanding the jail maybe a moot point.

The American Red Cross is moving its Clayton Fire operations to Lower Lake. They are now at the Lake County Social Services building on Main. Hours are 8-5 and the Red Cross plans to have the center around through Friday. Red Cross has been working with victims of the Clayton fire, helping them get on track with disaster assistance. The center can address both immediate need and long term planning for recovery.

The Job picture looking a little better in Lake County with the unemployment rate down slightly in July. It went from 6.7 percent in June to 6.6 last month after being nearly a point higher last year. The Employment Development Department says the state jobless rate actually went up during the same time frame. San Mateo County has the state’s lowest unemployment rate at 3.4 percent, Mendo was at 4.3%… Imperial County the highest at 24.2 percent.

Vladimir Putin has been arrested at a grocery store in Florida, but he’s not the Vladimir Putin you may think. Police in West Palm Beach say a man with the same name as the Russian president was arrested at a Publix supermarket last week after screaming at employees and refusing to leave the store. The Palm Beach County sheriff’s office charged him with trespassing and resisting an officer without violence.

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