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The air quality in Mendocino County not great due to area fires. The Mendocino County Air Quality Management District says the smoke that’s coming from the Gap Fire in the Klamath National Forest and the Tully Fire in Humboldt County are degrading the air locally. The Gap Fire’s charred almost 31,000 acres and is 65 percent contained and the Tully Fire is 100 percent contained at nearly 600 acres. The AQMD says there will probably be haze and poor air quality until the smoke clears the area. For more info,

Several search warrants served by the Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit means a dozen arrests and nearly 1,800 pot plants found in both Lake and Lassen Counties. The Lake Co. Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit with the help of the National Guard served a warrant on 2 parcels in Lower Lake last month, one guy ran, but another 6 people were detained. Police say they found several wooden huts with pot growing near a creek. They then found one man arrested, had more property in Lassen county and found more weed there a week later, north of Susanville. They found 1,121 outdoor marijuana plants and a loaded rifle and 6 others were arrested there.

All of the high school students in the Willits Unified School District get a Chromebook they get to use at school and at home. The Superintendent of schools announced the computer hookups at the latest Board of Trustees meeting at Willits High School. He told the board they have rewired the high school with new wireless hubs. He also says a lot of the money for the rewiring and the Chromebooks comes from part of the district budget set aside for technology.

Several hundred truckloads of dredge spoils are being moved from the north side of Noyo Bay to a trail where its compacted soil and gravel. The location along the South Coastal Trail to help replant the area. The Fort Bragg Community Development Director says it should take about a week to move and will save money for both the Noyo Harbor District and the city.

The name’s been released of the passenger who was killed in a solo car crash near Monte Rio. The Sonoma County Coroner’s Office says 17-year-old Arleen Michaela Hale-McNamara was in a car driven by 19 year old Edward Reynolds. He crashed into a tree. Reynold’s also died. Hale-McNamara was working her second summer at the Monte Rio Recreation and Park District. A sheriff’s deputy driving near the crash site, saw the car drive off the road, land on its roof and hit two trees, wrapping around them. The deputy put out an engine fire, but couldn’t get the teens out until the Monte Rio Fire Department arrived. Both kids had on seatbelts.

More info’s come out about how the man accused of setting the Clayton fire and several others, was caught. State fire investigators were watching 40-year-old Damin Pashilk of Clearlake for two summers. They were tracking him by GPS, surveillance cameras and watching his every move. He’s been linked to 11 roadside fires before the Clayton fire. They say they even saw him admiring a fire he may have set near his home. This all made public in the arson investigation documents that Cal Fire officials presented to Lake County prosecutors.

Congressmen Mike Thompson and John Garamendi have announced low-interest Small Business Administration (SBA) loans now available for business owners and homeowners affected by the Clayton Fire. Thompson says it’ll help business owners and homeowners repair damages to their properties so businesses can reopen and residents can go home. He says it’s an important step in the recovery from the Clayton Fire. Businesses and nonprofits are allowed to borrow up to $2 million and homeowners, up to $200,000.

Toxic blue green algae may be in local water. The Mendocino County’s Health and Human Services Agency warning the public about the blooms in more than two dozen freshwater reservoirs, lakes and streams across the state. They say close contact with water with blue-green algae can cause all sorts of health problems for people and pets, and should be avoided. The blooms in warm, slow moving water where there’s a high nutrient level. None so far in Mendocino County, but the agency warns it doesn’t mean it can’t happen as in the past when dogs have died after swimming in parts of the Eel River, the Russian River and the Navarro River.

A newborn baby gets free flights for life after taking his first breath on an airplane. Buraq Air announced the gift on their Facebook page to celebrate the boy’s birth during a flight from Tripoli, Libya to Niamey, the capital of Niger. Mom went into labor and the boy was named after the captain, Abdul Baset. It’s the second birth on a flight in the last month, a baby girl, Haven, was born August 14th during a flight from Dubai to Manila. Haven got 1 million air miles from Philippines flight operator, Cebu Pacific.

A man in Kentucky busted after falling asleep in a car he broke into in Harrodsburg. Matthew Stewart of Louisville faces theft, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing charges after a call to an auto parts store Monday where employees found a lock box with keys pried open and several vehicles broken into. Police then found Stewart sleeping in the driver’s side of a vehicle, wearing black gloves and a mask.


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