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A woman in Philadelphia knocked to the ground after a catfish fell from the sky. Lisa Lobree says she was headed to an exercise class a few weeks ago near the Philadelphia Museum of Art when something suddenly slammed into her. She had a small cut on her head after the 16 inch catfish fell out of a bird’s mouth above her. She says it’s probably one of the strangest things that’s ever happened to her… ya think.

After a plea agreement with the U-S Labor Dept. some undocumented employees of the Ruen Tong Thai restaurant and Walter’s Cafe could get back wages. The plea agreement was announced last month that $250,000 of penalties was set aside for the workers by the Fed. The money came from the owners. An investigation into the restaurants by the Wage and Hour Division’s San Francisco District Office. Yaowapha Ritdet put up the $250,000.00 for the affected workers. Ridtet pleaded guilty in August to obstructing Internal Revenue Service tax laws and harboring illegal aliens for profit.

$20,000 has been donated by the Lake County Tribal Health Consortium for a child ID program with the Sheriff’s Office. The money to help find lost, runaway or abducted children. It helps parents put together a package of info on their children, including fingerprints and video footage to be used by police in case of an emergency. The child ID kit is put together with the child or their parent’s help. All of the info gathered could be used in an Amber Alert. The fingerprints and video to help in case of a disappearance, the video interview to include the kid’s responses to questions like where they go when upset.

Two people who died in a small plane crash have been identified. A trio headed to San Francisco, crashed into a parking lot at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The Washoe County coroner’s says 57 year old Robert Drescher of Stevenson Ranch and 46 year old Edward Mumbert of Santa Cruz died in the crash. The third victim was Ronni Hernandez, home town unknown. The single-engine Piper Cherokee crashed on takeoff Sunday.

The Governor has signed California’s new farm labor rules into law. Phased in beginning in 2019, and before 2025, all California farms, which currently pay time-and-a half to workers after 10 hours a day or 60 hours a week, have to pay it after eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. Farm workers have had different overtime pay requirements from other workers since Congress approved the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938. They were still exempt in California when the state guaranteed overtime pay after eight hours a day in 1999.

Landfill fees for Clayton fire debris among the topics at this week’s Lake County Board of Supervisors meeting. The meeting this morning at 9am. According to the agenda, at 9:45 a.m., the board will have a public hearing on an urgency ordinance authorizing a temporary hike in the gate fees at the Eastlake Sanitary Landfill for debris from the Clayton fire, and the board will also consider amending the county ordinance to establish additional gate fees after a locally declared disaster. Also on the agenda, at 10 a.m., a continued public hearing on Epic Wireless Group’s appeal of the Lake County Planning Commission’s denial of a permit to build a Verizon cell tower in Kelseyville.

Since there are less inmates to help fight big wildfires in California, the state’s looking for new recruits. 20 percent of the state crews on major fires last year were prisoners. But apparently the number of available inmates is dwindling as counties release some prisoners due to overcrowding. The Press Democrat reports Calif. Is about 600 inmates short of the 4,300 prisoners that may be available for fire lines. The California Conservation Corps is training civilians for the work instead. They’re looking to create four more fire crews of about 15 members each, at least.

A body has been found in Lake Oroville and police say it could be that of a missing hiker from the Bay Area. A fisherman found the body last Friday morning, face down on the shore. They’ve yet to make a positive identification due to the condition of the body. They say they think it could be Stephen Jones however. He’s a hiker who disappeared in February. He was out hiking with his dog Feb. 5th but the dog came home alone.


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