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No tours at a college outside Philadelphia for prospective students and their parents because those living there already say the dormitory frequently smells like marijuana. The Philadelphia Inquirer ( ) reports tour guides at Swarthmore College say administrators said parents complained of getting a “contact high” when passing through Willets dorm. So they were told during a summer training to stop visiting the dorm.

Police went for a McGyver move, using Olive Oil to get a man out of a tight spot after he got stuck trying to get his phone in Rhode Island. It happened near a fishing area in Point Judith where police say the guy dropped his cell but then got stuck when he bent down to get it between a couple of jettys. Firefighters and environmental police helped the guy for the better part of an afternoon, finally setting him free with olive oil.

A vote’s delayed by the Ukiah Planning Commission on a proposed ordinance to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in Ukiah. Commissioner Laura Christensen saying there’s too many unanswered questions to move it forward. The proposed ordinance to allow medical weed stores in all commercial zones, including the downtown core. Operators have to get a permit from the zoning administrator/planning director plus they would have to have a public hearing for approval too. Then after they got their permit, they’d have to renew it annually.

Two people have been arrested after gunshots were heard this weekend. Police in Clearlake arrested two people on suspicion of armed robbery at an illegal marijuana grow. They say they got a call to the gunshot sounds early Sunday morning finding 3 men had broken into a home trying to steal some pot. One of the five at the residence hit in the head with a blunt object during a struggle. Police say several shots were fired during the encounter and they arrested Christopher Cairati and Todd Davi. They also say another man Joshua Joaquin was involved, but they’ve yet to locate him. Police say the pot garden was supposedly being used to sell the weed to local collectives which is against the law. The Lake County DA will decide if the victim is charged for the illegal grow.

A man in Clearlake getting ready for work shot several times. Police say the man was taken by family members to St. Helena Hospital Clearlake and that he had multiple growing pot plants outside his home. Police say they got a call to shots fired last Wednesday and while searching the area they found spent shell casings. Then hospital staffers confirmed they had a gunshot victim. The victim says he was putting stuff in his car before work and saw a man walking nearby and then he was shot. The suspect then took off. Police went into the victim’s home and found several pot plants and say even though they were used for medicine they were not in compliance with code. No word on if he’ll be cited or what happened to the suspected shooter.

A man from Comptche who disappeared has been found ok. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call Friday night about a missing 61-year-old man from Elk. Deputies searched his property that night to no avail. They had volunteers from the department’s Search and Rescue team out the next morning with police dogs and found the man in a deep ravine on his property. They say he was disoriented and needed medical assistance.

California is starting a study into state balcony standards after the deadly collapse in Berkeley. The Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation into law last week creating a working group to recommend ways for the better construction of balconies and if the state should look into information on construction malpractice. Licensed contractors also now have to report industry-related crimes. Thirteen people on that fifth-floor balcony when it collapsed in June 2015 and six of them died.

Cops in Sacramento say a woman pretended to try to kill herself to get out of a prison sentence. The Sacramento Bee reported the woman had been sentenced to almost 2 years behind bars for mortgage fraud. They say the 41 year old woman was supposed to start her sentence in February of 2014 but left and penned note making it looked like she offed herself. She was arrested again last month in Sacramento in a car her husband was driving. She was charged for failing to surrender and her hubby for harboring a fugitive.

More than 1.3 million people showing up since 1985 for the yearly California Coastal Cleanup Day which happened again Saturday. Since it all started in 85, there’s been 22 million pounds of trash taken away from the coast, lakes, creeks and rivers in nearly every county. Thousands of volunteers were expected this weekend for the 32nd annual event. The California Coastal Commission, the sponsor of the event, says cigarette butts litter waterways more than anything else. This as the Gov. pursues a no smoking law at beaches across the state.

Three people have been arrested in Clearlake in a probation sweep at a home. Police say they went to a home last Wednesday and served a search and arrest warrant on several people living in the house as part of their community oriented policing project. Jayson Tate arrested and went to the Lake County Jail for resisting arrest; William Rankin for possession of a controlled substance; Jennifer Morse for being under the influence of a controlled substance and six cars were towed.

2 people have been injured after the seaplane they were flying in crashed into Clear Lake. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports it happened late Saturday morning at the yearly Clear Lake Seaplane Splash. They say the crash happened offshore from Via Del Lago. Apparently the pilot just fueled up and accidentally left the wheels down. The plane landed nose down in the water with its tail in the air in about 8 feet of water.


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