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A seaplane that crashed at Clear Lake Saturday morning has been hauled out of the lake. The Grumman Widgeon crashed about 500 yards offshore of Via Del Lago while the pilot was trying a water landing during the Clear Lake Seaplane Splash In. Lake County News reports the landing gear had been left down and snagged the water, pitching the plane forward. It sank in about 8 feet of water. The pilot had minor injuries, and his passenger has a broken leg. The plane was pulled out of the lake Monday.

Ukiah High School says it’s getting the cockroach situation under control. School district officials say the proper identification of the exact type of cockroaches they have has helped them further eradicate the bugs. The Superintendent of schools says the California Department of Pest Regulation says local pest control companies couldn’t totally get rid of the pests because it wasn’t known they were Turkestan cockroaches which look just like a common species known as the Oriental cockroach, which is what they were going after. So now that they know they’ve had an easier time fighting the infestation.

A drive up flu clinic in Ukiah, if you want to partake. Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency Public Health Dept is having their seasonal flu vaccine drive-up clinic next Saturday, Oct. 1st, from 8:30 a.m. to noon, at 1120 S. Dora St., Ukiah. They recommend the flu shot for anyone over 19 years old. Those without health insurance are being encouraged to attend. They’re asking for a suggested donation of $15 per flu shot, but they say nobody 19 years or older will be turned away. For more information, call 472-2600.

Continual vandalism happening at Trump Headquarters in Ukiah. It happened at least 3 times in one day. The Daily Journal reports Mike Carter and his wife, Robin went to the building Monday and saw splattered red paint on the front of the building. There was vandalism there the day before too, words written in chalk which were washed off, then later they found the word bigots spray-painted on the sidewalk. The couple says most of the response they’ve received has been positive.

The cause of a fire in Kelseyville is being investigated. Fire officials reported the fire reported Monday night across from Mike’s Auto. The Kelseyville Fire Chief says the business where the fire happened does body work and repair, but they didn’t release the name. He says when they got there a fiberglass skylight had burned out and fire was coming out of that. The building was totally gutted.

Mendo-Lake Credit Union is donating $600 to match a donation from Nokomis Elementary School for victims of the Clayton Fire in Lake County. Nokomis Elementary counselor Keenan Tyner started the fundraising and says most of the school’s students qualify for free or reduced lunches, so getting the money raised was a big deal for them. Staff and 105 students donated to fire victims using competitions and other efforts. Tyner organized the 2 week fundraising drive before school started.

Seniors in Calif can soon hold off on paying their property taxes as a tax postponement program is back in force. The California State Controller’s Property Tax Postponement Program starts again October 1st after being on hold since the Legislature froze it in 2009. Homeowners at least 62 years old who are blind or have another disability can defer current-year property taxes on a primary place of residence if certain criteria is met. They have to have 40 percent equity in their home and have an annual household income of $35,500 or less. For more info (800) 952-5661 or visit

A new report by the Associated Press shows California lawmakers get paid for their cost of living and eating out when they travel to Sacramento to write and pass bills. Not to mention they get six-figure salaries and benefits. But the report shows the state’s got loosely worded rules so lawmakers can get those payments even if they never go to work. The AP reports Assemblyman Roger Hernandez of West Covina got unlimited time off and still got a tax-free, daily allowance of $176. The report shows lawmakers had taken 325 days off during the legislative session that just ended for various reasons but still collected taxpayer-funded living expenses.

Mendocino County supervisors say no to Mendocino Redwood Company demanding a refund of nearly $20,000 in taxes for the Mendocino Coast fire district. The tax measure approved last November with 83% of the tax money going to the Albion-Little River Fire Protection District. So Mendocino Redwood sued the county, saying the parcel tax is against the law and the money should be given back. And further, they already pay fees to Cal Fire. The company is not alone, landowners also have to pay a tax to the fire district as firefighters are first responders to fires and other emergencies on timberland.

It may cost the Diocese of Stockton $15 million to pay off more than two dozen victims who say they’d been sexually abused by priests in the diocese. The Bishop Stephen Blaire has announced the diocese filed for bankruptcy as part of the proposed settlement. One of the victims first came forward nearly 4 decades ago. She says she was abused by a defrocked priest from the Diocese, Oliver O’Grady. She reported being abused in the 1970s during Catholic camp sleepovers.

A man has been arrested after a credible threat was reported against the state Capitol. Police say it came from outside, but there was never any lockdown. They’ve not said what sort of threats were made, but id’d a person they arrested as 20-year-old Cody Moore, who was arrested in Carmichael. He faces charges of threats to elected officials and criminal threats.

A mom and daughter in Northern California got a month in jail after being found guilty of not cooperating with a black police officer. 48 year old Michelle Lemos and her 19 year old daughter Gabrielle, both white, were arrested after a domestic disturbance at their house where sheriff’s Deputy Marcus Holton responded. He reported, and his body camera showed a chaotic, alcohol-fueled high school graduation party. His camera showed the women wagging their finger in his face, and using racial slurs later during a phone call. Mom and daughter have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, accusing the deputy of police brutality. That lawsuit invalidated due to their the conviction.

A drug suspect in Pennsylvania that dropped his cellphone as he ran from cops went on Facebook to tell his friends they shouldn’t call him. Lackawanna County detectives say James Hankins of Scranton ran as police tried to arrest him for an undercover heroin and cocaine deal. His Facebook status saying he’d be off social media for a while and didn’t have a phone. A woman who apparently knew him, let him in to her home where cops found him hiding in the basement.

A 2 hour chase by cops in Anchorage, going after a young black bear. The bear seen running down sidewalks and thru traffic and hiding for a time behind a Pizza Hut. Police followed the bear last Thursday but then the state Department of Fish and Game joined the chase, caught the bear and relocated it. Police posted video of the chase on FB which was viewed more than 1 million times.

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