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The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors is supporting the No position on Measure AF. The measure, aka as the Heritage Act had the board taking 6 supporting ideas behind their no position. They say it’s not needed because the County’s already drafting comprehensive regulations, where there has to be public review. If it passes there won’t be a public review process to identify or mitigate significant environmental impacts. The board says it would reduce or eliminate setbacks from neighbors already in place. It gets rid of a requirement for “wildlife exclusionary fencing” and eliminates all fencing requirements unless a garden is visible from the public right-of-way. Almost every zoning district could have up to an acre of cannabis cultivation as a principle permitted use and the measure would allow thousands of new cannabis cultivators on new cultivation sites.

A wildfire has started in the Geysers, east of Cloverdale. Cal Fire reports the fire’s moving at a moderate rate of spread in steep, challenging terrain with difficult access. They report heavy fuels in the area including areas of grass and pockets of oak woodland. The area’s extremely dry due to five years of drought conditions. Temperatures had been in the high 90’s with low relative humidity when the fire started. As of last night some structures were being threatened. The fire has several area teams fighting including, Napa County Fire, Cloverdale, Geyserville, the CHP and Lake County Sheriff’s office. It broke out over the weekend off Big Geysers Road and Geysers Resort Road, 10 miles E of Cloverdale. So far 1500 acres have burned and the fire’s 10% contained.

A woman has drowned off Goat Rock at Sonoma Coast State Park. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reports the woman was in her 70’s, near the surf, with a friend when a wave hit and she lost her balance and was swept out to sea. The friend trying to help the woman back to shore and got some state park lifeguards attention. They went into the ocean and helped the woman out and started CPR immediately but could not revive her. She was pronounced dead on the scene. The chief of the Monte Rio Fire Dept. said they jumped in to help too after the woman was found face down.

New staff from the Clearlake Police Dept. introduced to the City Council. The Council also agreed to give the city manager a raise. The acting police chief introduced the council to a new school resource officer, dispatcher and four Explorer Post cadets last Thursday at the regular council meeting. Young Adult Explorers spend time checking out a potential job in law enforcement. They get to wear uniforms and train with officers on desk work and as assistants. At the same meeting last week the council unanimously approved an updated agreement for the city manager and a 5% salary bump.

The Lt. Gov. has introduced a gun control initiative which is on the general election ballot. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced Proposition 63 to force those buying ammunition to get a background check and bans high-capacity ammunition magazines. It’s not that much different than what the Governor signed into law over the summer. The Record Bee reports on a new Field/IGS Poll shows 60 percent of likely voters who took the survey the week of Sept. 7th supported the initiative and another 30 percent said no.

A man in Lakeport’s pleaded not guilty to manufacturing and growing pot, possessing weed and receiving and selling stolen property. Jose Luis Rosales Hernandez is accused in a July incident where cops went out to a call and found two men fighting and were told one man had a firearm. The man admitted to police he had a shotgun. He also said he had a medical recommendation for pot. But instead police claim he reached for a handgun, then apologized saying it was unintentional. Hernandez was arrested after police found 300 plants, four firearms and 20 pounds of processed marijuana.

A man in Lakeport’s been arrested for a chase with cops. Police say Venancio Martinez, who posted bond pleaded not guilty to Evading Peace Officer, Fleeing from Peace Officer, Two counts of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Unlicensed to Drive, and Two counts of Obstructing/Resisting Public Officer. Police say it’s because he crossed over into oncoming traffic in July then tried to get away from officers during a traffic stop attempt.

City staffers in Ukiah are tasked with contacting the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District to try to smooth things over between the agency and city. The Vice Mayor says the years of miscommunication and mistrust on both sides needs to be resolved. The sanitation district is suing the city and the city filed suit too. The City Manager says the city can lose tens or millions of dollars. City officials say, if the so-called purple pipe system’s not built, there still needs to be a major upgrade at a cost of about $30 million because reclaimed water can’t be discharged into the Russian River because it contains too much nitrogen and ammonia.

A woman from San Francisco’s been arrested after a cab driver said she refused to pay for her ride to Ukiah. Ukiah Police Department report they got a call last week that the woman wouldn’t pay her $427.50 fare and she got out a ran away. He got out and chased her and called 911. The woman first told them a fake name, but was found to be a resident of the bay area. She told police the cab driver kidnapped her, but she was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance, falsely reporting a crime and providing a false name to a police officer.

A couple of men in a Ford pickup have been caught trying to steal a Taco Bell sign from a drive-thru. An employee said he noticed someone had vandalized one of the drive-thru signs and showed surveillance video to police showing a truck like the one the man was in with two signs in its bed. They say it also showed one guy get out of the truck and try to pull another sign out, but couldn’t so the other guy got out and kicked it. The fast food joint says the damage is about $1,200 worth.

A new law in a town in Alaska says cats need leashes like dogs. The Kenai Mayor and a council member proposing the cat leash law after complaints from residents. Right now city code doesn’t allow cats to be restrained. The city manager says he’ll research other area ordinances, to see if other cities have similar ordinances.

A man in Naples, FL without work after videos showed a man urinating near a mailbox then taking a Donald Trump sign from the front lawn then hopping in a car and taking off. The pickup looked to have been owned by a local pool service company. The owner of the business saying after the video surfaced they had more than 1,000 threatening and harassing calls and emails.

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