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Police dogs helped to apprehend a Willits burglary suspect Tuesday night. Sheriffs deputies say 29 year old Gary Martin broke into a home, but barricaded himself inside after police showed up. Deputies surrounded the property , and eventually martin ran from the house and physically resisted their attempts to arrest him. That’s when deputies released the two trained dogs, who subdued Martin. Martin did sustain minor injuries. He’s charged with resisting or threatening an officer, burglary, and felony vandalism. Police are also looking into reports that he brandished a gun along the highway earlier in the day.

The Mendocino National Forest will lift fire restrictions Friday. That means forest visitors can again have open campfires and camp stoves outside of designated campgrounds so long as they have a valid California Campfire Permit. Forest Supervisor Ann Carlson says cooler temperatures and some rain across the forest have reduced the threat of extreme fire danger, but fire safety should still be strictly adhered to.

Long range forecast predictions from accuweather predict a wet and stormy start to winter for northern California. Weather looking a lot nicer come January and February.

A pretty good turnout Wednesday night as Congressman Mike Thompson hosted a veterans town hall at Kelseyville Highschool. A panel of Veterans were there to talk to veterans about their concerns or issues

A man accused of stealing an ambulance has been deemed not competent to stand trial. 24 year old Derrick Schuleter was charged with using the emergency radio in an ambulance as firefighters worked to put out a fire. The ambulance was discovered empty but Schuleter was found nearby holding items from the ambulance and admitted to the theft.

An agreement signed in December between the county of Lake and local tribal consortium Ancestors 1 to increase protections of native cultural resources has won a state award. The California Office of Historic Preservation has awarded the Governor’s Historic Preservation Award for 2016 for the memorandum of agreement that brings an archaeological crimes class to the county to educate local law enforcement, and to provide sensitivity training.


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