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Vote by mail or absentee ballots will be sent out on Monday, but you can also pick one up in the County Clerks office. Those ballots for the Presidential General Election that will be held on November 8th must be received by the close of the polls that day.

The Ukiah Valley Sanitation District brought a four page letter to the Ukiah City Council Wednesday alleging bad faith dealing and suspicious motives with the districts legal council. The council says they were caught off guard by the letter. They say the sanitation district didn’t supply information to them in a timely manner, and now they’re upset about illegal withholding and framing the city’s truce with them as an attempt to deceive the state.

A new co-working space is open in downtown Ukiah. Ukiah ShareSpace. The space is open to anyone from entrepreneurs to freelancers who just need a place to work. The space is in a completely flexible and is located in an ideal position downtown at Ukiah United Methodist Church.

Mendocino County is joining Santa Cruz as the Next Century Cities Leaders for internet. Next Century Cities is a bipartisan effort dedicated to ensuring the availability of broadband across the state. The county’s first step will be to form a Broadband Working Group to develop a broadband plan for the county. The board of supervisors says such good internet options for Mendocino County residents will allow the county to thrive.

About half of the Mendocino College football team will be out of the overcrowded house they’ve occupied since the start of the year. They’ll either move to a hotel, find their own accommodations, or stay elsewhere. Players were sleeping three to a room in an overcrowded house on the west side of Ukiah. College leaders say the relocation is meant to resolve some of the troubles on the field.

The trial of a man accused of causing a mans death by punching him outside of a Laytonville bar has been set for January 23rd. 32 year old Charles Reynolds is charged with felony assault and a special allegation of inflicting great bodily injury. He faces a maximum of 7 years in state prison for punching Kenneth Fisher on August 28th. Fishcer later died of his injuries. Fischers friends and family have circulated an online petition over what they see as lenient treatment for Reynolds. They were hoping he would be charged with second degree murder and face more time behind bars.

The political committee handling Yes on AF in Mendocino County handed in its financial report Oct. 5, six days past the deadline. The Measure would give broad rights to marijuana growers to cultivate and process marijuana in the county. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports that the AF campaign collected $35,633 from July 1 to Sept. 24,. With funding collected from Jan. 1 to June 30, the total funding for the campaign to date is $51,400,50.

As of this morning fire restrictions on the Mendocino National Forest are lifted. Forest visitors are again free to have campfires, and camp stoves outside of the designated with the proper California Campfire Permit.

The Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County has announced that Mendocino County will become a Next Century city. That means investing in reliable broadband and internet connection for everyone in the county to take advantage of new opportunities that broadband enables.

Biologists trapped a female mountain lion Wednesday night in Sonoma Valley. They outfitted her with a GPS collar before watching her walk back into the wild under her own power into the wild so they could track her movements. The operation is part of an effort to protect what remains of the Wine Country habitat for mountain lions.


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