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A man from Dos Rios has been sent to prison for driving drunk. Since Jesse Bourdeaux had been convicted before for gross vehicular manslaughter, he got 72 months in state prison. The CHP says Bourdeaux was driving east through Jackson State Forest on Highway 20 and lost control, crossed over the double yellow lines, and plowed into a motorcyclist, killing her. His blood alcohol was measured at .21.

A new police officer position has been funded by the state for the Lakeport agency. The dept says starting next July they’ll have a business and neighborhood police officer. It comes after the department applied to the United States Department of Justice, Community Orientated Policing Program. Matching funds of $235,000.00 by the Lakeport City Council announced at their meeting this week.

A two week delay for Mendocino County’s draft of comprehensive cannabis regulations because of some sort of miscommunication between supervisors and planning staff about zoning exemptions for marijuana grows that have already been established. Building and Planning staffers are putting out the first draft of the environmental study Nov. 14th. That takes a look at possible environmental effects of a provision added this week that would allow already existing small-scale growers to keep growing in neighborhoods where it would otherwise not be allowed.

The Ukiah City Council says no to Measure AF. The council decides to come out against the initiative on the Nov. 8th ballot to allow marijuana gardens in all zoning districts within unincorporated Mendocino County. A spokesperson for the measure says there’s a clause allowing it to be amended. It says the Board of Supervisors can make changes after June of 2018. It also shows zoning and setbacks can be discussed. The City Atty. saying he thought you could only amend an initiative in another election, but when he was shown the clause this week, he said he wasn’t prepared to give his legal opinion.

A local mainstay, stays no longer. C & K Market has announced it’s closing the Ray’s Food Place in Clearlake, and another in Brookings, Oregon. Employees in Clearlake were told Tuesday. They say they expect to close down by the end of the year. The company says it’s been evaluating its stores this past year and found a few of their locations weren’t profitable enough to support rent so they decided instead to sell their property. Negotiations reportedly began already with buyers for both locations.

One more part of the Starview and Bonanza Springs water system repair project in Lake County is moving forward. The Lake County Board of Supervisors’ accepted a bid of nearly $1.65 million to replace its distribution system in a section of the Starview District damaged by the Valley Fire. They’ve also approved installing 45 fire hydrants in both districts.

There’s less than three weeks until Election Day and the Gov. Jerry Brown and supporters are trying to defeat Proposition 53. The measure doesn’t directly go after Brown’s high speed rail and Delta tunnel projects, but could kill the deals. Brown, labor unions, Indian tribes, Silicon Valley venture capitalists and others have poured millions in to kill the measure that would require a statewide vote to push thru state projects that cost more than $2 billion and financed with revenue bonds. Brown put more than 1 and a half million from his unspent 2014 re-election campaign money to No on 53. Then donated $2.4 million last Friday.

Rescuers have found the wreckage of a small-engine plane and its pilot. The plane disappeared over the Sierra Nevada in stormy weather. Search crews then went to the wreckage in a rugged area of the Sierra and found the body of a man outside of the crash site. They say the plane was headed back to Sacramento but vanished Saturday during a storm that dumped snow and rain along with gusty winds.

A local convicted sex offender has been arrested after police say he was acting so strange, they started to watch him again. Then a 15 year old jogger says he was leering at her. She says Derrick Heater tried to talk to her in a secluded area near the North Coastal Trail. The teen ran from the area to a local Denny’s to call police. They found Heater later in the day, but they released him due to a lack of evidence. But they picked him up later after finding he hadn’t registered as a sex offender with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office since 2013.

Police in Connecticut say someone trying to rip off a pastry shop where they sell espresso and fancy cookies. The man arrested after asking a cop for directions. Police say Donald Newman-Smith’s face was covered with a bandanna during the heist, but earlier an investigator went to a convenience store and Newman-Smith asked how to get to the pastry shop. The cop recognized him while watching surveillance footage of the robbery.

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