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An cat lost in the Clayton fire has gone home… 2 months later and about 10 miles away from where it was last seen. Sharon Hewes says her cat Harley Jo was spooked by a big dog at the Moose Lodge in Clearlake Oaks where she went to escape the fire in August. She had been evacuated from Clearlake and lost her cat. She says she searched for days for the cat with no luck but it appeared again on Monday.

An old car dealership in Ukiah that was supposed to be razed with a casino put in its place, looks like it won’t happen. The Pinoleville Pomo Nation was planning the casino, but now the land’s for sale. The Daily Journal reports the tribe’s not commented on the sale. But for the last five years the tribe had a lease option on the nearly 9 acres as part of its Rancheria. The paper reports the option expired without a purchase agreement. In 2009 the tribe announced it was building a $50 million casino and hotel on the property, just outside Ukiah’s city limits and near Highway 101.

A new Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy being investigated after a Taser was used on a resident during a domestic dispute call. The Press Democrat reports the Sheriff saying the deputy, Scott Thorne, is not working for the department any longer. He says he was gone two weeks after the Sept. 24th incident. He also says because of state law, he can’t say anything more. The paper reports Thorne was hired in April. The Sheriff wouldn’t say if he resigned or was fired after the Sonoma resident had to be treated for injuries that included bruising, swelling and welts. The Sheriff’s office says they’re not sure he even committed a crime and they’re investigating the whole incident.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says he has no position on a soda tax being proposed in Calif, so the soft drink industry needs to stop using his name in ads. A statement by the Senator says campaign commercials and mailers in San Francisco and Oakland are false. He says he’s not taken a position and he’s asked the American Beverage Association to stop using his name in the misleading advertising. Those against the soda tax had been saying Sanders opposed a soda tax, but that was in Philadelphia.

A record amount of cash spent on Calif. initiatives on the General Election ballot. New data shows political donors spending a record $450 million for and against 17 initiatives. The fundraising was up at least $12 million over the state’s previous record from 2008 when $438 million was spent on 21 measures when US Senators Barack Obama and John McCain were running for President. Some of the initiatives include, legalizing marijuana for recreational use, a proposal for a cap on what the state pays for prescription drugs to match the lowest price the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs pays; and another proposal for a $2 per pack of cigarettes tax.

The speed limit may change on some Lakeport City streets. At their meeting Tuesday the City Council introduced a new ordinance to change speed limits on five streets after an engineering and traffic study from last summer. The Record Bee reports the changes are proposed for parts of Bevins, Hartley, Martin, 20th and Parallel Drive where in most cases the speed would go up a bit, adjusting for what the traffic engineers call a higher critical speed. The reports also suggest removing the on street parking adjacent to O’Meara Brothers brewery.

Police have ID’d the suspect in Wednesday’s shooting death of a Modoc County Deputy. The sheriff’s office says Jack Lee Breiner of Alturas shot and killed Deputy Jack Hopkins who’d been sent to Breiner’s house to investigate a report of a family disturbance. The Sherriff’s Office says Hopkins was shot and killed as soon as he got to the home. Breiner was wounded in a shootout with another officer and later arrested. Hopkins is the state’s fourth law enforcement officer to die in the line of duty in the last two weeks.

A Halloween prank or real life? Cops in Sacramento say a woman was stopped after being seen with a human skull on a stick. They say she was stopped at an abandoned house and said she found it an abandoned homeless camp nearby. Officers then found the rest of a decomposing body there. An investigation will be done by the coroner to determine the identity of the remains and cause of death.

A new initiative passed in one Mississippi county to proactively rid the town of the creepy clown craze… for now. Kemper County supervisors say no to anyone wearing clown costumes, masks or makeup in public. If resident’s are caught, they face a $150 penalty. The whole thing will be lifted a day after Halloween. County supervisors say it’s a public safety matter because there could be bad reactions from folks who get scared by a clown in their yard. The American Civil Liberties Union says it’s a "ridiculous use of government authority.”

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