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A woman’s been arrested for smearing peanut butter on a bunch of cars she thought were outside a Donald Trump rally. Cops in Amherst, WI say they’re charging the 32 year old woman with disorderly conduct after she drew phallic symbols and profanity in peanut butter on 30 vehicles outside a gathering of a conservation group meeting that had nothing to do with politics. They say the woman was a tad drunk when she went inside and started to yell about hating Trump.

Money available for the chronically homeless. State Senator Mark McGuire’s hosting a town hall meeting in Ukiah with other government officials and nonprofit leaders through the No Place Like Home Program. The program, part of a state law passed earlier this year, means as many as 14,000 housing units. Thursday’s town hall from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center.

A man from Rohnert Park accused of stealing an ambulance in Clearlake skips his court date. Police say Matthew Holmes was supposed to be arraigned last week but didn’t show. 3 hours after his court time, he showed up and pleaded not guilty. Holmes arrested last month after being found in an ambulance outside the St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake E.R. Police in Clearlake say paramedics told him to get out then waited for police to escort him out. He’s set for a jury trial November 1st.

A burn permit suspension in Lake and surrounding counties has been canceled. Cal Fire called off the suspension as of 8 a-m this morning. The Sonoma Lake Napa Unit Chief announced Lake, Sonoma, Yolo, Colusa and Solano counties could now resume burning on permissible burn days with current and valid agriculture and residential permits. The burns have to be inspected by Cal Fire before burning until peak fire season ends.

Open enrollment has started again for Obamacare and Medicare. The Office of the Patient Advocate or OPA has a report card on the best health plans and docs in the state. They say Obamacare premiums are supposed to go up next year, but a Covered Calif. spokesman says it’s still much less than it would have been before the Affordable Care Act. Anyone interested in getting insurance through the state health exchange or if you already have it, you can visit again to the Covered California website to see if there’s a better deal.

Elementary students in Lake and Mendocino county are some of the highest truancy rates in the state. A new report shows kids in Napa County are some of the lowest. The data from the yearly statewide report on elementary school truancy and chronic absenteeism. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Children’s Justice report shows more than 200,000 K-5 students in the state, missed 10 percent of the 2015-2016 school year. It shows Lake County with the third-highest truancy rate of elementary school students with 35.6 percent. Mendocino County was at just over 31 percent. Napa County was just under 9 percent.

No more fraternity or sorority parties at UC Berkeley after reports of sex assaults against two female students last week at off-campus fraternities. The Interfraternity Council President along with the Panhellenic Council president said they’re suspending all social events so they can reevaluate risk management practices and to look after those affected. There’s been more than 60 reported sex assaults in the city the last six months.

A soldier in Oroville is fighting back after thousands of soldiers are being told they have to pay back bonuses. Sergeant First Class Bryan Strother served more than 30 years. He says he feels disregarded and disrespected after being told nine years ago at a re-enlistment seminar he could get a $15,000 bonus for continued service. But then in 2012, he was told he had to pay back $25,000. The Los Angeles Times reports bonuses handed out to several thousand soldiers that were supposed to be just for high demand assignments, went to others who didn’t qualify too.

Tens of thousands embezzled from a Northern Calif. town… The Placer County Sheriff’s office reports Laurie Sayre of Sparks, NV took 65-thousand from a business in Loomis starting in October of 2015. She was arrested last Thursday and booked into the Placer County Jail. Sayre worked for a business that has not been indentified and was connected to tens of thousands of dollars missing. Detectives now investigating if she cheated other businesses around Placer County connected to her bookkeeping business.

A local businessman in Lake County has pleaded no contest to sex assault on a former girlfriend. Lake Co News reports Richard Hamilton in court Friday on misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and false imprisonment. He got some jail time, probation and cannot go near the victim for 10 years. Police say while he visited his ex girlfriend in Lakeport, he jumped her, held her down and tried to get her clothes off, even though the woman told him to stop. She got away and Hamilton was charged with several crimes including rape by force and sexual battery. The news site reports Hamilton had been charged in 2001 with rape, but it was dismissed.

A scam being reported in Lakeport. Police say to look out for fake checks circulating so crooks can steal money. They say a phony check was sent to a resident that supposedly came from CVS. The bank reported the info from CVS on the check was accurate, but the check was a fake. Cops say the check came from a legitimate-looking survey for the drug store telling its recipient they could get $685 for depositing the check in their account, filling out a survey and submitting it. The police dept. says if you think you’ve been scammed to call them or message them on Facebook.

Police in Chico on a chase by someone they say let passengers out along the way. 20-year-old Brandon Mustagog finally arrested Saturday after he wouldn’t pull over for a routine traffic stop a day before. Police say two deputies taken down different streets as the guy ran stop signs and drove over the double yellow lines. He let a woman out and kept going. Then he stopped again and let two other people out and took off again. He was caught Saturday for felony evading a peace officer, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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