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A new location for the juvenile rehabilitation program is being considered by the Lake County Board of Supervisors. The program for at risk youth using property in Del Norte County owned by the Bar-O Boys Ranch. But the Chief Probation officer says it’s hard for parents to visit because of the distance, about 270 miles away from Lake County. If it happens it could also save the county some cash. The meeting this morning at 9 at the courthouse.

A case against a woman in Lake County who was charged with fraudulently using the Sheriff’s office bank account has been dismissed. But the Record Bee reports Samantha Angulo is free, but Jeffrey Brain is still in custody. The DA’s office reports Brain’s charged with two counts of grand theft for use of another party’s personal identification and use of an access card. The two arrested last month after major crimes detectives saw activity on the agency’s bank account and linked it to a dead person’s account also being tampered with. Brain was in jail already on a separate weapons charge and parole violation.

A man from Lake County has been arrested in Ukiah after a police officer’s patrol vehicle was taken on a joy ride. Police out responding to a vehicle fire lost their vehicle Oct. 15th. They say they were working with firefighters investigating the scene and their car vanished. Someone then reported a reckless vehicle driving in circles and hitting a closed gate, heavily damaging it. A man witnesses described was eventually caught. Richard Rodriguez of Lower Lake was arrested for suspicion of vehicle theft, hit and run and committing a felony while out on bail.

A solo car crash ends with one man dead and another seriously injured in Ukiah. Police say the crash happened late Sunday night, but they found out nine hours later. 18 year old Juan Silva of Willits driving the 2006 Ford SUV and went off the road and hit a tree. He had major injuries and was arrested for DUI. He had two male passengers, both from Willits, one of them, a 19 year old, died. Another man, 20-years-old, said no to medical treatment at the scene.

A Spanish-language immersion school in Windsor cleaning up graffiti they say was anti-immigrant. The Press Democrat reports on the tagging that said, quote, "build the wall higher”. They also say there were multiple references to Donald Trump. The principal at Cali Calmecac Language Academy says a custodian found the graffiti on buildings, walls, doors, garbage can lids and other places Monday morning. The school reports about ¾’s of their more than 1,100 students are Latino.

A 7 month old baby still missing out of Sonoma County. An Amber Alert was issued yesterday for the child who disappeared out of Guerneville. The grandma reported her grandson, Henry Massey, was snatched from his crib in her home and she thinks her daughter’s responsible. The grandma has legal custody of Hannah Ashley’s infant. Mom says Ashley had threatened to take the child back during a recent visit. She was last seen in a silver 2005 Subaru Forrester with California license plate number 5JKZ255.

Voters rights advocates in California say they’re going to monitor more polling places than they have in the past this Election Day. They say it’s because of concerns of possible voter intimidation due to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump saying this election is rigged against him. Monday’s the deadline to register to vote in the November 8th election. Besides President, there are several local and state races and 17 statewide initiatives.

Police in Maine say a man dressed as a tree’s been arrested. Police say the guy was blocking traffic and they warned him to move, but he wouldn’t listen. The man in the way of cars at a busy intersection in downtown Portland. A friend of the guy says he was studying traffic patterns.

A 16 year old in Georgia in a coma for a time, awakens, speaking only Spanish. Reuben Nsemoh’s family says the goalie for soccer kicked in the head by accident went into a coma. They say when he woke up he could only speak Spanish. His English skills came back, but his family says he only knew a little Spanish before his accident. They say it gradually went away after he awoke.

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