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New polling in Calif. shows the marijuana initiative likely to pass and Donald Trump with historically low numbers for Republicans in the state. The poll by the Public Policy Institute of California shows Democrat Hillary Clinton’s lead over Mr. Trump went up 10 points over the last month. With only 28% of likely voters supporting Trump. Senator Barbara Boxer’s seat looks like a clean win already for the California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who’s 22 points ahead of Loretta Sanchez, an Orange County congresswoman. The measures to legalize pot and put a 2 dollar tax on cigarettes also look like strong wins. The poll also shows 50 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of their party with 60 percent unhappy with their presidential choices.

Recycled tires are being used to repave some roads in Lake and Calaveras counties that were damaged by wildfire work. Roads heavily damaged by heavy trucks and other equipment while fires were raging and after they were out. Potholes have been filled, but other areas with damaged roads are still that way. So CalRecycle has offered repairs for the battered streets thru their Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC) grant program. The filler made up of mixed and ground-up used tires with asphalt and other materials. The director of CalRecycle says it helps keep waste tires out of landfills and works well for road resurfacing.

It’s a yes for a new location for the juvenile probation camp in Lake County. The Board of Supervisors approved the relocation to Sonoma County with a quick chat on the matter. Nearly $40,000 a month goes to Bar-O Boys Ranch in Del Norte County or $109 a day whether they have any juveniles placed there. It was unanimously approved with one juvenile already placed in the Sonoma County facility.

A ballot measure for residents in Ukiah to fix local roads. On the November 8th ballot voters will decide if the city will get more money to improve roads with a half-cent sales tax. Measure Y will go directly to road repairs, not other projects that are funded by grants. Apparently the state’s not providing local jurisdictions with enough money for maintenance or repairs to streets and the city of Ukiah says there’s not enough money in the general fund to pay for it either. The half-cent sales tax would mean 50 cents from every $100 purchase in the city limits, which is expected to raise as much as $2.5 million a year.

More than $130,000 has been raised for the new Family Medicine Residency Program in Mendocino County. The new program set to start in June 2018 to bring in family medicine doctors who will go for graduate medical training at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. Family Medicine Education for Mendocino County awarded $45,000 to the program that came from the Rural Health Rocks concert. The Mendo Lake Medical Foundation donated $20,000 and Ukiah Valley Medical Center matched those donations for the grand total of $130,000.

More child molestation charges for a former employee of the Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma Valley. 68 year old Paul Kilgore is already in jail on $1 million bail. Now he’s accused of crimes against a third boy, for seven counts. Kilgore was the nonprofit’s athletics director for around ten years before he resigned in 2013. The investigation into the man started last August. Prosecutors say they expect Kilgore to enter a plea at his next court date, next Thursday. He was arrested last month after he was seen with two boys in the hot tub and shower at Parkpoint Health Club in Healdsburg. A member of the club, said to be a local elementary school teacher, told police he overheard Kilgore ask the boys if they were circumcised and if they liked bubble baths.

Power out for residents in Kelseyville after a big rig rollover that also blocked part of Highway 29. It happened near Highway 29 and Kit’s Corner yesterday. The California Highway Patrol reports the truck went off the highway, rolled then hit a power pole, knocking the pole and its wires down. Both lanes of the highway were blocked so traffic had to be diverted from Highway 175 to Red Hills Road. The driver had minor to moderate injuries and P, G & E responded to a small power outage which was restored about 3 and a half hours later.

Wild Turkeys have city leaders in Davis scrambling. The Davis City Council taking a formal vote on what to do about the turkeys roaming the streets of the college town. They’ve approved a wild turkey management plan to trap and relocate the birds. Some of the more aggressive ones may even be killed off. The ordinance also makes it illegal to feed the birds. The police chief says they’ve even been getting calls from folks attacked by turkeys. One man said he was pinned against the wall of a bank by one of them.

It wasn’t long before Fraternity and Sorority parties were back at the University of California, Berkeley. After just a one week suspension, new guidelines have been agreed to so fraternity row is free of sexual violence. There was a voluntary ban agreed to a week ago after two women said they were sexually assaulted at off-campus fraternity houses. Now the Panhellenic Council president says guests have to be greeted at the front door of parties with so called "consent talks". That will focus on what consent means. They are supposed to also encourage "bystander intervention". There also have to be at least three "sober monitors" at every party.

A woman from Ukiah’s busted for an attempted burglary earlier this week. Police say they got a report Tuesday that a man and woman were trying to break into his house through a window. When cops got to the house, with police dog, Thor, they say they saw a woman hiding in bushes. Zimora Martinez of Ukiah was detained, but the man with her got away. The resident of the home said he was gone a few days and when he got back he saw his shed open and his bike gone. He says when he went inside the house, he heard something and saw a man trying to get in. He called 911 after seeing the woman cutting a screen in his bathroom window.

A mistrial’s called in the case of a man who used to live in both San Francisco and Covelo who’s charged with drug dealing. The Mendocino County DA says Manuel Turchan is still charged though, with transporting or attempting to transport non-medical marijuana for purposes of sale and possessing non-medical marijuana for illegal commercial purposes, both felonies. There was a mistrial because the jury was split, with 9 voting for not guilty, but 3 believing he was guilty. It’s all connected to a drug deal gone wrong near Covelo last October. The prosecution is waiting to see what happens in another drug case before deciding to retry.

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