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Police in Lakeport have arrested a man they say was a known gang member with a weapon on him. Lakeport police say they were at a bar in Clearlake and saw a gang member, Octavio Martinez who also saw them, putting something in a car and walking away. They say they checked and saw a partially covered Glock handgun. So they arrested Martinez and three of his associates, one of which, police say, got hostile with them. Martinez charged with felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a loaded and concealed firearm by a known suspected criminal street gang member and possession of an unregistered firearm along with ammunition. He was held on $100,000.00 bail. The others on $15,000 each.

A meeting set of Lake County’s Long-Term Recovery Task Force regarding the Clayton Fire. The meeting Wednesday night at 6:00 pm at the Lower Lake Schoolhouse Museum. Lake County’s District 5 Supervisor, Rob Brown, and County Administrative Officer, Carol Huchingson will be there and encourage fire survivors to attend.

A homeless camp has been cleaned up in Lakeport. Police say they’ve been investigating the camp for a couple weeks that sits on a vacant private lake o a side parcel. Police say there were several, separate camp sites put up below the high water mark of Clear Lake and within the public trust doctrine, but they say state or local law doesn’t allow trespassing on private lands of another to access an easement. Police say those there thought they were on state property and had a legal right to camp there. But the landowner didn’t allow such camping, so it was broken up. Last week the camp was cleaned of 940 pounds of garbage and contaminated debris which was between 5 and 30 feet away from the water’s edge of Clear Lake.

One of the state’s worst truancy rates in Lake County schools. The California Attorney General’s Office reports the county had a nearly 32% truancy rate at elementary schools for the 2013-14 school year, Lassen County was first with 38.7 percent. The Lake County Superintendent of Schools says the data was from software only two out of six districts use which skews the results. He did admit however, that truancies are a chronic problem.

A man arrested for a 2015 bank robbery in Clearlake is going to prison. Samuel Campbell got almost six years in prison and another five years of supervision after release. Campbell has also been ordered to pay more than $3,000 to the bank in restitution after he and an unnamed female suspect held up the Bank of the West in Clearlake last year at gunpoint. Campbell was tracked and arrested in Flint, Michigan a year ago. His accomplice due in court in January.

A man from South Carolina’s been arrested for calling 911 – 12 times, reporting the mafia was after him. Ukiah police say the guy was at the Sunrise Inn on South State Street last weekend where calls kept coming into 911 for an unknown reason. Police say the man was acting paranoid and said he thought mafia members were in rooms near him and he could hear them loading guns. Police say they figured out later he was on meth so they arrested him on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance and for violating his probation.

A Northern Calif. State Senator says he doesn’t think legalizing pot is a good idea. Senator Mark McGuire says proposition 64 would take at least 10 years to work because of rampant illegal cultivation, violent crime and environmental damage. He says he favors legalization but he’s voting no on prop 64 because it comes before the state has control of medical cannabis. He says smaller cities and counties, like those in the North Coast will be competing with bigger jurisdictions for grants from the profit fund.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles says they should be fully functional by today after a massive computer failure last week. 3 offices should be running smooth again that officials said they had hoped to have back online Friday. A spokesperson for the DMV says they’re not sure what’s causing problems at those offices. This comes after a failure of multiple hard drives wouldn’t that allow most functions at many of the DMV’s 188 offices. At its peak, the outage hit two-thirds of DMV offices.

A man who got prison time for stabbing two men and killing one of them is going to stay in prison a while. Fred Stillman has been denied parole for a third time. The Chief Deputy District Attorney says Stillman, who got 16 years to life in 1996, was up for parole after saying back then he’d learned his lesson and that his fight with the two men was in protection of his daughter who had a fight at Austin’s Resort. One of the men was stabbed to death, the other had stab wounds to his chest and abdomen and survived. Stillman also accidentally stabbed his daughter in the fight. He was arrested soon after.

A Ukrainian man wanted that iPhone 7 pretty bad. An electronics store was offering the new phone for free to the first five people to change their name legally… to iPhone 7. The 20-year old went for it last week. He says now, that he got his phone, he might actually change his name back to his original name, Olexander Turin, when he has children.

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