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A man in Clearlake had to be taken down and arrested after a disturbance at Rite-Aid. Police say they got a call to the store on Olympic Dr. before noon last Friday with management saying Erik Preader was trespassing, but he left. A couple hours after, Rite Aid employees say the guy came back and officers went to arrest him but say he tried to grab one of their guns. Police say he got combative, threatening to head butt one of them and kick another. He was eventually arrested after being taken down to the ground. He had a minor head injury, was taken to the hospital, then to jail.

Failures and delay of payments reported from the State of California’s payment processing system for caregivers. State Senator Mike McGuire is chairing a Senate Human Services committee meeting to talk about payments to the state’s 14,000 In-Home Support Service workers. Apparently some of their time sheets have been totally rejected by the State’s payment system. Last June as many as 10,000 paychecks were delayed by as long as ten work days. And nearly 400 provider paychecks were delayed up to 30 working days.

A man found guilty for the 2013 murder of convenience store clerk Forrest Seagrave in Kelseyville got life in prison. Jonathan Mota convicted for the murder during a gas station robbery four months ago and finally sentenced in federal court in Oakland Friday. Mota got another ten years tacked on to his sentence because of the armed robbery at the Mt. Konocti Gas & Mart Jan. 18th of 2013. Prosecutors say Mota shot and killed Seagrave before he left the store. Mota acted as his own lawyer with help from advisory counsel. 33 witnesses testified against him.

A Mendocino County Supervisor’s been arrested after some sort of disturbance at his home. Third District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse arrested last Friday night at his home in Willits for battery against a domestic partner and resisting or threatening an officer. The Sheriff’s Office reports arresting Woodhouse after going out to a disturbance call. The paperwork on Woodhouse says they took no booking photos because there was a possible mental health issue. The Sheriff’s report also says the Mental Health Department got involved in the case. Woodhouse has also reportedly missed several supervisor meetings and had been hospitalized for some time too.

A prank played on Halloween at Ukiah High. Several students and staff members dressed up as the principal, Gordon Oslund. Teacher Ben O’Neill says he’s been planning the prank for a year. The principal wears black pants, a white shirt and a purple tie every day and many days he also has a bicycle helmet with him as he rides to work a lot. So everyone dressed just like him. The purple is a school color. He says he wears the same thing daily like Steve Jobs and other CEO’s because of time and mental energy saved not picking a different outfit each day.

A man has died after driving his car off the 101 near Hopland. Hopland Fire reports they got a call to the crash yesterday about 10:30 a.m. after a woman saw the car north of the Green Bridge on Hwy 101. She said she was expecting her friend to arrive and he was late so she went looking for him, stopping every time she saw skid marks. Fire personnel say the man died soon after they got there and they took his body from his severely damaged car.

A couple from the Bay Area’s suing an ambulance company and its driver after they posted a picture of their adult son’s badly injured and mangled leg on Instagram. The East Bay Times reports ( one of the many hashtags were "byebyeankle" along with a picture by the driver of Keyano Fiel’s leg. His family says he had life-threatening injuries after a motorcycle crash in Vallejo in March.

Many kids home from school in Middletown after some sort of threat was posted on social media. The threat kept some Middletown High Schoolers home yesterday after a former student made a threat against the school over the weekend. The threat on Instagram from the kid who said they were quote, coming back “to murder all of you.” The sheriff’s office notified and worked with a police dept. in Sonoma County where the kid lives. Cops say the threat was not credible, but parents were notified. 170 of 450 students were not at school on Halloween.

Scientists find high levels of an algae in mussels at multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay. Researchers at UC Santa Cruz say there were 10 to 20 times the regulatory limit of the freshwater algae, called microcystin in Berkeley and Alameda. The tests were conducted last year. The data gathered during tests in 2015 found blue-green algae in reservoirs, lakes and stagnant freshwater ponds flowing into the bay in rivers and creeks. The same toxin has been blamed on the death of dozens of California sea otters in Monterey Bay.

Rain helping the Calif. Drought and the state’s telling residents to relax about conservation… for now. The Chairwoman of the Water Resources Control Board says new figures will be released today. Lots of rain in Northern California over the last month. Reservoirs in Northern California where the majority of the main reservoirs are, were unusually wet last month. The National Weather Service reports San Francisco had three times normal rainfall in October.

A tad smelly outside the Democratic Party’s headquarters in one Ohio town. The Warren County sheriff’s office arrested James Pinell (pin-EL’) for dumping manure outside the Lebanon headquarters Saturday. He’s charged with criminal mischief after being caught on security camera. The camera installed after the same thing happened 4 years ago. Pinell says he’s responsible for the 2012 dump too.

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