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Human bones found with artifacts and animal remains at a ranch in Mendocino County thirty years ago, now Pomo tribal members want the remains returned. Sonoma State University’s Anthropological Studies Center identified the bones as human just last month from the Greenfield Ranch. The digs in the 1980’s were opposed by the tribe who now says the confirmation that its human remains that were exhumed, justified their opposition. The Greenfield Ranch Association says they were shocked to learn of the human bones and want to resolve the situation ASAP.

The last financial filings for the election are due to be revealed. Last week was the final deadline for donations to be listed for each initiative. Two being watched in Mendocino County, the Mendocino Heritage Initiative to expand pot growing zones and to the one supported by the Sheriff, to build a mental health facility. Those for and against Measure AF hauling in donations at the last minute, with the Yes side bringing in more. The latest report made public from Oct. 12th to Oct. 21st shows Yes on AF with $32,000 for a total of more than $83,000. No on Measure AF has $21,334. Measure AG also pulled in some dough, that measure to build a mental health facility with a temporary sales tax hike.

The ACLU inserting itself into the selfie sharing in voter booths issue. There’s a ban in California of sharing photographs of marked ballots. But the American Civil Liberties Union is suing saying the ban is a violation of the First Amendment, saying it should be a right under freedom of speech. The suit says it prevents state voters from expressing their political views. The suit looks to get an injunction to block the state from enforcing the ban on ballot selfies. A judge is supposed to hear the arguments today.

A man from Lake County going to prison for five years for a 2015 armed bank robbery. Samuel Campbell’s been cooling his heels since his May 13th guilty plea for a count of armed bank robbery. As part of a plea deal for the Bank of the West robbery in Clearlake in July of 2015, he gets 5 more years of supervised release and he has to pay restitution after stealing more than $3,000 from the bank and another $120 from a bank customer.

A man in Richmond connected to Clearlake has died in a solo car crash. The CHP reports Michael Kallay’s pickup truck veered off Highway 29 and went down a steep embankment. The truck couldn’t be seen from the highway, but workers from a nearby business saw the mangled truck Monday and called police. CHP reports Kallay died at the scene from severe injuries and that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. They say he went down a steep hill and rolled several times. They have not determined his speed but say the road was wet at the time.

Congressman Mike Thompson says his office has pulled in more than $1.6 million from the federal government for residents of the Fifth Congressional District. The money includes almost $24,000 for Lake County alone. Some residents had been waiting more than a year to work through their IRS issues. The Congressman’s office says they can help residents, non-profits and businesses navigate and resolve issues with federal agencies.

A thief selling stolen goods busted with the help of Facebook. Ukiah Police report getting a call to Limbird Dentistry last Friday morning where they found a damaged latch to a locked storage shed. They looked at surveillance footage where they say Steven Green of Ukiah was seen breaking into the shed and running away. He was arrested but a day later someone was selling some of the stolen items on Facebook. Green was contacted again, after he posted bail, where cops say there was a bunch of stolen items. He was arrested again for suspected possession of stolen property and violating his probation, and again booked into county jail.

A man from Willits who died in a solo car accident about 10 days ago has been identified. The CHP reports 19-year-old Jose Luis Lara Villegas died in the October 23rd crash. CHP says it’s up to the DA if they’ll file DUI charges against the 18 year old driver, Juan Rodriguez Silva, also of Willits. CHP confirms alcohol was a factor in the accident. 2 people in the car were also injured after the crash into a tree in Ukiah. The accident happened before midnight, but it was not reported until the next morning. Silva was arrested then went to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with major injuries.

A farm stand owner in New Hampshire wants in on the 2016 election action. So Chris Owens of Ashland gets his customers to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in an outhouse. He even had mannequins of the two candidates and toilets too. 721 ballots cast this past month. Results of the 2016 Outhouse Vote were 413 for Clinton and 165 for Trump. They also got 101 votes combined for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein and another 40 write-in votes for Democrat Bernie Sanders, and 2 vote for Pinocchio.

A pot-bellied pig survived the knife, escaping and finding a forever family instead. The pig named Missy at the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in February after her family couldn’t take care of her but somehow ended up with a butcher. She got away from her adopted family and returned to the SPCA shelter, but then a family in New Jersey found her online at a site called the Pig Placement Network.

New info released into the arrest of a Mendocino County Supervisor for a domestic violence call. The Sheriff’s Office reported Third District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse came outside to meet them when they arrived and was saying he was unhappy with them being there as they witnessed him push his wife. Two deputies then tried to arrest Woodhouse but say he assumed a fighting stance and struggled as they tried to cuff him, then ran into his house. Three Deputies wrestled with Woodhouse with one using a TASER. But they say that didn’t work, but they were able to subdue him eventually. A Sheriff’s Office spokesman says Woodhouse was taken for a mental health evaluation.

A would-be burglar caught in the act by the armed owner of the business he broke into, has been arrested. Clayton Southwick busted last Wednesday night after the owner of a business on Hwy 101 in Piercy called the Sheriff’s Office to say the business was being burglarized and he was on his way there with a gun. When Deputies arrived, Southwick was being detained at gunpoint by the owner. They say the suspect came in through the back door and was taking items when he was confronted by the owner.


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