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It could be easier to have a second home on one property in Mendocino County. The Board of Supervisors directing county staff to look at ways to expedite and lower the cost of permitting and building additional housing units that are either attached or detached from a main residence and it can also be an already existing structure. There are some restrictions, allowing “accessory dwelling units” as rentals and allowing bedrooms or guestrooms; it also would ban utility companies from double-dipping, charging eligible dwelling units for new water or sewer; plus it restricts certain building standards local governments can impose on the dwellings.

Water and debris flowing thru the streets of Lakeport after a water main breaks. Police in the city found the leak Tuesday night. The chief says Public Works crews were at the scene of the main break moments after, starting their repairs. The Public Works Superintendent and Chief were at the City Council meeting at the time and the Super left early to get to the scene. Both sides of the street where the main broke were closed immediately, then several other streets were blocked too as mud flowed thru streets.

City leaders in Clearlake and Lakeport formally against Proposition 57, “The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016”. The Governor says putting some prisoners back on the streets will save money, focus on more serious crime and promote rehabilitation. Those against include the Lake County Law Enforcement Chiefs Association who say it’s just to reduce the state’s prison population and will mean more dangerous felons will be back on the street sooner. The Clearlake City Council was first in Lake County, voting against the proposition last Thursday. Then the Lakeport City Council followed with a similar resolution this past Tuesday.

A new structure which residents can visit, will help to restore the steelhead and salmon population in the Russian River. The giant concrete structure near Forestville, can hold up to floods and earthquakes. The $12 million dollar Fish Ladder paid for with tax payer money from Sonoma and Marin county residents. The structure has a video monitoring system, allowing scientists to count migrating fish and a viewing gallery so the public can watch. The Sonoma County Water Agency developed the facility. Senate Mike McGuire was at the ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday.

A body’s been found in a shallow grave on the campus of Sonoma State University. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department says they got a call to the discovery yesterday. The body found near a campus parking lot. Police say a university employee found the shallow grave near parking lot “M” Wednesday afternoon.

An environmental review for a development plan in Lake Tahoe gets the thumbs up from the Appeals court. The review upheld by the court after a lawsuit by environmental groups looking to block a plan by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The court ruled the development plan showed no significant impact on the lake’s water because there will be expected improvements in pollution management. The Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore were saying the plan threatened the lake’s ecosystem. No word if the nonprofits will appeal.

A lawyer out of Folsom says he’s filed a lawsuit against Samsung, which he hopes will get class action status because of cellphones that were blowing up. The phones, the S6, S7 and Note 5 weren’t recalled like the Galaxy Note 7, but the lawsuit covers devices from Samsung purchased the last four years. The lawsuit says consumers shouldn’t have to worry they have a ticking time bomb in their pocket. The suit filed by Gene Stonebarger who held a news conference yesterday, holding up a charred S6 phone which belonged to his client.

A new plan in the state of California to hopefully stop new cases of HIV. The state Department of Public Health plan is a partnership with the agency and other health jurisdictions, which they’ve dubbed, “getting to zero”. The plan meaning a zero rate of new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths; and zero stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. There are as many as 5,000 new HIV diagnoses in Calif. each year. The dept. hopes to get the number to less than 2,500 a year by 2021.

A man from Philo who waived his right to a jury trial in connection to an attempted murder with a knife, has been found guilty by the judge assigned to his case. Lorenzo Gomez Rodriguez charged with attempted murder using a knife, assault with a knife, and three counts of criminal threats for an incident across from Hendy Woods State Park in Philo. The judge found him guilty on all, except one of the criminal threat charges. He’s staying in jail on $250,000 bail until sentencing.

Some cities moving fast ahead of the vote next week to ban the sale of recreational marijuana. San Jose’s leaders say it will help to stop illegal pot shops from opening, if the measure passes. The city also says they look to have the ban in place until 2018, when the state would likely start licensing retail pot shops. The Woodland city council has also voted for a temporary ban. Recent polls show Proposition 64 has more than the 50 percent of voter support it needs to pass.

Conspiracy afoot at the University of New Mexico’s Gallup campus. The Executive Director being pummeled with criticism for spending school money on Bigfoot-related pursuits. Dr. Christopher Dyer has put together a two-day, on-campus Bigfoot conference and a Bigfoot expedition for next February, at a cost of more than $7,000. The school paying for advertising, meals for guest speakers, airfare and per diem. The exec. Director, for his part is an avid Bigfoot hunter. He says he only does it after hours, but also says the event was among the most well attended last year. The president of the University said he had no idea about the spending until reporters told him.

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