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Another $2 million Community Development Block Grant for Fort Bragg. The State Department of Housing and Community Development grant application submitted in July with money coming thru in February. The city’s planning to spend about 3/4’s of the money to buy a new water tank to increase finished water storage capacity and to help with drought response. The old tank, which has been around since 1955, is starting to fail. Another $216,000 from the grant is going to a so-called Microenterprise Program to help support businesses with loans for job creation and/or retention. A couple of planning studies and general administration gets the rest of the grant money.

Smooth sailing thru the new Willits freeway bypass. The bypass had its grand opening late yesterday so commuters and others can drive past the city on the 101. The opening ceremonies with local, state and federal officials talking about the challenges of getting the $300 million bypass open. The nearly 6 mile project was delayed by protests, lawsuits, construction troubles and budget problems since first being proposed 60 years ago. Part of the stretch dedicated, with a plaque, to Jesse D. Pittman, a Navy SEAL from Willits who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.

Middletown schools taking out a restraining order against a former high schooler who made a threat against the school last Saturday. The threat had a quarter of the total student body staying home last Monday. The school district Superintendent Catherine Stone confirmed they were filing the order with the Lake County Superior Court. The suspect’s name has not been released because he’s a minor. He’s been told to steer clear of the school though. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says if the teen is seen near the school. They will take appropriate action.

First 5 California Express, a group that educates and entertains as they teach, are coming to the Lake County Campus of Woodland Community College. First 5 California and First 5 Lake County made the announcement about the visit in Clearlake a week from next Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s a tour that goes across the state focusing on the importance of talking, reading, and singing in everyday life and how that can help a child’s early brain development. They provide parents ideas about keeping kids engaged. There will be story time sessions, a child-friendly library, an interactive karaoke booth, and a nursery rhyme spin wheel.

Five places in Lakeport are getting new speed limits. The Lakeport City Council gave the green light to change five speed zones and take out parking along Bevins Street. 20th street will go up to 30 mph even after the city council heard some concern on the idea. Changes also agreed to for Parallel Drive south of the roundabout, Martin, Hartley and Main Streets.

Water conservation not as strong as it’s been in recent months. According to the latest report from the state, Californians saved around 30 percent less in September than a year ago. State water officials say they may have to get tougher and bring back the mandated cuts. Communities saved about 18.3 percent compared to the same time three years ago. Last year the state saved 26.2 percent during the same period.

A sheriff’s deputy in Central California has been killed by a bullet from a colleague’s gun. Deputy Sgt. Rod Lucas, a twenty year vet of the Fresno County Sheriff’s dept. chatting with a detective about how to carry backup weapons, when the shot accidentally fired Monday near the Fresno Yosemite International Airport. The sheriff’s department says Lucas was in a room with two other officers when it happened. He was hit in the chest with a bullet and died. The sheriff’s dept. says they don’t know exactly how the weapon discharged and they’re investigating calling it nothing more than a tragic accidental shooting.

The Ukiah City Council trying to negotiate a deal with the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District for that lawsuit against the city from back in 2014. You may recall the district filed the suit saying the city’s not been paying them what they should according to an agreement reached many decades ago. It has to do with the shared Wastewater Treatment Plant. The city’s been trying to wrangle out of the suit, saying it’ll cost residents more than $100 million in grants, refinancing savings and future upgrades, plus future, higher sewer rates.

Another defacing at the Ukiah Trump headquarters. Volunteers say someone threw a pumpkin at the building last weekend, plus somebody used a caulking gun to write inflammatory statements there. The vandalism reported a couple weeks after someone had spray painted on the building. Surveillance video shows a young man and woman in front of the building and the woman smearing something on the building. Then the woman threw the pumpkin at the building too. A witness saying they saw someone in a red car take down a large Trump sign too. On Monday someone threw eggs at the building. No arrests or citations associated with the incidents.

All seems to be normal this year as far as the Dungeness crab season goes. As you may recall, last year, the season was almost canceled there was so much toxin found in the crabs. This year, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife declared tomorrow, Nov. 5th, as the start of the season. Commercial crabbing is supposed to begin Nov. 15th. Last year there was a months long delay in the season due to elevated levels of domoic acid.

Just a rumor, not really a weapon at the high school in Clear Lake. The High School Resource Police Officer and Administrators say someone reported a student with a weapon on campus yesterday morning so they had a classroom lockdown, so the resource officer could investigate, finding the student who reported it and searching places that student had been and found no sign of there ever being a weapon. There’s no word on who created the rumor.

No ID found on the body that turned up on the Sonoma State University campus. The Sheriff’s Office says a University landscaper found the body partially buried in a shallow grave near parking lot M. A spokesman says the body appears to have been buried fairly recently. But they’ve not clarified whether it is male or female or what their age may have been. Crime scene technicians moved the body and cleared the scene as they sift for any evidence.

Mussels are a go at the coast, but not razor clams. The annual quarantine on mussels has been lifted along the California coast with the State Public Health Officer saying shellfish poisoning toxins have not been detected in any recent mussel samples and there were no reports of any shellfish-related poisonings during the quarantine period of May 1 through October 31. But they say, due to persistent presence of domoic acid in razor clams from beaches in Humboldt and Del Norte counties, the Department of Fish and Wildlife is keeping the razor clam fishery closed.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has continued emergency proclamations and declarations related to the Clayton and other fires something they have to keep doing in order to keep clean up going. Lake County Health Officer Dr. Karen Tait and Environmental Health Director Ray Ruminski asked the board to continue the local health emergency until all the debris is removed saying asbestos in building materials is still a major hazard. So far 121 properties registered with CalRecycle’s cleanup program have been evaluated for asbestos with 65 having it, and half of those cleaned up. Once the asbestos is gone then full debris removal can happen. Ruminksy says the sites in the state program could be cleaned up by Dec. 16. After that come the non-registered sites and then the notices of nuisance.


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