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It’s Election Day and the county Clerk’s office is preparing for tens of thousands of ballots before the polls close tonight at 8. The County Clerk Susan Ranochak tells the Daily Journal by the end of the day Saturday, her office had received a dozen boxes with opened and inspected ballots and they’d counted 5,000 votes. Besides President of the United States, there are local issues to look out for:

Measure AE for Point Arena residents to approve a marijuana tax of no more than 7 cents a dollar and 3 cents for medical marijuana…

Measure AF: to regulate Medical Marijuana in Mendocino County, it would amend county code putting growing pot into the category of an agricultural operation;

Measures AG and AH would add a temporary half-cent sales tax to pay for mental health and drug dependency facilities, as supported by the Sheriff.

Measure AI: would put a Cannabis tax on commercial marijuana businesses. The tax could not be more than 10% of gross receipts to be adjusted in accordance with Consumer Price Index increases if recreational marijuana is legalized today.

Measure AJ: which is an advisory vote gives residents the authority to tell the county to go for business license taxes on cannabis businesses with money going to enhanced mental health services, repair of county roads, and increased fire and emergency medical services.

Then Measure Z, which is a companion to Measure Y. Y asks for a 1/2 cent sales tax to be used at the discretion of the Ukiah City Council. It requires a majority vote to pass. General taxes, like the tax in Measure Y, can be spent for any municipal purpose, such as street maintenance and repair, but also for police, fire, and emergency medical services, public parks, city owned recreational facilities, and city sponsored recreational programs, among other things. Measure Z seeks to only use the tax for roads.

There are sixteen legislative races on the Calif. Ballot in Northern California’s Wine Country to the Inland Empire. Major tax questions across the state, among them, should people who make over $250,000 a year – pay more… and should there be a $2 per pack cigarette tax. What about a vote if a construction project could cost the state more than $2 billion dollars, should marijuana be legalized for recreational use and should pornography actors be told they must wear condoms. Polls are open 7a-8p


A lot to consider on the ballot… should Calif. Voters agree there should be more money for schools by using the sale of bonds, should there be bilingual education in state schools, should prescription drug prices be negotiable to the price the Federal Government gets for Veterans, should there be deeper background checks on those buying guns, should the death penalty be abolished and should plastic grocery bags be banned.

An official meeting planned between the Ukiah City Council and the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Board of Directors to discuss the purchase of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is jointly owned by both agencies. The meeting tonight at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the pending lawsuit from the district against the city. This is a closed door meeting. There will be public comment though at the start of the meeting.

Small earthquakes felt across the Northern Calif. Coast. Two in the Laytonville area with magnitudes of 3.8 and 4.1, three days apart. The US Geological Survey reported 86 people felt one Sunday, but it was weak. Sunday night before midnight, a quake of 3.2 recorded off the coast, 8 miles southwest of Sea Ranch and 39 miles west of Healdsburg. 33 people said they felt that one too. No reports of injuries or damage.

Police at an airport in Australia say while searching a woman’s purse, they found a baby koala. Police in Brisbane say the woman said she had nothing to declare, handed her zipped canvas bag and told them there was a baby koala inside. She was arrested after telling police she found it Saturday and started to take care of it since then. The koala, thought to be about 6 months old went to a wildlife hospital in good health, but was reported to be slightly dehydrated. He was named Alfred.

A toddler in Sacramento has died after her dad accidentally ran her over with his car. The Sacramento Bee reports ( the one year old in the family’s front yard playing with a 6-year-old sibling when dad got home and the tot ran towards him as he pulled in. She was taken to a hospital where she died. Police say they don’t think there will be an arrest and they don’t think alcohol or speed were factors in the accident.

Part of the state gets out from under the drought label. Rain in Northern California this fall so far lifts a quarter of the state out of drought. The state Water Resources Control Board says the other 75% of the state is still in the 5 year drought. It was the second wettest October on record for the northern Sierras, where a lot of the state’s water comes from. The U-S Drought Monitor’s weekly national report shows 12 percent of the state near the Oregon border had normal or better moisture and another 12 percent was unusually dry but not in drought.

The name of a woman who drowned in a canoeing accident on the Russian River has been released. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s office says 69-year-old Heidi Boley of Richmond died, but they’re not sure why as she was wearing a life preserver. The woman was with two friends who were paddling an inflatable canoe southwest of Healdsburg Friday when they capsized. The two other people made it to shore but they couldn’t find Boley. A sheriff’s helicopter and deputies and other emergency personnel on the ground searched. Ultimately a boat crew with the Geyserville Fire Department found her body under tree limbs near the riverbank.

The Lower Lake Cemetery District in need of help so the Lake County Board of Supervisors will consider sending a letter to the capitol for help. The board will take up the matter on the historic cemetery at its meeting this morning. There’s been a lot less burials which led to a financial crisis. There’s currently just one employee there and old equipment. Plus factor in low property tax revenues because of Proposition 13. The Board’s letter to Assemblyman Bill Dodd asking for state dollars. District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele along with the cemetery board of trustees is also looking for donations. A Go-FundMe campaign over the spring didn’t bring in much.

A young man from Clearlake has pleaded not guilty for the DUI death of a passenger in his car last month. 19 year old Jeramy Isom is charged with Gross Vehicular Manslaughter while Intoxicated, Gross Vehicular Manslaughter with Vessel While Intoxicated, Vehicular Manslaughter with Gross Negligence, and two counts of DUI, Alcohol While Causing Injury. It happened on Morgan Valley Road just west of Bonham Road. The CHP reports Isom drifting across a lane, pulled back and rolled. He had minor injuries, another had abrasions and a third was not treated. Another passenger died. Police say the man was not wearing a seat belt.

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