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YES Measure AE for Point Arena residents to approve a marijuana tax of no more than 7 cents a dollar and 3 cents for medical marijuana…

NO Measure AF: to regulate Medical Marijuana in Mendocino County, it would amend county code putting growing pot into the category of an agricultural operation;

YES Measures AG and AH would add a temporary half-cent sales tax to pay for mental health and drug dependency facilities, as supported by the Sheriff.

YES Measure AI: would put a Cannabis tax on commercial marijuana businesses. The tax could not be more than 10% of gross receipts to be adjusted in accordance with Consumer Price Index increases if recreational marijuana is legalized.

YES Measure AJ: which is an advisory vote gives residents the authority to tell the county to go for business license taxes on cannabis businesses with money going to enhanced mental health services, repair of county roads, and increased fire and emergency medical services.

YES Then Measure Z, which is a companion to Measure Y. Y asks for a 1/2 cent sales tax to be used at the discretion of the Ukiah City Council. It requires a majority vote to pass. General taxes, like the tax in Measure Y, can be spent for any municipal purpose, such as street maintenance and repair, but also for police, fire, and emergency medical services, public parks, city owned recreational facilities, and city sponsored recreational programs, among other things. Measure Z seeks to only use the tax for roads.

Measure AF, drafted by marijuana growers to regulate pot in Mendocino County got trounced. As of late night tally’s the measure had only about 35% of the vote.

Two measures the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors put on the ballot to tax marijuana growing and use the money from it for county services both won. Measure AI allows the county to tax cannabis cultivation sites in unincorporated areas and Measure AJ advises the board to spend that money to enforce marijuana regulations, provide mental-health services, repair county roads, and provide fire and medical services.

In the Lake County

District 1 Supervisorial race

Monica Rosenthal: 716, 52.2 percent
Jose “Moke” Simon III: 653, 47.6 percent

District 4 Supervisorial race

Martin Scheel: 774, 37.7 percent
Tina Scott: 1,261, 61.5 percent

Proposition 51, the 9 Billion Dollar bond for the modernization of K-12 and Community College Facilities wins with 52.4%

Proposition 52 wins overwhelmingly with 70%, uses existing fees on hospitals to pay for Medi-Cal, uninsured patients and children’s health.

Proposition 53 wins so the state needs voter approval before any construction projects that will cost more than 2 Billion Dollars can be approved.

Proposition 54 wins, stops the legislature from passing any bill that has not been posted on the internet for 72 hours

Proposition 55: Tax Extension for Education and Healthcare for earnings of more than $250,000

More taxes on Cigarettes, passes as Proposition 56, 62%

Proposition 57 wins, allowing parole considering for non violent felons and a judge to decide if a juvenile will be tried as an adult.

Proposition 58 overwhelmingly wins with more than 72% of the vote, allowing Spanish learning in schools.

Proposition 59 wins barely, that allows Calif. To take a stand against Citizens United, the Corporate Political Spending Advisory Question.

A ban on plastic bags go thru with Proposition 67 winning more than 51% of the vote.

Californians look for reform of the death penalty instead of dumping it altogether. As of late last night 52 percent of more than 4.5 million votes counted liked the idea of speeding up appeals so those condemned to die, actually die. There was another measure to replace it altogether with life in prison without the chance of parole, but it was behind with about 45 percent.

Some of the country’s already tough gun control measures just got tougher as California voters said yes to an expansion with a ban on possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, requiring background checks for ammunition sales and speeding up the process of taking firearms from those who are not supposed to own them. That proposition passed 63 percent to 37 percent.

Recreational marijuana is legalized in Calif. California was first for medical marijuana twenty years ago and was among 5 states to vote this election. It was one of five states to decide if they should join Colorado, Oregon and Washington, making it legal along the entire west coast. Florida legalized Medical Marijuana for the first time too. Proposals for recreational pot would treat it the same as booze with it being legal for those 21 or older and forbidden in most public spaces. It would also be highly regulated and heavily taxed.

The Ukiah Planning Commission will take up opening an emergency winter shelter at their meeting. The Homeless Services Action Group wants to open the shelter in an empty building in the 1000 block of S. State St. at the corner of Thomas Street. If it’s yes, those who use the shelter would sign in at Plowshares Peace and Justice Center then be shuttled to the other facility. They would go back in the morning to Plowshares for breakfast. The meeting tonight starts at 6 p.m. in the City Council chambers.

A man who died in an apartment fire in Clearlake has been identified, but his name not released… The man died yesterday in the fire inside one of eight apartments on Country Club Drive. Fire officials say it caused structural and electrical damage to the building and more than a dozen people living there had to leave.

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