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A fire starts at a home in The Sea Ranch burning three levels of the home. Cal Fire reports nobody in the home at the time, with a neighbor saying it was a rarely used vacation home. No word on how the fire started.

A couple hundred demonstrators, most of which police say were Santa Rosa Junior College students, marched through downtown Santa Rosa protesting the election. Protestors marched down Mendocino Avenue to City Hall Wednesday then walked back with motorcycle cop escorts. The Press Democrat reports students had signs that denounced President Elect Trump’s sometimes harsh rhetoric towards people of color and others and they chanted things like “Not My President, Not My President,” and “Love Trumps Hate.” There were many demonstrations across the country, one in Portland was framed as a riot.

A unanimous approval for a Homeless Shelter this winter in Ukiah. The Planning Commission says yes to the permit for an emergency winter shelter on South State Street for four months. The request for the permit from the Homeless Services Action Group in an empty commercial building with plans for it to house as many as 56 people for temporary shelter with at least two staff members on-site and awake at all times. Those who seek shelter will check in at Plowshares, where they’ll get food then be shuttled to the new shelter.

A gathering of Trump supporters in Ukiah ahead of his historic win Tuesday. Then on Wednesday some of those who ran Trump’s headquarters on State St. gathered on the street and say several people honked to show support. The headquarters will close officially tomorrow. Yesterday Ukiah High School students had a march that went from campus to the Mendocino County Courthouse downtown. Students say they thought it would console students who were shocked by his win. The principal says about 60 people showed up for the march which he and the school resource officer joined. The principal said that was to keep things safe and that it was an allowed activity because students have a right to express their opinions.

The Lake County Registrar of Voters Office working to finalize ballot counts and certify the election. The numbers we’ve given have been preliminary and thousands of vote-by-mail – or absentee – and provisional ballots are yet to be processed and counted. As of early Wednesday morning, the office was processing those, continuing what they started in late October. The first count Wednesday was just under 6,600 absentees and almost 6,900 precinct ballots. Initial estimates for turnout in Lake County at just about 39 percent. As Lake Co News reports, that number will probably change with the Registrars records have previous presidential election turnouts at – 73.6 percent in 2008 and 67.8 percent in 2012.

A woman from Weed has died in a DUI related crash in Lake County. The CHP reports the driver of a Chevy Pickup caused the crash on Highway 20 earlier this week, hitting the victim’s Honda Civic head-on. Her name has not been released. Raymondo Meza and his passenger were taken to the hospital and he was placed under arrest. His passenger had major injuries.

A man from Calif. has been arrested in northwestern Arizona with more than 200 pounds of marijuana in his rental car. Police in Kingman, AZ say they arrested Charles Defay of Point Arena on suspicion of transportation of marijuana for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia. They say their detectives were on a drug enforcement operation on Highway 40 and stopped his rental car for a traffic violation and a police dog got a whiff of drugs. They found 202 pounds of marijuana in 143 individual bags worth $808,000.

3 people from Fort Bragg have been arrested on weapons and drugs charges. Fort Bragg Police say they found multiple loaded guns and methamphetamine paraphernalia on Halloween as they noticed a suspicious vehicle and pedestrians loitering in the area the car was parked. Joshua Admire, Luis Pineda and Alissa Colberg all taken to jail with Admire and Pineda charged with suspicion of having a loaded weapon in a public place and Colberg charged with being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. Officers say they found a semi-automatic pistol, two .12 gauge shotguns and two large caliber rifles.

A man has been arrested and Redwood Elementary School put on lockdown after police say he made staff feel uneasy. Robert Nutt arrested last week and charged with alleged terrorist threats, entering school grounds without cause, refusing to leave school grounds when instructed, obstructing a police officer and public intoxication. Police say they got a call last Friday morning about an unwanted subject who wouldn’t leave the campus who might be armed with a weapon, so the school was initiating lock-down procedures. Staff says he wouldn’t leave, made threatening gestures to school officials, pretending to be pumping and firing a shotgun at them. Cops confronted the guy, who they say wouldn’t listen to their demands. They had to tackle him and finally took him to jail.

The Governor Jerry Brown says even though Donald Trump has been elected, the state’s staying true to liberal priorities and is not planning to back down from its fight against climate change. In a written statement after the election, Brown said, it was incumbent upon all, and especially the incoming Republican administration to take steps to heal the deep divide among Americans. He said California would do its part to find common ground “whenever possible”. But he went on to say the state would stay true to basic principles and keep confronting the threat of our time – devastating climate change. While campaigning President Elect Trump promised to roll back federal environmental regulations.

Nearly 5 million ballots are still uncounted in Calif. The Secretary of State’s office reported they had 4.4 million ballots waiting to be processed, including more than 3 million vote-by-mail ballots and a million provisional ballots. There could be more, they say, as some counties are still receiving ballots that were postmarked by Election Day. Los Angeles County, the largest in the state has more than 1 million ballots not yet processed.

They’re calling it Cal-Exit. Calls for California to secede from the United States just after Tuesday night’s historic election, declaring Trump the victor. But it also happened last time around across the country, with Texas threatening to leave after President Obama won re-election in 2012. “Calexit” supporters had a rally at the Capital Wednesday. The California National Party behind the chatter, started in 2014, says Trump as President goes against Californians core beliefs. They say their long-term goal is to separate California from the United States. It would apparently take two-thirds of the Senate, two-thirds of the House of Representatives and three-quarters of the State to vote for approval to achieve secession.

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