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Law enforcement across Northern Calif searching for a group they say killed a Mendocino County pot grower while he was sleeping in a building filled with marijuana. Police say the five they’re looking for had worked for the victim as trimmers. Jeffrey Settler’s the third person to be murdered along the North Coast this last month with connections to growing marijuana. They say he was sleeping at a remote property north of Laytonville when the group woke him, then violently assaulted him Thursday and got away with 100 pounds of processed marijuana.

The cockroach problem at Ukiah High School looks to be fading as recent rains scared the pests off. The school district’s Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation is still working on a long term management plan for the school district, working alongside pest management professionals and district personnel using recommendations from the state Department of Pest Regulation and others. The Daily Journal reports mitigation efforts continue like keeping campuses clean; creating barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces with door sweeps; sealing cracks in the concrete; and using baits, foams and gels to kill existing cockroaches.

A man from Lucerne connected to an accident on Highway 20 where an elderly man was killed. The CHP reports Douglas Williams didn’t see the 84-year-old man crossing the road Saturday night in Upper Lake near Pomo Way until the last minute. They say he swerved to try to avoid the man, but it was too late. Williams was evaluated by police and they say he was not high or drunk. He’s not been arrested or cited.

A man accused of ripping off an ambulance in Clearlake is going to have a mental health evaluation. The court ordered Derrick Schuleter to be confined and treated at Porterville Development Center before any more court dates. Back in July as firefighters worked an morning fire, they say the man used their emergency radio in a medic unit and took the ambulance. But they traced it with one of their cell phones that was left in the vehicle. The man arrested and admitted the theft.

Cal Fire’s gone into winter mode, lowering the wildfire threat across a large swath of northern Calif. Cal Fire’s Sonoma Lake Napa Unit moves to winter preparedness today for Sonoma, Lake, Napa, Solano, Colusa, and Yolo Counties. There are still drought conditions though so… Cal. Fire has the same staff on board and is moving others to other areas that have a higher threat level still in place. They say they’re continuing to monitor weather conditions closely and could beef up staff where needed.

A historic school site may be longer as the Kelseyville Unified School District Board of Trustees is considering moving the old one-room Kelsey Creek School from its property. The Kelseyville Creek Schoolhouse has been in the same place for 134 years. The board’s considering moving it to the Ely Stage Stop from Finley. The Kelseyville board is considering the matter at their meeting tomorrow night. The Superintendent of Schools says they’re discussing only and not moving the school immediately.

A Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputy’s been killed and the suspected murderer caught. Police had been looking for David Machado for the murder of Deputy Dennis Wallace over the weekend. Wallace was investigating Machado at the Fox Grove Fishing Access because of a suspicious vehicle. Police say he found the car was stolen and called for backup, but dispatch says they couldn’t reach him. Backup showed up and found Wallace dead, with gunshots to his head next to his patrol car. The stolen car was carjacked.

A dad and his teenage son have died while out hiking near Shaver Lake in Central California. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office says they sent a search and rescue team out to get their bodies yesterday after the pair fell off an embankment near Shaver Lake. Someone apparently called the sheriff’s office after witnessing the two fall Saturday. Their names and the city where they live have not been released.

A well-known Lake County Realtor is dead after police say she was attacked by her grandson at her daughter’s house. Police say 85 year old Joan Lininger of Lakeport was killed last Wednesday and they’ve arrested her 35-year-old grandson, Tyler Haskell in Livermore. Police there say they got a call last week to a home for an assault with a deadly weapon. When they got there they found mom and grandma with stab wounds but Haskell was no longer there. He was found soon after, about a mile away and arrested. He’s apparently dealing with multiple mental illnesses. He’s charged with first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon and held without bail

The CHP starts a new distracted driver campaign. Lake Co News reports they’re starting a statewide Adult Distracted Drivers traffic safety program paid for by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety. There will be at least 100 distracted driving enforcement operations and as many as 600 traffic safety presentations. They say common distracted driving types are texting, talking on a cell phone, eating, grooming, talking to passengers, operating a navigation system and adjusting the radio. The operation next year thru September.

A card shop in Alaska’s missing a sword after a burglar in a ninja costume broke in. Security cameras caught the guy in the Anchorage business over the weekend, with what looked like a Japanese-style, curved sword. The store says it looks like that’s all that was taken. They’re looking to the public to help them solve the mystery.

A couple of men in New Jersey who took a cab to a home they wanted to rob apparently stiffed the driver. Police in Deal, NJ say Kenneth Burke and Timothy Foote have been charged with burglary, conspiracy, theft and criminal trespass after telling the driver to take them to a house and wait. He says they came out with a TV and some booze, had him drive them to an apartment, then they took off without paying. They ea. had bail set at $20,000.


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