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No concerns for Eel River Salmon even though researchers have uncovered a new virus located in their brains. A U.C. Davis Professor of medicine and epidemiology says they don’t know a lot about the virus yet, but says it affects brain and kidneys of laboratory salmon due to poor river conditions like drought, warm water, algae, and parasites. The fish appear to go blind and have odd behaviors.

High schoolers across Sonoma County leaving class in protest of the new President – elect, Donald Trump. More than a thousand students in Sonoma County part of series demonstrations by teens in cities across the United States. One post on Instagram and Snapchat apparently addressed “to all high school students” spurred the kids to leave class and quote, “speak up and stand up for what we believe in.” Demonstrations at all five Santa Rosa high schools and about a half dozen others including Petaluma, Windsor, Sebastopol and Healdsburg. Others were in Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Denver and more.

An elderly man hit and killed as he walked across Highway 20 has been identified. Police say 84 year old Herbert Muellerleile of Lucerne, was killed in Lower Lake while crossing the highway at Pomo Way near Robinson Rancheria. The driver of the car that hit him was also from Lucerne, Douglas Williams. He says he didn’t see Muellerleile until it was too late and tried to swerve away. Williams was evaluated by the CHP who reported no evidence of impairment.

The new and improved Graton Resort & Casino has its grand opening. The 200-room hotel addition opens today officially. The expansion cost $175 million making it the first casino with a hotel in Sonoma County. The Tribal Chair of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria says he hopes the expansion will help them pay down the debt from the casino and bring in more money for tribal members and the tribe’s environmental and social justice projects.

A customer of cell phone giant AT&T in Sacto is demanding an apology after a store employee threw a remote control at her. The whole thing caught on camera as Linda Coleman was hit by a flying remote. Coleman says she was at a store Friday trying to pay her bill when she was hit. She says for some reason the employee got violent as she pulled her phone out to video the incident. Coleman also caught her threatening her. Police cited the employee for battery and the company says they’re investigating and have put the employee on administrative leave.

A large crowd gathered and cheered the San Francisco Mayor as he vowed the city will still be a sanctuary for gays and lesbians, religious minorities and others in the country after the election of Donald Trump. Mayor Ed Lee in City Hall as members of the community, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and public elected officials yelled in approval. He says the city has always been about love and will continue to be. The city’s sanctuary policy bars city employees from cooperating with federal immigration officials in deportation efforts. It’s been in effect since 1989.

A nine month voluntary cleanup is set for a contaminated former manufactured gas plant owned by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. along the Sacramento River. The PG&E Project Manager presented the cleanup plan to a meeting at the Sacramento River Discovery Center last week. Some byproducts of gas manufacturing had been buried at the site. They supposedly aren’t a health risk, but the utility company says removing the contaminated soil is important for future property redevelopment.

New info released on the beating death of a pot grower in Laytonville who was murdered. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office says Jeffrey Settler was killed by 5 people he hired from out of state to be trimmers in his pot field. Detectives say they think the trimmers came up on Settler as he slept in a shed where the pot was housed early last Friday morning. He was found by another worker who walked miles into town to report the death. They say he was violently assaulted and fought back. Cops say the suspects are four men and one woman from New Jersey, Illinois and Virginia and that they got away with about 100 pounds of processed pot.

At the half way point in Lower Lake for the cleanup of debris left behind by the Clayton Fire. State contractors have already taken trash and ash away from 60 of about 138 properties on CalRecycle’s cleanup list. And private contractors have taken care of about 3 dozen more. More than 2,500 tons of concrete, 260 tons of metal and nearly 9,000 tons of ash and soil have been removed. 1,300 people lived in the town before the fire ripped it apart last August. Damin Pashilk is suspected of starting the fire along with 15 other smaller fires.

Ten teams from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary compete to see who the fastest grave diggers are. The Grave Digging Championships were held last week in the Slovakian city of Trencin. The event to promote the funeral industry and show how hard it is to do this back breaking work. No modern tools are allowed, just shovels and picks. The contest happens as part of the International Exhibition of Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services.

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