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A man from Massachusetts says he was sick of the seagulls relieving themselves on his dock and boat so he wants a neighbor who he says attracted the birds to pay up. Frank Yacino suing Lisa Pezzella in small claims court saying she was feeding the birds on Webster Lake in Webster and the birds left droppings on his property so he couldn’t enjoy himself on the water. He wants $1,500 so he can get new seat covers for his boat, plus $500 more for time spent pressure-washing his dock. The town has ordered Pezzella to stop feeding the birds. Her lawyer says she never did it, but video says otherwise.

A woman in Ohio’s in trouble with the law for prostituting herself, but not for much… Cops in Youngstown arrested Crystal Hotlosz for selling sex for $60 and some nachos. They say they busted her during an undercover operation Monday in Beaver Township. Police say an officer texted Hotlosz after seeing an ad online. An undercover officer met with her in a parking lot of a Mexican restaurant where she asked for more money and the nachos. She’s charged with solicitation and possession of criminal tools.

The Unemployment rate ticked up slightly in Lake and Mendocino Counties in October. The State Employment Development Department says Lake’s unemployment rate for October was 6.4 percent, up from 6 percent in September, but still better than the 7.3 percent in October of 2015. Mendocino County was at 4.8 percent unemployment in October, up from 4.6 in September but down from 5.2 this time last year. In all, California had an unemployment rate of 5.5 percent for October; that’s the fourth month in a row it has registered that same rate.

The Mendocino Broadband Alliance says the California Public Utilities Commission is considering Mendocino County getting “party” status. With local landline phones considered unreliable, the County got input in hearings held around the state, including in Ukiah, regarding communications access and Mendocino submitted recommendations to improve it by, in part, holding the phone and cable companies accountable. The PUC is set to take it up issue Dec. 12th but the Broadband Alliance says it is facing strong opposition.

You can learn at their website

The wife of Mendocino County Third District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse has filed a petition to put her husband in a temporary conservatorship. The Willits News reports Carlyn Woodhouse filed on her husband’s behalf. She could file for Tom to be released from his duties as a supervisor. The court papers say Woodhouse is refusing to take medications for bipolar disorder, to control manic behaviors, and for his cholesterol and blood pressure to avoid the probability of heart problems and stroke. The papers also say he was behaving erratically in recent weeks. He was Tased during a domestic disturbance call at his house last month. He went to jail that night charged with several crimes, but he was instead released to the County’s Mental Health Department for evaluation.

One man has been shot and killed and a person of interest questioned after an altercation in Ukiah. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports it happened yesterday before lunch time. Someone called police to say their next door neighbor was shot. The victim, a man described as in his 20s, was pronounced dead. No word on a suspect so far.

A dad in Healdsburg is blamed for the drowning death of his 4 year old daughter. Police say Gerardo Mendoza Ordaz brought his daughter to the police station Sunday night after drowning her in the baptismal pool at a nearby church. They say he showed up in the back parking lot of the station, naked, yelling for help. He had another kid with him, a 9 year old boy. The girl was rushed to the hospital, but died. Police say the man took the kids to the unlocked sanctuary of a church in Healdsurg. The boy is the only witness. Police say they think he purposely drowned his daughter, but they have no motive. He was held without bail.

Firefighters trying to get to a car that had plunged off a cliff onto the beach near Jenner. Police dispatchers got a call yesterday afternoon about a car that had gone off Highway 1 and down a high cliff. State parks officials found whoever made the call, then found a silver and blue Subaru on the beach between Jenner and Timber Cove. No word if anyone was inside the car.

Police searching for a man they say ripped off a grocery store in Cloverdale. Police say he went to the counter to buy a bottle of wine, then pulled out a gun, jumped over the counter and shot at the clerk as he made his getaway. Police say the clerk at Cloverdale Food Center was not hit when they chased after the man to get a description of his car. There was a single shot that shattered the store’s glass door. The crook described as a white man, about 6-foot-1, 270 pounds wearing a camouflage knit cap, a black and red hoodie and black pants.

The dad of a soldier from Northern California recently killed in Afghanistan says when they were on their way to get their son’s ashes, they felt disrespected and hurt by passengers who booed them on an airplane. Stewart Perry, his wife and daughter were headed to Philadelphia from Sacramento with a transfer in Phoenix to receive the remains of his son, but the flight was delayed. He says the flight crew was afraid the Gold Star family would miss their connecting flight so they made an announcement for passengers to stay seated to let a “special military family” deplane first. They booed at him and complained about their first class tickets.


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