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An extension for commercial crab fishing to areas of the Sonoma County Coast. After tests show the shellfish are safe to eat, the Dungeness Crab season extends further tomorrow. The season opened last month, but it only went to Point Reyes due to concerns of high levels of domoic acid. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife made the announcement of the extension yesterday of the extra 50 miles, north from Point Reyes to Salt Point, south of The Sea Ranch. But will stay closed between Salt Point and the entrance to Humboldt Bay. Domoic Acid is thought to build into the tissues of crab that feed on ocean nutrients that stay around when the ocean is warm.

Police in Napa looking into reports of hazing at Napa High School in team sports. No arrests have been made but cops say they got wind of incidents in the football program weeks before the Big Game against the school’s rival Vintage High. No word on exactly what the incidents were, but apparently a student tipped police off November 19th. Police have said there were multiple assaults over the years between players and teammates, but none required emergency medical attention. Police say they were isolated incidents within the football team, so they’re interviewing team members.

The Gov. Jerry Brown has his pick to replace the state Atty. General. Brown has nominated Congressman Xavier Becerra to take over for Kamala Harris who just won election as a new U-S Senator. Taking over for Barbara Boxer who was not running for re-election. Becerra is a 24-year veteran of Congress who was a Clinton supporter. In Brown’s announcement he recalled Becerra’s service in Congress, the state Legislature and as a deputy attorney general. His nomination has to be confirmed by the state legislature which will be officially submitted after Harris resigns. A special election would decide Becerra’s replacement. He’s from a pretty solid Democratic district in Los Angeles. Former Assembly Speaker John Perez has announced he’ll run for the seat.

A murder in Lake County. Police report the attack on a woman’s family, Theresa Brown. She, her 6 year old daughter, her sister and her husband were all shot, Brown died. One of Brown’s cousins says the dead woman’s niece may have been the target as she was leaving an abusive relationship and her family shielded her from the alleged shooter. The suspect has been id’d as Ezekial “Junior” Bravo Jr. of Clearlake. The tribal chair of the Elem Indian Colony near Clearlake Oaks reported the rest of the family is expected to survive the shooting early yesterday morning. Bravo was caught at a local elementary school then booked into jail for suspected murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with serious injury and held on $1 million bail.

No charges have been filed against a Hells Angels member who police say is guilty of a sexual assault in Santa Rosa. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office blames Raymond Foakes of Rohnert Park of sexually assaulting the wife of a gang member, being kicked out of the gang. He was released from federal prison five weeks ago but will now be in jail with a no-bail parole warrant.

Final election results are in for Mendocino County. You can see all the numbers for yourself on the Mendocino County Assessor Clerk Recorder’s Website under Current Election Results. Numbers show the narrowest margins in the county were for Measure Y to raise the Ukiah Sales Tax to fix roads, passing 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent, a difference citywide of only 169 votes and Prop 62, which passed 50.83 percent to 49.17 percent, a difference countywide of only 609 votes. Prop. 62, the repeal of Calif.’s Death Penalty.

A new trail is being considered after the Ukiah Valley got grant money from the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program. A North Coast Opportunity Community Wellness Program employee tells the Daily Journal she heard about the grant while promoting the Walktober Challenge. The Ukiah Valley Trail Group applied for the $25,000 grant to turn city of Ukiah property near the old landfill at the end of Vichy Springs Road into miles of trails. Proposed routes are being considered, then an environmental impact report will be prepared and some studies done. If all goes as planned, the first steps could begin by next fall.

The first flu-related death in California for the 2016-17 flu season has been reported. The California public health department has not identified the victim, they’ve just said they’re under 65 and were in Los Angeles County. State officials say there have been nearly a dozen confirmed flu-associated cases so far this year with folks ending up in intensive care.

A special meeting of the Kelseyville Unified School District Board is being held regarding a proposal for a cell phone tower on school grounds. The meeting next Tuesday night at the Kelseyville High School Student Center where the District Superintendent says they’re welcoming public comment. No action will come of the meeting. Verizon and US Cellular have asked the school district if they can put up the tower next to the district office on school grounds. The school board has asked the companies for more info, plus they’re now getting public input. US Cellular and Verizon will also have information on hand at the meeting, including materials regarding health impacts.

The latest update on the Clayton fire recovery process. Earlier this week the county’s Long-Term Recovery Task Force met at the Lower Lake Schoolhouse to discuss cleanup after the Clayton Fire. Board of Supervisors Chair Rob Brown led the meeting which should be the last one. The cleanup looks to be ending soon, so another meeting is unlikely, but possible. The County’s Environmental Health Director and Community Development Director were also at Wednesday’s meeting. Cleanup around Lower Lake led by CalRecycle is nearing its end. By the end of next week, all lots should have no more fire debris.

No injuries for the driver of a lumber truck who ended up in Clear Lake after rolling the vehicle. Part of Highway 20 had to be closed down and there was a small diesel spill. The truck came off the highway and was submerged partially into Widgeon Bay. The cab did not end up in the water, but apparently the driver got trapped. He was pulled out by firefighters. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Lake County Environmental Health agency were alerted to the diesel spill at the scene.


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