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A celebration for those who have suffered thru the Clayton Fire. Residents of Lower Lake at the old “Brick House” on Main Street for a holiday party. More than 200 Clayton Fire survivors at the event brought to them by The Lake County Fire Victims Fund from Redwood Credit Union, the Press Democrat and State Sen. Mike McGuire of Healdsburg. More than a quarter million dollars was raised. Almost 90% of the $265,000 has been handed out already. $1,000 grants have been distributed to people who lost their homes, $20,000 for businesses and $20,000 of gift cards went to some students, teachers and staff at Lower Lake schools. Senator McGuire says volunteers working with the credit union did much of the shopping

The City of Ukiah could use state funding for their Purple Pipe project to avoid the lawsuit by the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District. The Daily Journal reports city water revenues could be used instead of city sewer money. The city’s money from water is not tied to the Sanitation District so the lawsuit would not interfere with the state giving money for the project to the city. All of this because the Sanitation District had filed a $26 million lawsuit against the city saying money was owed by the city for multiple underpayments that went all the way back to the 1960s. The District has asked for several years of Public Records Act requests which has already cost more than $2 million in legal fees. The newspaper reports the city had not made the suit a priority until finding out it could lose out on $25 million in state loans for a wastewater recycling project aka, the Purple Pipe project, because of the lawsuit. City staff to ask the City Council Wednesday if it wants to use city water revenues to repay state funding.

A small plane crashes with minor injuries at the Petaluma Municipal Airport. It was a Velocity experimental aircraft that couldn’t get the landing gear to function but it had no choice, but to land anyway yesterday afternoon at the Sky Ranch Drive airport. The airport manager Bob Patterson says just the pilot was on the flight. Police say he had minor injuries, but they had to close down the runways at the airport for about 90 minutes.

More info on the domestic violence shooting death in Clearlake Oaks. Police formally identified the victim, Theresa Brown. Police say Ezequiel Bravo forced his way into the Robert and Stephanie Brown’s home, they’re his in-laws. His estranged wife had run to their home to get away from Bravo who was there looking for her. Police say once he got inside he shot and killed his wife’s aunt, Theresa, also shooting his wife’s parents and her 6 year old niece. Stephanie Brown tried to call for help, but was forced into Bravo’s car. He went back into the house and Stephanie got away and went to the hospital. Cops say Bravo took off in the family van but abandoned it quickly. Police picked him up after a night of searching. He was on the grounds of Pomo Elementary School but quickly arrested. He’s charged with murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with serious bodily injury and held on $1 million dollars bail.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the Brown family of Clearlake Oaks after a domestic violence death. A family friend set up the account. Brown was a member of Elem Indian Colony. She had five children, including the 6 year old also shot in the rampage. They’re hoping to raise $10,000. Over the weekend they had passed $2,300. The page can be found at this radio station’s website and Facebook page. .

The investigation goes on into a shootout between a couple of cars in Clearlake that led to a lockdown at a school close by. Clearlake Police say they got a call last week after witnesses spotted a white man in a gray SUV’s passenger seat shooting at other people in a white sedan. The SUV/van driven by a white woman with brown hair. Police say the two vehicles last seen speeding near Burns Valley School. The school was placed on temporary lockdown, and a couple classes at a nearby park were quickly relocated to City Hall. No word on what happened to the cars as of late last night, no arrests had been made. Witnesses were encouraged to call Clearlake Police with any info.

A local school teacher’s been nominated for a National Award. Kelseyville High math and science teacher Erick Larsen was nominated by a local community member who wanted to stay anonymous, for the 2016-17 national LifeChanger of the Year Award. The award by the National Life Group Foundation. The award for the best in K-12 public and private school educators and employees they see as making a difference in the lives of students by exemplifying excellence, positive influence and leadership. The teacher, or coach was nominated as a man of character, who the nominator said would sacrifice everything to support his students. There are 15 individual LifeChanger of the Year awards, with the Grand Prize at $10,000. Winners are announced at a surprise award ceremony held at their schools. Winners will be announced in Spring 2017.

A Mosque in Davis, the latest to get a threatening letter. The Davis Muslim Mosque got a letter postmarked Nov. 30th from someone in Sacramento. The District Attorney’s Office says it was handwritten and didn’t specifically name the mosque, just addressing it to the “Children of Satan.” As with the other letters that had been sent to mosques through California as of late, this one also referred to Muslims as “vile and filthy people.” The Yolo DA’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Davis Police and the mayor of Davis and Multi-Cultural Community Council are planning a response this week.

A Southern California police chief says the department sending out a fake press release about the arrest of two gang members was the right thing to do. The Santa Maria Chief says they used the tactic and saved two lives because they got wind that their rivals planned to kill them. He also says it helped them arrest more than a dozen gang members for 10 murders and for the plot to kill another 8 people, including the two who were placed in protective custody. Some media members reported the phony arrest, then criticized the chief for the bogus story.

A member of the Hells Angels who’s been accused of a violent sexual assault is still in custody in Santa Rosa but there’s been no formal charges filed as the investigation continues. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office says Raymond Foakes of Rohnert Park is still in the Sonoma County Jail on a no-bail parole warrant but the office said it needed more time to finish their work on the case. The DA’s office said a complete investigation by the Sheriff’s Department and thorough assessment of the evidence would be used to see if charges should be filed.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is hearing an appeal after the Planning Commission approved an environmental impact report and permits for a new vineyard and winery project near Middletown. Lake Co News reports the meeting as regularly scheduled for Tuesday morning. But tomorrow they’ll take time for a public hearing on appeals by HVL Watershed. They want the Lake County Planning Commission to reconsider its certification of an environmental impact report, adoption of water supply assessment and a major use permit and grading permit. The Winery looking to develop 80 new acres of vineyards and a 17,850-square foot winery and a possible 11,340-square-foot tasting room and commercial kitchen. The appeals due to potential impacts on the aquifer.

Some reported cases of American Flag vandalism in Lakeport. Police say there were two incidents, both Saturday. One a flag removed from the wall of a business and instead, dumped in a local trash dumpster. Then reports another US flag was cut down from a pole and was laying on the ground in the 900 block of S. Main Street. Two officers folded the flag and held on to it until it could be returned today. Anyone with information is asked to call Lakeport Police or send them a private message on their Facebook page @LakeportPolice.

A man in Clearlake’s been arrested after reports he had weapons. Police say Van Null was arrested o several weapons charges after they found him toward the parking lot of the Dollar Tree with a large backpack. They asked him what was in it and found a concealed knife under his shirt, another knife, a Winchester 20-gauge single shot short barrel shotgun, aka as a sawed off shotgun. The man then found with several other weapons and arrested. He was on probation for a weapons violation and booked into Lake County Jail on felony counts of possession of a short barrel shotgun, carrying a loaded firearm concealed on his person and possession of a concealed dirk or dagger. There could be more charges coming.

Quite the traffic snarl after a snowman is spotted on I-880 near Fremont. The CHP reports the snowman slowed traffic yesterday afternoon for nearly an hour. They say they’re not sure how the snowman got in the middle of traffic.

Domino’s Japan got into the holiday spirit, delivering pizzas by reindeer. But sadly they had to cancel their caribou-delivery program in Hokkaido after just one week because the reindeer were always shaking their antlers, wouldn’t stop at delivery spots, and were losing the pizzas out of their delivery pouches. Domino’s says instead they’re delivering by GPS-equipped scooters that look like reindeer. Customers will be able to track their orders through an app.


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