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A new Mayor for Ukiah. The City Council is shuffling positions around at the meeting this month with the Vice Mayor Jim Brown expected to become Mayor next year and Councilman Kevin Doble will be appointed Vice Mayor. The seats rotate based on seniority and who gets the most votes in the last election. Councilmen Steve Scalmanini and Doug Crane have been the Mayor, so that leaves the rest of the council members who are elected the same year. The council is also supposed to get a report tomorrow from the City Manager regarding the impending lawsuit filed by the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District which could mean the city’s “Purple Pipe” project gets tabled. Several local residents were at the District’s last meeting complaining about the suit which could mean higher rates because ratepayers will have to pick up the attorney fees.

No further action for now, for the wife of a Mendocino County Supervisor who got temporary conservatorship after her husband ended up in the state hospital. Carlyn Woodhouse, Mendocino County Third District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse’s wife, filed for the conservatorship so she could resign her husband from the board. Supervisor Woodhouse is out of the hospital and on meds now. Carlyn’s lawyer now says a permanent conservatorship may no longer be necessary. Court papers say Woodhouse was not taking his meds before he was institutionalized for bipolar/disorder and manic behaviors. Plus he had other meds for cholesterol and blood pressure.

A woman from Leggett has been arrested after a shooting during a struggle with her ex boyfriend. A SWAT team came to the scene after Regina Gibbs shot a handgun during the altercation. Police say the two were living on the same property, then when the ex boyfriend came home to get some of his stuff, the woman went into the house, and he says he heard a gunshot and she came out with the large-caliber handgun which he says was his. He said it had been stolen a month ago but he didn’t report that and a missing rifle. He says he approached Gibbs to try to get the weapon and they struggled and the gun went off again. He got a hold of the gun and left, then called the sheriff’s office. Since Gibbs is a convicted felon and wouldn’t listen to police commands, the SWAT team came out and arrested her a few days later. She was held on suspicion of discharging a firearm in a grossly negligent manner, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and being a felon in possession of ammunition with bail set at $150,000.

A man from Clear Lake accused of killing his estranged wife’s aunt and injuring other family members, could face the death penalty. The Lake County District Attorney says he’s considering seeking the death penalty for Ezequiel “Junior” Bravo. Bravo in court yesterday, arraigned on several charges including murder, attempted murder and 32 special allegations. Police say he forced his way into a home looking for his wife and shot and killed Theresa Jones, and wounded her sister, his mother in law. He also shot his father in law and a 6 year old girl. Bravo is being held on $7 million bail. He has a criminal record that included battery.

The founder of the Oakland artists’ colony could be held accountable for the death of dozens who burned to death. The Press Democrat reports Derick Ion Almena leased parts of the cluttered warehouse which he also managed. On Friday at least 36 people died in a fire. Neighbors and others who lease from Almena say he had illegally rented living and studio spaces for artists. Almena’s longtime partner, Micah Allison’s dad says the couple were junkies, using methamphetamine, heroin and crack. The building was called the Ghost Ship. Survivors say they escaped out a rickety staircase made of wooden pallets.

Break out the long johns. The National Weather Service calling for an urgent weather and a freeze watch for parts of Northern California. It could get to below freezing in some areas of both Mendocino and Lake Counties. Forecasters say it’s because of a Canadian airmass moving into the region. Tonight into tomorrow morning may get to the upper twenties or low thirties. Rain and patchy, freezing fog with a freeze watch starting at midnight tonight into tomorrow morning below the 2,000 foot elevation mark. Low temperatures tomorrow to Saturday will be in the low 40s with daytime highs about the mid 50s.

A smaller earthquake hits the Upper Lake area, reported about 13 miles north northeast of the city and about 24 miles out of Ukiah. The 3.1-magnitude earthquake reported overnight about 8 miles into the earth. It looks to be inside the boundaries of the Mendocino National Forest with the epicenter just miles from the epicenter of a 5.1-magnitude earthquake back in August. The US Geological Survey got seven shake reports that came from four zip codes: Upper Lake, Kelseyville, San Francisco and Berkeley.

Mendocino County looking for folks who want to sit on the County Employees’ Retirement Association Board. The board’s main job to make sure the association is appropriately governed and managed. They first and foremost serve its members and beneficiaries and protect the assets of the Association. Members get a $100 stipend per meeting which happens the third Wednesday of the month. The Board has nine members and one alternate. Four of them are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The current terms of two nominated by the Board of Supervisors’ expire next month. Those who are interested in applying have to fill out the paperwork which they can get online. Visit this radio station’s website for that web address.

Applicants have to be registered voters in Mendocino County. If you apply, you could be interviewed by the Board of Supervisors during a meeting in January. Those who are chosen will serve a term thru November 30, 2019. For more info (707) 463-4441.

A man in Pennsylvania on the run after an armed robbery so police send him a message on Facebook. Police in Bridgeville say Robert Watkins III was responsible for the heist Thanksgiving Day at a Gulf station. The post on the social media site said, "It’s only a matter of time before we find you" with several pictures of Watkins from the scene. They described what the suspect looked like in detail, he was caught several hours later.

A man in Florida’s accused of ripping off Christmas packages at a post office. Cops say they arrested Francis Keller, charging him with burglary after he was found in a post office work room using scissors to open packages. Police say the former postal employee of 30 years, got inside with an old security code for the door. They say the man was extremely drunk when they found him next to a cart full of open packages. Police say he told them he was planning to steal the items to buy crack. He was arrested and tossed into the Palm Beach County jail.


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