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Police in Lakeport searching for three young women they say may be connected to a random stabbing near Library Park. Police say a 52 year old man was walking in the area Monday night and passed the three women, described as white about 18 years old. He says one of them ran up behind him and stabbed him in the lower back. He didn’t really notice until he saw he was bleeding. He says the suspect had black hair and another of the three women had a blanket around her shoulders. The man was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

A unanimous ruling by the state Supreme Court says police can only search someone after a traffic stop if they think a crime was committed. This comes connected to a child pornography case involving a bicyclist who had been pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. Police in Torrance went after Paul Macabeo in 2012. They followed him with their patrol car’s headlights off and did acknowledge the guy wasn’t riding erratically and didn’t try to get away, but he was arrested. Police searched his phone finding pictures of underage girls on it. But still the Supreme Court says when they stopped Macabeo, the most that really could have happened was he got a traffic ticket, since there was no probable cause to arrest him for a crime and there was also no cause to search his phone, saying it violated his Fourth Amendment, against unreasonable searches.

The deadline’s fast approaching for the Calif. Health Exchange. December 15th is the deadline to be covered for January 1st. Enrollment for 2017 started Nov. 1st and ends Jan. 31st but in order for the insurance to start next month, the signup has to happen by next Thursday. Covered California got more than 1.3 million people insured last year and nearly 3 million Californians bought health insurance through the exchange since it started two years ago. Calif. had a 17 percent uninsured rate in 2013 compared to the 7.4 percent the first half of 2016.

A man in Willits has been arrested after a burglary at a remote cabin village. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office gets a call to the Creekside Cabins last Thursday for a burglary a day before or overnight. Police say someone forced their way into a home where they stole a bunch of items, but the manager found most of it outside. The manager says they were worth more than $400. They also found out the suspect was staying in the cabins. Kevin Dahlund found with some of the stolen property and arrested. Police found him to also be on formal probation on an unrelated offense. He’s now charged with burglary, possession of stolen property, vandalism and petty theft. He was held on a no-bail status due to violating the terms of his probation.

A teenager from Clearlake has been hurt in a drive-by shooting. It happened around 6:45 p.m. Sunday as the 17-year-old was walking with friends on Dam Road near Lake Street. Police say the victim hasn’t been too forthcoming with answers about what he and his friends saw and who got him to the hospital. One thing they did find out was his friends thought shots came from an older black Jeep. Police say they recovered some 9 millimeter spent shell casings at the site of the shooting. They’re reminding the public if you have information that will help them, you can remain anonymous.

A new survey shows more Americans want Obamacare to stay in place. They don’t want it repealed or even scaled back. The post election poll by Kaiser Family Foundation shows most people, across party lines, enjoy some of the major provisions of the law, with 49 percent of the public wanting to keep the law or see it expanded and 43 percent want lawmakers to cut it out entirely or cut it back. Just last week at a rally, President-elect Donald Trump still said he was going to “repeal and replace” the law. 20 million Americans have been insured thru the Affordable Care Act since 2014, many through a provision expanding Medicaid, the nation’s health care program for the poor.

UC Davis is digging into the dirt… literally… exploring how wildfires affect forests. UC Davis Assistant Professor Rahel Sollmann has won an award to help explore more, she’s one of a trio who won the 2017 Research Catalyst Awards. Sollmann is a quantitative ecologist working with the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology. The more than $270,000 award will pay for work with UC Berkeley Associate Professor Justin Brashares and UC Santa Barbara Assistant Professor Hillary Young and other researchers at UC Davis and the U.S. Forest Service. They will dig in to how massive fires or so-called megafires disrupt the forest ecosystem and food web and pollination networks. They’re studying the King Fire. It burned more than 97,000 acres in El Dorado County in 2014.

Final results have been released in Lake County for the November 8th election. The Lake County Registrar Diane Fridley released results last night with no major changes from the preliminary results Nov. 9th. The closest race for District 1 supervisor, Jose “Moke” Simon III held on to his 5-percent lead over Monica Rosenthal. In another supervisor race, Tina Scott’s lead over Martin Scheel in District 4 closed by one percentage point, but she still ended with a nearly 20 percent lead to win. Measure V passed so roads could be repaired. It cannot be spent on anything but roads. Measure X failed, to change the treasurer job from elected to appointed. Every other measure passed in Lake.

New blood to be sworn in at the Clearlake City Council meeting. New and reelected members of the City Council take the oath of office at the meeting this week as members dig right into money that’ll come from Measure V. Nick Bennett and Joyce Overton were reelected and new member Phil Harris will join them in taking the oath. They will then pick the mayor and vice mayor for the year. They’re going to take up a development agreement at the start of the meeting, then take up the election’s results regarding measures V, W and X. X failed, V puts money into the entire county for road repairs and improvements, W to make the City Clerk position appointed instead of elected.

A judge in Calif. says it’s okay for trucks that carry as much as 450,000 tons of treated human waste to dump on Kern County farmland as fertilizer. The Los Angeles Times reports the judge ruling state law pre-empting a voter-passed county initiative banning the practice. The judge saying there’s no evidence to show there’s a human health risk from dumping the waste on city of Los Angeles owned farmland. Kern County was fighting the city after voters overwhelmingly adopted banning the waste dumping back in 2006.

State education officials say they’re investigating some inappropriate emails sent by one of its staffers. One of the emails apparently released by a group who received it regarding food and housing at community colleges. The reply from the staff member said go BLEEP yourself. The state dept. of education released a statement saying they are investigating and are taking immediate action. They go on to say it in no way reflects the views of the California Department of Education.

Looks like there may be a source for that massive fire at the Oakland warehouse that killed 3 dozen people. The Alameda County Sheriff says it appears to have started in the back of the building in an area filled with appliances. The Sheriff says emergency workers are being super careful when they take out debris from the so-called Ghost Ship so they don’t disturb evidence of the source of ignition. There was a toaster, a small refrigerator, and a larger refrigerator. Local law enforcement, fire investigators and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are combing thru debris where at least 36 people there for a music party were trapped and died.

A woman from Florida woman somehow got lost during a half-marathon trail run, adding quite a few miles onto the trek. The Sarasota Times-Herald ( reports Melissa Kitcher got lost on her 13.1 run Saturday, making a wrong turn and not getting home until the next day. The Race director Thierry Rouillard said they didn’t know she was still on the trail until they got a call from her hubby later in the afternoon asking where his wife was. Apparently her cell phone froze before the race so they couldn’t track her. She says she wasn’t really worried, knowing her family would find her.


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