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Some folks who’ve been arrested and prosecuted for marijuana crimes are in limbo. The limbo applies to those who’ve copped a plea and await sentencing. Since Proposition 64 passed to legalize marijuana, it also downgrades marijuana-related felonies to misdemeanors. The Mendocino County District Attorney Dave Eyster says now they have to add a layer of work to the cases where those arrested have caused environmental damage by diverting water, using illegal electricity or discharging human waste. He says before Prop 64, prosecutors didn’t generally add those items because the case was already a felony. But now that they’ll be downgraded to misdemeanors, they will have to figure out how to address the punishment. The DA’s office says now it’ll take months to set some precedents with the new law in place.

Two dogs had to be rescued from a motorhome that got stuck in the Russian River. The Hopland Fire Department reports someone on Old River Road between Ukiah and Hopland saw the RV was stuck with the dogs inside in the middle of the river and called the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The Fire Dept. was asked to respond instead. Firefighters say when they got there they spotted the dogs on the dashboard barking. They forced the motorhome open and leashed the dogs which then swam to shore. Animal control officers took the pets and their owners picked them up later. Apparently the RV was parked near the river, but after the river crested, it got flooded out.

It’s unanimous, a new hiking, biking, walking, running trail is taking the spot of a former landfill. The Ukiah City Council approved the plan by a local trail group for the new trail system near the old landfill at the end of Vichy Springs Road. The trail to be paid for by a $25,000 grant secured by the Ukiah Valley Trail Group from State Farm Insurance. The city owns the property where the trails will go, which doesn’t actually include the former landfill. That will be separated from the trails by a creek. The trail group says they’re also capping the landfill, plus there will be an Environmental Impact Report.

A dedication’s being held by the Lakeport Police Dept. for their new digs. The new headquarters at 2025 S. Main St. becomes official after their celebration ceremony Wednesday afternoon at 2. The Police Chief Brad Rasmussen and staff say members of the community are welcome to see the new building at that time and participate in the event. Besides members of the police dept., some Lakeport City Council members and city administration for the new building will be there. The building was purchased in 2015 for $875,000. It’s right next to Kmart, and used to be the Social Security Administration offices.

More rain headed our way. A Pacific storm system is supposed to drench the area this week with rain and snow in high elevations. The National Weather Service issued a special weather statement for tomorrow thru Thursday. There’s supposed to be a slight break in the system Wednesday and a chance of snow in the 3,500 to 5,500 foot levels tomorrow, then higher up Wednesday as warmer air moves into Northern Calif. Snow is expected in the Mendocino National Forest.

Police in Windsor shot a man who had to be taken to the hospital over the weekend after a car chase. Police say they had a report the suspect almost hit someone so they went after him Sunday night. He’s described as a man in his late 40s or early 50s. They say his injuries didn’t seem life-threatening. Two Windsor officers were involved in the shooting at a shopping center on Alden Lane, off Old Redwood Highway. Witnesses say it happened near a Mexican restaurant, where they saw a sheriff’s helicopter overhead and saw a deputy shocking a man with a Taser.

Members needed for the committee to decide what work will be done on roads in Clearlake after the passage of Measure V. The Clearlake City Council looking to fill the Citizen’s Oversight Committee now that the election results have been certified. The Mayor says the council is working with city staffers to make sure the money that’s spent on the measure is in full compliance. The council members can each pick someone they want to be on the committee. Applications are available on the Measure V page of the city’s website, http://www.clearlake., or at City Hall. Those who are interested have to be a Clearlake resident and be able to attend monthly meetings.

A body of water in Calif. found to have been invaded with quagga mussels. Just a small number of the invasive shellfish, the Department of Water Resources has been trying to keep out of the State Water Project since the mollusk was first discovered in California in 2007. Last week, six adult quagga mussels were found in the Angeles Tunnel. That’s the connector between Pyramid Lake and Elderberry Forebay. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says they now have to consider Pyramid Lake as infested with the invasive species, as well as Elderberry Forebay and Castaic Lake. That doesn’t mean they’ve totally taken over in the waterways, but that boats have to be inspected and thoroughly washed when they leave the lake.

Two men have been arrested in Lakeport after police say they ripped off thousands of dollars from a credit union. Police say 20-year-old Steven Harrington of Upper Lake and 24 year old Christopher Herring of Kelseyville have been arrested in the case after reports from Mendo Lake Credit Union that someone was trying to cash as much as $8,500. Then another similar case of someone trying to scam $10,000 in fraudulent checks out of the credit union. Police say they think the two cases were connected. Harrington was arrested and booked in the Lake County Jail on felony grand theft after a sting with police. Then Herring, aka Christopher Garcia was busted after hiring a woman to cash phony checks for him. He was on the run from South Dakota with that state now awaiting his extradition. He was a bit more elusive when police went to arrest him. They say he had punched a hole thru the drywall in a closet and climbed into the attic. So the entire apartment building was evacuated until he was caught.

A set up for any would be thieves in the Santa Rosa and Petaluma area. Police leaving decoy packages with GPS tracking devices in them to stop thieves this holiday season. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Rosa and Petaluma police departments are using bait packages because of items being stolen thru the county each holiday season. They reported a package one of the officers was supposed to get last year himself, never arrived after getting a delivery message, but no package. In Santa Rosa last year, police say they caught three suspects with the bait packages. The Sheriff’s Office has posted a Facebook message asking residents to email them if they were interested in being the site of a decoy package. They say they got several messages from wannabe volunteers.

The highest turnout for a presidential election since Barack Obama was nominated. New data shows three out of four registered state voters took part in the November election. Friday was the deadline for the ballot counting. The Secretary of State’s office says a little more than 14.6 million ballots were cast in California. That’s a rate of about 75.3 percent of the state’s 19.4 million registered voters. It’s 3 points above the number from 2012, but four points off from 2008, when Obama was elected. Hillary Clinton got 62 percent of the vote this year, beating President Elect Donald Trump by 4.3 million votes to win the state’s 55 electoral college votes.

A new report on the Oakland warehouse fire shows the building may have never been inspected for fire hazards. A firefighter who supposedly has knowledge of the situation told the Associated Press the building, known to locals as the Ghost Ship, may have never had a yearly commercial fire safety inspection. The city’s website says commercial inspections are done as time permits during a fire station’s 24-hour shift. It goes on to say building inspections aren’t routinely scheduled on an appointment basis. 36 people ages 17 to 61 were killed in the fire. They were at a dance party at the warehouse.

A flock of wild turkeys bothering locals in a town in Oregon have caused power outages. The wild turkeys apparently flying into Pacific Power Lines and caused four outages the last month. Each time it happens, more than 1,600 residents and businesses are without power. A spokesperson for Pacific Power says the outages have definitely been caused by the birds, and the utility’s not come up with a clear plan yet as to how they’ll deal with the issue. It’s illegal to shoot or hunt in Medford’s city limits.

Two women who went to a wedding in New Hampshire say they’re suing the groom and the event company who ran the wedding reception because he flew a drone in which hit them in the head. The two women say they have permanent physical and emotional injury after the Aug. 8th incident where the drone was flying around capturing photographs. The drone apparently hit the women while they were dancing, they say they had concussions. The company that owns the drone says they never gave permission for it to be used that way.


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