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The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is inviting community members to their Coffee with a Cop. The community get together Friday from 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. at the Main St. Bar & Grill. Deputies and members of the CHP will be at the event. There’s no specific agenda for the morning, just a chance for residents to ask questions in a neutral space. It’s part of a national initiative by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and is happening in cities and towns across the country. They look to increase community trust, police legitimacy and partnership building. Coffee with a Cop is also thought to allow for a more relaxed, informal one-on-one interaction in a friendly atmosphere.

The Ukiah Animal Shelter is lowering adoption fees in hopes of finding forever homes for the pets there. The normally $166 fee which covers sterilization, vaccination and other medical services is at $50 during the holidays for dogs. The shelter’s Home for the Holidays program goes for 2 days only, tomorrow thru Saturday. The shelter’s waiving the feline fee altogether. Apparently that’s because the shelter gets more cats donated every year than it can house. They look to have about 80 cats, but right now they’ve got 130. They warn not to give animals as surprise gifts and instead ask the give recipient ahead of time if they would be willing and able to care for it.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested for a threat he’d get a gun if he didn’t get his meds from CVS. The Fort Bragg Police Department reports getting a call to the CVS on South Main Street last Wednesday for a man threatening violence and causing a disturbance. Staff members say Alan Graham was denied medication he asked for so he told them he was coming back with a gun to rob them so he could get his meds. He’s arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and attempted robbery. He was booked into Mendocino County jail.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested after police find a bunch of burglary tools and stolen items in his possession. Police say Cheshire Maiava was one of three men dressed in dark clothing who were seen loitering near Mendocino Coast District Hospital and an apartment complex on South Street. Police say Maiava’s on parole and had an active warrant for his arrest so they contacted him. They say they found burglary tools on his body and a lot more in his backpack. There they also found a bunch of stolen driver’s licenses, phones and credit cards, all stolen in the last few months. He’s booked into Mendocino County Jail on suspicion of possessing burglary tools and stolen property.

A fire takes the life of two children in Manchester. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports a fire early yesterday in the 45000 block of Biaggi Ln. Someone inside told police they were woken up by smoke alarms and found the home full of smoke and in flames. They woke the other people in the house and some got to the roof, others crawled out, but two children were left inside. The family called 911 with the Redwood Coast Fire Department responding. Members tried to go inside the home with other departments, but the flames were burning so hot they couldn’t re-enter the home. The two children ages 9 and 14.

Some marijuana insiders in Calif. say the actual sale of pot in stores may be delayed because of the red tape involved. The Record Bee reports a two day conference, competition and harvest celebration at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds brought on talk about Proposition 64, approved by voters in November. The proposition said by Jan. 1st of 2018, those who want to would be able to walk into a licensed store to make a pot purchase. The head of the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation says delays may be in store for Calif. residents because of the recently agreed to regulation of Medical Pot. And Assemblyman Jim Wood says the two mean differing approaches on things like ownership and residency requirements, timelines and license categories. Plus there are tax disputes. Medical marijuana law levies a retail tax, but Proposition 64 means two taxes for legal marijuana: retail and cultivation which all need to be worked out.

The man accused of stealing an ambulance in need of medical evaluation ends up at the evaluation clinic about a week after he’s supposed to. Derrick Schuleter was supposed to get to the Porterville Development Center by Nov. 29th but the court apparently received a letter from the center dated the 30th saying he wasn’t there. He was then sent on December 6th. He was arrested after the ambulance was taken while firefighters worked a fire in Clearlake in July. One of the firefighter’s phones was inside and pinged, and that’s how the ambulance was recovered. Schuleter was arrested near the ambulance with items that came out of the ambulance in his possession. He is supposed to go thru a 90 day mental health evaluation. The matter was continued to Feb. 7th.

Looking to get your fitness routine kick started for the new year… Sutter Lakeside Hospital is partnering with City Fitness and giving out a handful of free gym memberships for Lake County residents who otherwise couldn’t afford it. The gym has free weights and weight machines, plus group fitness classes, including cycling, cardio kickboxing and Zumba. California’s adult obesity rate was last measured at over 24.5 percent, but in Lake County, the obesity rate is 37.5 percent for women and 33.3 percent for men. If you’re interested in the free gym membership, you can pick up an application at Sutter Lakeside Hospital Rehabilitation Services at 5196 Hill Road East in Lakeport and at City Fitness on 871 Bevins Street in Lakeport.

Covered California reminding residents the open enrollment period is coming to a close soon. The marketplace, Certified Insurance Agents, Certified Enrollment Counselors and other Certified Enrollment Entities reminding Californians without health insurance about the deadline tomorrow, for Jan. 1st coverage. Plans offered through Covered California include a handful of insurance carriers to choose from. There were more than 1.3 million Calif. consumers getting coverage in 2016 and more than 2.8 million Californians have it already. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the marketplace has helped bring down Calif.’s uninsured rate from 17 percent in 2013 to 7.4 percent in the first half of 2016. Open enrollment continues through Jan. 31st. For more info, visit to enroll online and find local certified enrollers to assist.

Small scale growers will not be allowed to farm marijuana in Sonoma County’s rural residential areas. That goes for areas outside city limits. Some of the supervisors were in support of an outright growing ban, which goes against the county Planning Commission’s recommendation for cottage-sized cultivation on rural residential lots of 2 acres in size or more. A couple supervisors saying they think pot farms aren’t an appropriate land use, and another concerned about associated crimes. So the board says yes to regulating marijuana cultivation, indoors and out and on agricultural and industrial zones across the county. Supervisors to formally adopt the ordinance Dec. 20th.

The name of a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy who shot and wounded a man outside Windsor has been released. The Windsor police officer, Christopher Haas, a patrol officer in the department for about 3.5 years. Haas shot Christopher Eastwood last weekend as he ran towards police officers at the Windsor Palms Shopping Center. They say they thought he had a gun, but it turned out to be a black metal bike lock. Police say they went after him after a family member called to say he was driving armed and was threatening “suicide by cop”.

Gov. Jerry Brown is asking President Barack Obama to permanently ban new offshore oil and gas drilling off California’s coast. The Gov. speaking at a meeting of the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification in Coronado. He also signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of the Interior to start work on renewable energy in the ocean, with wind, waves and other technologies. Brown has pledged to continue the work, even after the new administration, led by Republicans, starts next month. The president has put a five-year freeze on drilling rights off the West Coast and Arctic Ocean in place. But many California representatives looking for indefinite prohibition.

The official word of the year, or should we say words, in Australia — “democracy sausage.” Even though it’s two words, the Australian National Dictionary Center says it qualified as the word for 2016 because it was essentially a compound word. It was first used back in 2012 as a way to describe beef sausage sandwiches with onions, ketchup, barbeque sauce or mustard, that have been sold at fundraising tables outside polling booths. This year, the term got even more popular, with the two month long federal election that was too close to call for days.

A bunch of ones and zeroes that had been stolen from addresses mounted on homes in Philadelphia have been returned. A news website called Billy Penn says a trash bag with 83 metal address markers turned up Monday night at the home of a woman who had released surveillance footage of a man and woman stealing the ones and zeroes off the front of homes. The woman said she didn’t know who returned it or why they were even taken to begin with… maybe for some sort of art display… that nobody saw…


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