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New numbers for the November election say people came out in historic numbers. 14 and a half million Californians voted last month, more than in any election in state history. The secretary of state’s office reports on the numbers which are nearly one million more than the last record, in November 2008, when President Obama was on the ballot. Voter turnout statewide was at 75.27 percent this time. Usually the presidential election turnout is higher than other elections. There were nearly 20 million registered California residents before Election Day 2016, another record high. Registrations soared before the primary in June and again before the general election in November.

A man from Stockton accused of a domestic incident with a rifle at a McDonald’s in Clearlake appears in court. Court documents say 21 year old Tailor Broman was arraigned this week for the incident in July. He pleaded not guilty to assault with a semiautomatic rifle, discharging a firearm in a negligent manner, and one lesser charge. The shooting at the fast food joint by Broman who was there with Owen Valenzuela who was accused of abusing his ex girlfriend on the phone while the two men were in the restaurant. Police say Broman fired a gun during a scuffle with a restaurant employee. No one was hurt. The next court date set for January 24th.

2 and a half million dollars has been set aside for a special health center in the North Bay for disabled residents. The residents have been living at the Sonoma Developmental Center, but it’s closing in 2018. That means as many as 350 patients will be without special care, including medical, dental, mental and adaptive services. State Sen. Mike McGuire says the money will go to build a so-called “health care hub”. The state will request bids by the end of this month. McGuire says when the center officially closes, the specialty medical, dental and mental services goes with it.

Heavy rains bring heavy flows to the Pudding Creek Dam which has overflowed. Last Thursday night the dam overflowed and eroded about 12 feet of the foundation which needs to stay built up due to nearby homes and businesses. Georgia-Pacific owns and maintains the dam, says they’re working with officials in Fort Bragg to repair and make sure the dam’s stable in the future. There are several gates at the dam that regulate flows, but last Thursday some of the gates stayed closed, so the water poured over the edges. They do say the dam is stable right now and the water level will be maintained at its lowest level, but it will still let fish migrate thru. Fort Bragg’s insurance adjusters were out earlier this week inspecting the damage. And the city’s also in touch with the State Office of Emergency Services.

Four inmates at the prison in Susanville had to be treated after a riot involving as many as 100 prisoners. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reported one inmate shot in the butt by a guard who was trying to stop the fighting. Three other inmates were injured by other inmates. It all started Tuesday in the medium-security block of the prison. Two inmates were taken back and two others stayed in the hospital, listed in fair condition. The prison is a couple hundred miles away from Sacramento. There are about 3,000 inmates and 1,900 more at conservation camps.

Ukiah city councilmember Jim Brown is now the mayor. It was official as he took the gavel from fellow council member Steve Scalmanini. Scalmanini and Doug Crane were officially sworn in for four-years. Scalmanini had been appointed before when Mari Rodin stepped down, but this time he was elected and spoke about how excited he was at the last meeting. Crane and Scalmanini had no challengers for their seats. Kevin Doble was appointed vice-mayor.

A Glock handgun reported missing in Ukiah. A resident reported the handgun ripped off from his pickup truck Monday. The man said he left it in the truck a couple days earlier because he planned to go get it cleaned. He says there was a lock on it and was in a case, but he found the case empty. He says he thought he locked his truck too, so he wasn’t sure how they got in and took his weapon.

A woman from Santa Rosa’s busted after police say she wouldn’t leave someone’s home where she had been a guest. Police in Ukiah say the woman was staying in the 400 block of East Gobbi Street. A man at the house says he let the homeless woman stay with him, but she wouldn’t leave. The officer who responded found the woman, who’d been living in Santa Rosa, had a warrant out for her arrest. She was booked into the Mendocino County Jail.

New equipment purchased for Frank Howard Memorial Hospital in full swing. The equipment, including new hospital beds, portable X-ray machines and 3D mammography paid for out of a $4 million settlement from Pepsi after a lawsuit by the Willits Environmental Remediation Trust for contamination at the old site. Money paid was supposed to be for the new hospital but instead was paid for from the Frank R. Howard Foundation. The new hospital was done in October. One more piece of equipment comes next month, it will tell what kind of bacteria is in a culture and what antibiotic will kill it.

Even though the Willits Bypass has officially opened, nearby businesses are complaining about lost business. One permanent closure blamed on the massive loss of business and foot traffic because of what they say are inadequate signs along U.S. Highway 101. Nikos Gyro Shop closed last Wednesday. The business owner says when the bypass opened the business was off more than 40 percent so they were forced to close after just two years in business. The owner says they were told by Caltrans they’d get proper signage, but they say not enough people saw signs when they got off the highway at either end of town. They say they lost a ton of business around the second week of November, then after the bypass opened, it was dead.

Some self-driving Uber cars have left California and are in Arizona after being banned because of safety concerns. It happened after the Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey went on social media to sell Uber on his state instead. Dash cam video in San Francisco was posted online showing a self-driving Uber go thru a red light. That was the same day the pilot program started. The cars do have a driver behind the wheel just in case. Uber says it shipped cars to Arizona but they’ll also be expanding their self-driving pilot program. The DMV in Calif. was threatening a lawsuit if Uber didn’t get the same special permit as other companies with self-driving technology.

Shasta deputies on the lookout for whoever attacked an employee of a gas station, spraying them with a flammable liquid and setting them on fire, which killed him. The Record Searchlight newspaper reports the Wednesday attack happened near the town of Burney, which is a tiny logging community east of Redding. The Shasta County Sheriff’s dept. says they’ve got no suspect or motive. Surveillance video shows the suspect covered up in yellow rain gear, a black hoodie and gloves. The victim has been identified as David Wicks.

A man in Wyoming busted after a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich is left behind after a burglary. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports ( ) on three ripoffs of power tools and equipment from a business, three separate times. They say the first time they found the half eaten sandwich. They then called the guy the “PB&J burglar.” After DNA tests, they linked 26 year old Zachary Munoz. He pleaded not guilty earlier this month and is due back in court in February.

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