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The board of directors for the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District looking for a new member as one has resigned. There was a special meeting of the board Tuesday when it was noted Travis Forrester resigned his position. The board chair has only said the reasons are “confidential.” The board was deciding if there should be an election for a new member or if someone should be appointed. The board chair says they’ll be appointing a new member to save taxpayers the cost of an election. Last time this happened, back in 2013, there was an election instead. The board will decide at their January 19th meeting who to appoint. If they have enough applicants by then, they may do it that day or wait…

Fundraising by the Friends of Middletown Library goes on to replace books lost in the Valley fire last year. The treasurer for the group says they’re trying to raise $10,000 and say they’ll match up to $4,500 in donations. There was minor damage to the library, but many of their books were checked out at the time of the fire and they were destroyed. The Friends group is putting $6,000 they raise for new picture books, $3,000 for young adult books and $1,000 for audio visual materials. The fundraiser started Sept. 30th. The group reached out to local businesses and other organizations with a letter asking for donations. That kicked things off with some good sized donations, plus they had an open house in October which brought in a large chunk. The original deadline of New Years eve is extended for up to six more months. Donations are tax-deductible and can be sent to the Friends of Middletown Library in Middletown at the library on Washington Street.

Crabbers who lost nearly an entire season last year and are still recovering are now striking for higher per pound prices. Crabbers from Bodega Bay north to Oregon and Washington all the way to the Canadian border are striking after wholesale Dungeness crab buyers were looking to lower the per pound price. So in turn fishermen agreed to either stop crabbing in some areas off the Sonoma Coast or delay their start in areas where it’s not begun. They want to keep the rate of $3-per-pound which is what they’ve been getting so far this year in Northern Calif. Wholesale buyers want it at $2.75 per pound. The price has not been set at all fisheries yet because of staggered season openings.

A man at a Target store in Northern Calif. has been stabbed to death. Police say Tyrone Griffin Jr., of Hayward was stabbed to death Christmas eve after he confronted a couple of other men who witnesses say were playing inappropriate music in the toy section. Griffin was with his 4-year-old son looking for Christmas gifts. Police say Griffin was seen fighting in the store right before the stabbing. Two men were arrested right after and have been identified as brothers, 22 year-old Frankie Archuleta and 25 year-old Jesse Archuleta, both are also from Hayward.

A reminder from the California Highway Patrol as New Year’s eve gets closer to have a designated sober driver. The CHP will have their maximum enforcement period starting tomorrow night at 6:01 p.m. thru just before midnight Monday. They will have many officers out on the streets focusing on impaired and distracted drivers, speeding and seat belt violations and anyone out on the roads needing help. Last year 27 people died in crashes on California roadways. CHP officers also arrested more than 920 people for DUI’s. They say there are more people out on the road traveling for the holidays which means more impaired drivers.

A preliminary hearing for a man accused in the death of a teenager in Eureka finds the accused will stand trial. 33 year old Nicholas Leigl due back in court today. He’s accused for a second time, after charges against him were dropped for a lack of evidence. But the guy was arrested and arraigned again in October, then yesterday a female in the apartment with the teen at the time of his stabbing testified. She says 14-year-old Jesus Garcia-Romero and another man were at her apartment when Garcia-Romero was stabbed. She says he was a runaway she watched over. She also says he and the other man were concerned they had a hit out for them. She was also dating the suspect, Leigl, who came over, followed by three other men. She heard commotion, but says the teen’s stab wound didn’t seem serious. He was found lying in the street later.

A woman in Roseville busted for using credit cards, sometimes for months, of those who worked with her business. Police arrest Heather Lemere of Lincoln last week for grand theft and identity theft involving 10 or more victims. Detectives say they had spoken to potential victims in California, Florida, Canada and Australia but were still looking for more people who may have been defrauded by Lemere for up to a total loss of $100,000. Police say Lemere owned Salon Success Strategies, a marketing and consulting firm for beauty salons, day spas and some medical and dental businesses. Police say she used credit card numbers of clients for monthly charges that were illegal.

A couple in Mendocino County have to pay a $37,000 penalty after a water storage unit burst open causing sludge to settle in the Eel River. Polly and Daniel Franklin were fined after the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board found it to be a violation of the Clean Water Act. The board says a 50,000-gallon fuel bladder was overfilled, so it burst open, spilling over a berm, moving 2,000 feet downstream, water ripped thru vegetation, soil, and rocks on its way into the river. The board noted the bladder failure was not intentional, but says it was negligent.

An Uber driver in New York City bragging about driving thru 240 green traffic lights before hitting a red light. Noah Forman on a nearly 30 minute drive thru the streets of Manhattan starting early Dec. 6th. He recorded his early morning jaunt on video, some of it showing him barely moving, then swerving thru traffic and taking multiple turns to avoid the red. The same driver attempted the same, two years ago, but only made it thru 186 green lights in a row. This latest time he started in Harlem and ended on the Lower East Side at the first red light around 4 A-M.

A coyote roaming thru a major park in Atlanta not what visitors were hoping to see. A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources says the coyote was spotted by a biologist in Piedmont Park Saturday. A video shot of the animal shows it eating food some visitors were leaving behind. The coyote had people getting up close and personal, but others complained they were worried about the dangerous animal. Experts at the Atlanta Coyote Project say it may be because it’s mating season for coyotes and say it wouldn’t be good for coyotes to associate people with food, because they will become less afraid of humans.

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