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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Toys, food and money donated by bikers for needy families have been distributed in Ukiah Valley’s Toy Run charity motorcycle ride. The ride this year, in memory of Bill Nash, who first organized the annual event. He died of a heart attack over the summer. He started the run in 1979. More than 100 people met Sunday at Bayley’s Coffee and drove by motorcycle or other vehicles to the Lake Mendocino Clubhouse. Nash’s 1979 Harley-Davidson motorcycle was retired at the event. He rode it at the start of the ride every year. The toys and other gathered items are donated to about 400 families for about 1,300 kids every year. Everything is officially given out Christmas Eve morning.

A man from Montana that broke into a home where he stabbed a woman got nearly 14 ½ years in prison. Nicholas Merrell arrested in January and found guilty of attempted murder with great bodily injury by means of a knife and residential burglary. Police say he went into the woman’s home in Fort Bragg, took two kitchen knives and attacked the woman. She got away, but he chased her to a neighbor’s house who shielded her from Merrell who ran into nearby brush. He was found in bushes where he hid after the attack. The victim had multiple stab wounds to her chest. She didn’t know her attacker. He had been in prison in Montana for five years for criminal mischief, then became a fugitive on Montana’s “most wanted” list. He’s expected to have to serve time in Montana once he finishes his Calif. sentence.

A teenager and a 22-year-old woman have been arrested in Ukiah after mail and packages were stolen from rural mailboxes in Willits and Redwood Valley. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office says the mail items were found with the two. Katelyn Walker and a 17 year old girl were arrested. Police say they’re both homeless and were stealing items like packages, holiday cards, and other stuff which might have contained cash or valuables. Walker was booked on charges including conspiracy to commit a crime, theft and possession of stolen property. The teen on conspiracy, theft, mail theft, and possession of stolen property.

Police say a woman in Fort Bragg who was bedridden could have been dead weeks or months before being found. The caretaker for the woman, Lori Fiorentino, also of Fort Bragg, has been charged with felony elder abuse causing death and false imprisonment. The police chief says they were investigating what looked to be dire neglect of the woman. He says the dead woman’s body looked to be emaciated and “mummified.” Her body was found December 14th. Police say they’re waiting for the forensic exam to see how she actually died. She was found on the couch of her living room. She’s identified as Arlene Potts. Police say the woman arrested, got the job through the state’s In-Home Supportive Services program. Police are investigating neglect and possible financial abuse.

A restaurant in Healdsburg, run by a Gallo wine family member has been ripped off. It happened at Dry Creek General Store. Police say ex-bookkeeper, Elizabeth Lundy of Windsor made off with nearly a half million dollars to pay her own bills, between May 2009 to May 2015. Lundy’s charged with two counts of grand theft with enhancements for stealing more than $100,000. She faces nearly five years in prison if convicted. Store managers were suspicious last year, thinking they should have been making more money. They did an audit and found they had lost more than $416,000 over 6 years. Lundy was fired then arrested. She’s released on $10,000 bail and is due in court after the holidays.

The 55 Electoral College voters at the state Capitol casting their ballots for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Clinton won the votes in the November election. This was the end of the presidential election season with all of the California Democratic officeholders or Democratic candidates for office meeting at the Capitol. Protestors of all ages and groups showed up too. Hillary Clinton won about 62 percent of the vote in Calif. in November. The electors were not required to say out loud who they voted for, they just marked a ballot and heard the count read aloud. Clinton also won the national popular vote by almost 3 million votes, but Republican Donald Trump won the formal electoral vote yesterday, certifying he will become president.

A mom and her son lost their home in a fire in Monte Rio. The fire on a hill near Highway 116 and the Summer Bridge area. The Monte Rio Fire Chief says the two-story wood house ignited on the first floor then spread thru a crawl space throughout the home. The mom and her adult son were renting the first floor of the home. Firefighters from Monte Rio, Russian River, Forestville, Cazadero and Cal Fire were on the scene. It caused several hundred thousand dollars in damage and its cause is being investigated.

California State Senators Scott Wiener and Mike McGuire say they’re writing a bill together so that any future presidential or vice presidential candidate has to show their tax returns to the public before they can be on the California ballot. Wiener and McGuire say they’re doing this after President-Elect Donald Trump refused for months to release his tax returns to the American public, even though presidential candidates have been doing it voluntarily for decades. The two say it’ll be modeled on similar legislation proposed in New York by State Senator Brad Hoylman.

The unemployment rate in Lake County was up again. The California Employment Development Department’s has County’s November jobless number at 6.6 percent, up from the 6.4 percent the month before. It was up more than a point from a year ago though, when it was 7.7 percent. The state unemployment was down to 5.3 percent after sitting at 5.5 percent for the previous three months in a row. In November of last year, the rate was up nearly a half point, at 5.9 percent. Mendocino County’s jobless rate in November was 5.1%. Lake County ranked No. 39 statewide out of 58 counties. The lowest at 2.8 percent, San Mateo County, and the highest, 20.3 percent, was in Imperial County.

A California judge who sentenced a former Stanford student to six months in prison for rape has been cleared of misconduct charges. The Calif. Commission on Judicial Performance cleared Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky after thousands of complaints demanding he be punished for the too lenient sentence of Brock Turner, a former college swimmer. Those who wanted Persky to be disciplined said a less privileged defendant would have been given a much harsher sentence. But the commission said there was no clear and convincing evidence of bias, abuse of authority, or other basis showing the judge was engaged in judicial misconduct warranting discipline.

A live bomb disabled by Sacramento police who say the pipe bomb dropped during a hit-and-run crash. Police say it looks like the bomb fell off a car that hit another car then left the scene over the weekend. They say it was in what was described as a white Chevy “camper style” van with ladders and blue stripes. They also say, besides the bomb, they left power tools, syringes, camouflage clothing and fishnet stockings behind. A couple local streets were closed for more than 2 hours while the bomb was removed. There were businesses evacuated, but no injuries or arrests.

An ordained Pagan priest got his way, after the state allowed him to wear goat horns in his Maine driver’s license photo. Phelan Moonsong says he wears the horns at all times, unless he’s asleep or in the shower. He says they’re like his spiritual antennae and help him educate others about Paganism. He wonders though why he had to appeal his driver license’s photo to the state and says the horns were not in the way of his face. So the Secretary of State’s office finally said it was fine, citing his religious beliefs.

A big haul for this year’s Lake County Wine Auction. The auction board president says the donations will be a big help to those who’ve suffered after fire losses. The auction pulled in $135,000 for 27 local schools, organizations and charities. It’s the second biggest haul since the $125,000 brought in in 2005. On Wednesday, the dough was distributed at the Sawshop Gallery Bistro in Kelseyville with more than 3 dozen representatives of the beneficiaries. The actual wine auction was at Cache Creek Vineyard and Winery. They’re already accepting applications for donations for next year, visit WineAlliance.Org.

A man form Anderson Valley found guilty of attempted murder, criminal threats, and for using a knife in the attempted murder got nearly nine and a half years in state prison. The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office reports Lorenzo Gomez of Philo tried to kill a teenage boy who shot him several times in self defense. The altercation in April. Gomez has to serve 85 percent of the sentence unless it gets modified after Proposition 57 passed. That would reduce a prison sentence under certain conditions. Before the sentencing, Gomez wanted to fire his lawyer, asking the judge to get rid of his public defender and appoint new counsel. There was a private hearing on the matter, but the motion was denied and Gomez was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months.

A new proposal being considered by the Lake County Board of Supervisors concerning hazard trees in the Valley fire area. The meeting tomorrow morning with Supervisor Rob Brown leading the discussion regarding Valley fire hazard trees. He’s asking the board to take $40,000 of $110,000 the county has set aside to hire contractors for nuisance abatements in pear orchards and use it instead in the Valley fire burn region for “high-priority hazard tree abatement”. He’s asking for the new proposal after a tree crashed into a brand new modular home last week during the wind and rainstorm. Brown says he spoke to community members about the idea last week at the Cobb Area Council.

It’s been well over a year since the Boggs Mountain Demonstration Forest was closed down after the Valley fire, but it’s getting closer to reopening. Cal Fire says it’s still closed to the public because of hazardous conditions. They’re still clearing dead trees, emergency timber operations and large pile burning operations that’ll happen this winter. 99 percent of the forest was blackened by the fire and 80 percent of its mature trees died. 95 percent of conifer regeneration also died. The State Forest’s recreational facilities were decimated or at least heavily impacted by the fire. State officials say it’s going to take time as well as scientific intervention to help Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest get back to a healthy forest which is safe for the community and public to enjoy.

A bit of holiday cheer for kids recovering after the Clayton fire. Some community members started a toy drive for the kids this summer then on Sunday, they distributed the toys. 31 families and more than 50 kids hit by the fire in August were at the Brick Hall in Lower Lake yesterday. Each of the kids got a stocking full of surprises and certain toys they had requested. The toy drive was put together by a group of friends involved with the Lake’s List Facebook group. There 26,000 members there who had challenges since summertime to donate to the Rotary Club of Clear Lake at the Safeway register. Many donated $25 then tagged five friends and challenged other members to do the same. From October to early last week, items were being gathered at six drop off points. Apparently packages came from as far away as Hawaii, Sacramento, Stockton and Southern California.

A man found guilty of the murder of the ex girlfriend of one of his friends, when he was a teenager, has been denied release at his first parole hearing. The Board of Parole Hearings said no to Paul Hennis, who’s now 41 years old, whose serving time at Kern Valley State Prison in Delano. Hennis and his friend Roy Corbett were convicted in February 1994 of the murder of 16-year-old Jamie Faris in Lakeport. The two men were also 16 at the time of the death but were tried as adults. A third kid who was with them, reached a plea agreement and served time in the juvenile system. Apparently Faris and Corbett were dating and broke up and he started a new relationship but kept seeing the victim who threatened to tell his new girlfriend about them so she was killed. She was beaten to death with a baseball bat and choked.

The President has signed a bill to approve some water projects across the country with one of them to fix lead in the drinking water in Flint, MI and another to provide relief for the drought in Calif. The Flint deal worth $170 million and in Calif. $558 million. The bill signed by Obama moves several projects forward across the country to restore watersheds, improve flood control and rebuild water infrastructure. That includes new pipes in Flint, where residents have been dealing with lead-tainted water for more than two years. The $10 billion measure was approved by Congress before they went on holiday break.

Self driving Uber cars are going to keep driving around San Francisco even though the DMV is against the idea, threatening a lawsuit if the service isn’t suspended. The pilot project started last week with some Volvo SUVs with sensors aboard that allow them to steer, brake and accelerate. There is a person behind the wheel, just in case. The DMV says Uber needs a special permit. In San Francisco the mayor agreed with the DMV, but the mayor of Beverly Hills says he’s all for Uber testing without the state permit. State lawyers say Uber’s cars are “autonomous vehicles” needing a permit for public roads, but Uber says not so much, saying they don’t actually need a permit because they have backup drivers monitoring their cars, so they’re not really “autonomous vehicles” under the state’s definition.

A set of twin brothers in New Jersey busted for ripping off a bunch of… soap. Police in Absecon say Kenny and Lenny Stewart dropped 30 six-packs of Dove soap into a large bag and took off. Employees took chase and knocked the twins down, but they jumped up, before running into a shopping cart, then bashing face to face into a cop who happened to be investigating a nearby car accident. Police from Atlantic City charged the two with shoplifting.

A frozen woman rescued from a car in New York turns out to be not quite what it seemed. A caller in Albany told police there was an elderly woman “frozen to death” in a parked car. Police hustled to the scene and found what looked to be a woman sitting in the car’s front passenger seat with an oxygen mask. But after the officer broke a rear window in the car, they found it was just a mannequin, a very realistic looking mannequin. The car owner told police he uses the dummy to sell medical training aids. The police chief says the man was surprised cops broke the window to rescue the mannequin, as are we…

A man from Ukiah not allowed to have firearms has been arrested. Police in Ukiah say Farand Hoaglin was pulled over last Sunday. Cops found he was on parole and had a warrant for his arrest so they searched his car, finding a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun. Hoaglin was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun and ammunition. Officers spoke to people in the car with Hoaglin, finding one gave them a fake name. Ricardo Hoaglin was found to also be on parole and had a warrant for his arrest. So he too was arrested, on suspicion of being drunk in public, giving a false name and for the arrest warrant. The two booked into Mendocino County Jail.

A man from Willits charged in a bar fight in court on several charges. Charles Reynolds of Willits in court for the pre-trial hearing related to the fight in the parking lot of Boomer’s Saloon in Laytonville over the summer. Cops charged Reynolds with two felonies, assault with means likely to produce great bodily injury and a special allegation. Reynold’s was charged with murder and held on no bail, but he was released after the DA decided the evidence didn’t support the murder charge. The Pre-Trial’s set for Jan. 10th. Unless there’s a plea deal, the jury trial is scheduled to start January 23rd.

Elementary school kids in Ukiah bring the holiday cheer to some elders. Students from Yokayo Elementary visited residents of the Mountain View assisted living facility, bringing holiday cards and singing carols. The kids teacher said they worked on the cards for a week. She also says they decided to go back after a Halloween visit, that the kids and residents enjoyed. The school’s first-, second- and third-graders went to the facility and plan to head back for Valentine’s Day.

Some ideas came from the Mendocino College board of trustees meeting regarding housing problems. It’s been a tight squeeze for the school’s football program since they started the season. Trustees decided this week to make student housing a topic on the agenda. School athletes are not alone, other student’s have been challenged finding housing in Ukiah. The board also planning a public meeting where trustees and community members can brainstorm about this and possible changes to the schools football program. Some residents have taken it upon themselves to help out of state football players.

Toddler conjoined twins separated last week have been reunited for a short visit. Eva and Erika Sandoval got to spend a little time together this week for the first time since they were separated. The two recovering at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. The doctors in the pediatric intensive care unit say they’re doing well after having the surgery December 6th. They shared a bladder, liver, parts of their digestive system and a third leg. They each kept parts of the organs they shared, and each still has one leg. The 2-year-olds from Sacramento are breathing on their own and are going to be in the hospital for a while still, but should be out of ICU in a week.

The state looking for ways to bring down power costs will put new energy efficiency standards for computers and monitors in place. The unanimous vote by the Calif. Energy Commission to help bring down power costs with an idea of saving ratepayers as much as $373 million in utility bills by 2027. The new regulations are supposed to reduce power used by computers by about 33%. It took about four years to come up with the efficiency improvements. California’s computers and monitors use as much 5,610 gigawatt-hours of electricity, three percent of that is residential electricity use and seven percent for commercial use. The new standards to start in January of 2018.

New driver restrictions for teens could mean less accidents. That’s the idea behind a bill brought to the legislature by Democratic Assemblyman Jim Frazier of Oakley. The bill would mean new drivers would have to keep a provisional license until they’re 21 years old. Frazier says it would mean a huge decrease of accidents for new drivers, because they would have to go thru proper training. Right now provisional licenses are for teen drivers after they’ve had a learner’s permit for six months and successfully went thru a driver education program and passed the Department of Motor Vehicles driving test.

A man charged for the death of another man in Lake County in court again for a plea hearing. Nine Green still without counsel. A court official says the court contacted 29 lawyers to try to get counsel for Green with no luck. He’s charged with Threats to Commit Crime which will Result in Death or Great Bodily Injury, Threats to an Elected Public Official, Willful and Malicious Harassment to Another Person and 34 counts of a Violation of Protective Order. The charges include manure being found in the District Attorney’s office. The case continues until a new lawyer is found, something Green says he doesn’t want to wait much longer for. The Court Administrator says they’ll keep searching for a lawyer.

The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority Chief has reportedly resigned. An official confirmed the resignation to KWINE yesterday but they say they’re unsure of the exact circumstances and say the Fire Authority will likely release a statement soon.

A couple of parolees have been arrested in Ukiah after a patrol officer doing a traffic stop found a gun in the car. The UPD Sergeant stopped the car Sunday night for a traffic violation and learned the driver, Farand Hoaglin, was on parole and also had a felony arrest warrant out. Other UPD officers arrived and Hoaglin was taken into custody. A search of the car turned up a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun so he was also charged with felon in possession of a firearm. One his three passengers who gave a fake name was later identified as Ricardo Hoaglin who was also on parole and had a felony warrant for his arrest – he was taken into custody on the warrant as well as for false impersonation and public intoxication. The other two people in the car were apparently not charged.

A Bay Area man has been sentenced to 6½ years in prison for a wine Ponzi scheme. A U.S. District Judge sentenced former Berkeley wine shop owner John Fox Wednesday. In August Fox pleaded guilty to wire fraud, acknowledging that he falsified purchase orders for high-end pre-arrival wine he never actually bought, entered it into his store’s inventory and then sold it to people who ordered it but never actually got it, all to the tune of around $45 million. Fox has a hearing next month to determine restitution.

The man connected to a hit and run over the summer that injured a child is going to prison. Andrew Gravlee of Nice got 5 years after pleading guilty to assault likely to produce great bodily injury and personal infliction of great bodily injury. He drove his pickup into a parked Honda Accord on the side of Highway 20 in Lucerne. The Honda rolled and hit a girl standing in front of it. Both of her legs were broken and she had other injuries. Gravlee got out of the truck, saw the girl, then left the scene. The girl was flown to the Children’s Hospital in Oakland to be treated. CHP ended up arresting Gravlee the next day. Gravlee will have to serve at least 85 percent of his prison term before becoming eligible for parole.

A DUI safety checkpoint being held in areas of Lake County. The California Highway Patrol’s Clear Lake office having a driving under the influence and driver’s license safety checkpoint tomorrow. The dept. says the goal to make roads safe for every motorist by setting up on roads where they see a lot of intoxicated or unlicensed drivers. They say these sobriety/driver’s license checkpoints are proven and an effective tool. They’ll check all drivers who go thru the safety point for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or driving unlicensed.

The Russian River’s getting close to an overflow situation with minor flooding possible in low lying areas. Heavy rain yesterday swelled the river which was supposed to get to nearly 21 feet at the Hopland monitoring station, from only 2 feet a day before. 2 inches higher would be flood stage. Residents could see minor flooding of cropland on the left bank near Hopland and a possible closure of Highway 175. The river levels at the Guerneville monitoring station could reach almost 29 feet, which is an inch under action stage, which calls for increased monitoring and extra caution.

A Flood Warning’s been issued for areas of Mendocino County and others along the North Coast. The National Weather Service in Eureka and the California Department of Water Resources gave the warning for the Navarro River At Navarro affecting Mendocino County, Eel River At Fernbridge affecting Humboldt County and Van Duzen River Near Bridgeville affecting Humboldt County. There will be periods of moderate to heavy rain thru this afternoon that could cause a fast and steep rise on the lower Eel River, Van Duzen River, and Navarro River. The Navarro’s forecast to rise above flood stage tonight. They warn not to drive your car across flooded roadways.

Two new sirens are coming to the Northshore Fire Protection District in Lake County. The sirens are being paid for out of a grant from the Cobb Community Investment Committee, under the umbrella of Calpine Corporation.

The jury gets the case of 3 members of a San Francisco gang accused of killing a couple in Antioch. The prosecutor in the case says several missing guns and a law enforcement raid on the gang’s safe house were the motive for the shooting deaths in 2012. The jury’s supposed to start deliberating in the trial of Sheldon Silas, Reginald Whitley and Lamar Michaels who are accused in the murder of 24 year old Christopher Zinn and his girlfriend, 21 year old Brieanna Dow. Apparently Zinn knew the trio but they had a falling out after some guns went missing from the safe house. Police say the three suspected Zinn of taking the guns and another batch found by police so they plotted to kill him.

California’s been turned down by the federal government to skip standardized testing while trying out a new version of testing instead. Federal law says all states have to give yearly tests and report them to the government. California was looking to suspend science tests in 2017 and 2018 but U-S education representatives say that would deny schools and families info gathered on science achievement and it also would violate federal education laws. California’s been updating curriculum and trying to re-craft science tests for 5th, 8th and 10th graders. But the tests are still in development stages and should be ready next spring. The state Board of Education President says the Federal dept. of Education is in favor of reporting tests to parents that don’t match what should be taught and provides misleading information.

The owner of a small island is being fined nearly 3 million dollars related to allegations they filled wetlands and harmed fish, wildlife and water quality. John Sweeney of Pittsburgh is being fined $2.8 million instead of what the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board wanted, $4.6 million for harming Grizzly Bay fish and water quality after he filled tidal wetlands and cut off tidal action to others. A board engineer blames Sweeney for damaging habitat for threatened and endangered fish with no plans for mitigation to offset the harm. Sweeney maintains he did nothing wrong by fixing broken levees on Point Buckler island. He’s looking to run a kite surfing club across the water from Bay Point.

A driver pulled over on the 101 in the Ukiah-area saved by a couple of CHP officers who checked to see why the motorist stopped. They say a red Hyundai was spotted on the side of the road. Officers thought it was broken down, so one stopped and found the elderly woman inside was unconscious. The officer called for an ambulance and backup, and as soon as the other officer arrived they performed CPR on the woman until the ambulance got there. The woman was reported to be in stable condition after being taken to Ukiah Valley Medical Center.

A man who was in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and released in February, has died. 71 year old Luther Ed Jones Jr., was in prison for 18 years for supposedly molesting his ex girlfriend’s daughter. The woman, 10 at that time, came forward recently to exonerate Jones. He was convicted back in 1998. Apparently the girl was cajoled by her mother to testify about a phony molestation. The Lake County DA’s office found the woman to be credible and worked to get Jones released. Jones was supposed to serve 27 years. Jones was released by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation a day after a judge ordered he be free. He also received more than 936-thousand dollars compensation for being wrongfully imprisoned.

A mobile home in Clearlake has burned. The Lake County Fire Protection District on the scene with Cal Fire Wednesday morning. They found about a ¼ of a singlewide mobile home behind the old bowling alley in flames. They were able to douse the flames fast and spent about an hour mopping up. No injuries reported, but fire officials say there may have been squatters using the trailer.

Fire investigators are still trying to figure out what started the Tuesday morning house fire in Manchester that killed two young girls. Fire officials say the family of five was sleeping when the fire started around 1:30am. A smoke alarm woke the father. The dad, his wife and son, who were all sleeping upstairs, could only escape out an upstairs window. But the 9 and 14-year-old sisters were sleeping in a ground floor room and the father had no way to get back in to rescue them. The South Coast Fire Protection Chief told the Press Democrat arriving firefighters also could not get into the ground floor to find the girls due to the intense heat. He said some of the emergency responders have been struggling emotionally.

A Clearlake man accused of killing one of his estranged wife’s relatives and wounding three others at a home at the Elem Indian Colony has pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder. Ezequiel “Junior” Bravo is also charged with 32 special allegations related to firearms, for the December 1st shooting where his wife’s aunt, Theresa Jones, was killed and his wife’s mom, Stephanie Brown, her husband, Robert Brown, and a 6-year-old child were all hurt. Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson says he is considering seeking the death penalty.

A 5.0-magnitude earthquake near The Geysers strongly felt in Lake County. The USGS says the quake hit at 8:41 a.m. yesterday, about four miles west-northwest of The Geysers, 14 miles north of Healdsburg and 14 miles southwest of Clearlake. The USGS reported nearly 1,300 shake reports from more than 130 different zip codes, including 76 people reporting from Kelseyville and 60 from Lakeport before noon yesterday. The 5.0 quake was followed five minutes later by a 3.0 magnitude in nearly the same spot. That one was also felt in Lakeport and Clearlake.

It’s Wreaths Across America Day Saturday, as towns all across the country honor fallen veterans by placing wreaths at their memorials or gravesides. Lake County News reports several local youth and veterans organizations volunteering for the Wreaths Across America Ceremonies at Hartley Cemetery, Kelseyville Cemetery, Lower Lake Cemetery, Upper Lake Cemetery and St. Mary’s Cemetery. It all starts Saturday at 9 a.m. Ceremonial wreaths will be placed to remember all soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who served. Last year across the Country, more than 901,000 memorial wreaths were set.

A community in Indiana decides to finally lift a 60 year ban on pinball machines. The Kokomo Mayor made some comments at the signing, related to The Who’s 1969 hit, “Pinball Wizard.” In all seriousness though, the mayor says he and city officials are excited to bring pinball back and invited the police chief to play the first legal game of pinball in the city since 1955.

Four suspicious donkey’s rounded up after being found loitering around a home in New Jersey. Police in Mount Laurel found the jack-asses Saturday where they yelled and used a patrol car to round the animals up, during a slow chase. The animals finally brought back to the enclosure where they escaped.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is inviting community members to their Coffee with a Cop. The community get together Friday from 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. at the Main St. Bar & Grill. Deputies and members of the CHP will be at the event. There’s no specific agenda for the morning, just a chance for residents to ask questions in a neutral space. It’s part of a national initiative by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and is happening in cities and towns across the country. They look to increase community trust, police legitimacy and partnership building. Coffee with a Cop is also thought to allow for a more relaxed, informal one-on-one interaction in a friendly atmosphere.

The Ukiah Animal Shelter is lowering adoption fees in hopes of finding forever homes for the pets there. The normally $166 fee which covers sterilization, vaccination and other medical services is at $50 during the holidays for dogs. The shelter’s Home for the Holidays program goes for 2 days only, tomorrow thru Saturday. The shelter’s waiving the feline fee altogether. Apparently that’s because the shelter gets more cats donated every year than it can house. They look to have about 80 cats, but right now they’ve got 130. They warn not to give animals as surprise gifts and instead ask the give recipient ahead of time if they would be willing and able to care for it.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested for a threat he’d get a gun if he didn’t get his meds from CVS. The Fort Bragg Police Department reports getting a call to the CVS on South Main Street last Wednesday for a man threatening violence and causing a disturbance. Staff members say Alan Graham was denied medication he asked for so he told them he was coming back with a gun to rob them so he could get his meds. He’s arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and attempted robbery. He was booked into Mendocino County jail.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested after police find a bunch of burglary tools and stolen items in his possession. Police say Cheshire Maiava was one of three men dressed in dark clothing who were seen loitering near Mendocino Coast District Hospital and an apartment complex on South Street. Police say Maiava’s on parole and had an active warrant for his arrest so they contacted him. They say they found burglary tools on his body and a lot more in his backpack. There they also found a bunch of stolen driver’s licenses, phones and credit cards, all stolen in the last few months. He’s booked into Mendocino County Jail on suspicion of possessing burglary tools and stolen property.

A fire takes the life of two children in Manchester. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports a fire early yesterday in the 45000 block of Biaggi Ln. Someone inside told police they were woken up by smoke alarms and found the home full of smoke and in flames. They woke the other people in the house and some got to the roof, others crawled out, but two children were left inside. The family called 911 with the Redwood Coast Fire Department responding. Members tried to go inside the home with other departments, but the flames were burning so hot they couldn’t re-enter the home. The two children ages 9 and 14.

Some marijuana insiders in Calif. say the actual sale of pot in stores may be delayed because of the red tape involved. The Record Bee reports a two day conference, competition and harvest celebration at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds brought on talk about Proposition 64, approved by voters in November. The proposition said by Jan. 1st of 2018, those who want to would be able to walk into a licensed store to make a pot purchase. The head of the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation says delays may be in store for Calif. residents because of the recently agreed to regulation of Medical Pot. And Assemblyman Jim Wood says the two mean differing approaches on things like ownership and residency requirements, timelines and license categories. Plus there are tax disputes. Medical marijuana law levies a retail tax, but Proposition 64 means two taxes for legal marijuana: retail and cultivation which all need to be worked out.

The man accused of stealing an ambulance in need of medical evaluation ends up at the evaluation clinic about a week after he’s supposed to. Derrick Schuleter was supposed to get to the Porterville Development Center by Nov. 29th but the court apparently received a letter from the center dated the 30th saying he wasn’t there. He was then sent on December 6th. He was arrested after the ambulance was taken while firefighters worked a fire in Clearlake in July. One of the firefighter’s phones was inside and pinged, and that’s how the ambulance was recovered. Schuleter was arrested near the ambulance with items that came out of the ambulance in his possession. He is supposed to go thru a 90 day mental health evaluation. The matter was continued to Feb. 7th.

Looking to get your fitness routine kick started for the new year… Sutter Lakeside Hospital is partnering with City Fitness and giving out a handful of free gym memberships for Lake County residents who otherwise couldn’t afford it. The gym has free weights and weight machines, plus group fitness classes, including cycling, cardio kickboxing and Zumba. California’s adult obesity rate was last measured at over 24.5 percent, but in Lake County, the obesity rate is 37.5 percent for women and 33.3 percent for men. If you’re interested in the free gym membership, you can pick up an application at Sutter Lakeside Hospital Rehabilitation Services at 5196 Hill Road East in Lakeport and at City Fitness on 871 Bevins Street in Lakeport.

Covered California reminding residents the open enrollment period is coming to a close soon. The marketplace, Certified Insurance Agents, Certified Enrollment Counselors and other Certified Enrollment Entities reminding Californians without health insurance about the deadline tomorrow, for Jan. 1st coverage. Plans offered through Covered California include a handful of insurance carriers to choose from. There were more than 1.3 million Calif. consumers getting coverage in 2016 and more than 2.8 million Californians have it already. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the marketplace has helped bring down Calif.’s uninsured rate from 17 percent in 2013 to 7.4 percent in the first half of 2016. Open enrollment continues through Jan. 31st. For more info, visit to enroll online and find local certified enrollers to assist.

Small scale growers will not be allowed to farm marijuana in Sonoma County’s rural residential areas. That goes for areas outside city limits. Some of the supervisors were in support of an outright growing ban, which goes against the county Planning Commission’s recommendation for cottage-sized cultivation on rural residential lots of 2 acres in size or more. A couple supervisors saying they think pot farms aren’t an appropriate land use, and another concerned about associated crimes. So the board says yes to regulating marijuana cultivation, indoors and out and on agricultural and industrial zones across the county. Supervisors to formally adopt the ordinance Dec. 20th.

The name of a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy who shot and wounded a man outside Windsor has been released. The Windsor police officer, Christopher Haas, a patrol officer in the department for about 3.5 years. Haas shot Christopher Eastwood last weekend as he ran towards police officers at the Windsor Palms Shopping Center. They say they thought he had a gun, but it turned out to be a black metal bike lock. Police say they went after him after a family member called to say he was driving armed and was threatening “suicide by cop”.

Gov. Jerry Brown is asking President Barack Obama to permanently ban new offshore oil and gas drilling off California’s coast. The Gov. speaking at a meeting of the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification in Coronado. He also signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of the Interior to start work on renewable energy in the ocean, with wind, waves and other technologies. Brown has pledged to continue the work, even after the new administration, led by Republicans, starts next month. The president has put a five-year freeze on drilling rights off the West Coast and Arctic Ocean in place. But many California representatives looking for indefinite prohibition.

The official word of the year, or should we say words, in Australia — “democracy sausage.” Even though it’s two words, the Australian National Dictionary Center says it qualified as the word for 2016 because it was essentially a compound word. It was first used back in 2012 as a way to describe beef sausage sandwiches with onions, ketchup, barbeque sauce or mustard, that have been sold at fundraising tables outside polling booths. This year, the term got even more popular, with the two month long federal election that was too close to call for days.

A bunch of ones and zeroes that had been stolen from addresses mounted on homes in Philadelphia have been returned. A news website called Billy Penn says a trash bag with 83 metal address markers turned up Monday night at the home of a woman who had released surveillance footage of a man and woman stealing the ones and zeroes off the front of homes. The woman said she didn’t know who returned it or why they were even taken to begin with… maybe for some sort of art display… that nobody saw…

One man on the run, another arrested after police get a call to a burglary in progress in Covelo. When officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife got there they say they heard voices in a storage shed, then saw them running from the backyard. The Peace Officer caught up to the man, id’d as David Joaquin and ordered him to stop, he kept going so the officer went after the female. She was holding a fire extinguisher and sprayed the officer, so he hit her with a Taser. Josepha Basurto was caught and arrested and charged with burglary, resisting or obstructing arrest, possession of stolen property and assault with a deadly weapon. She was being held in the Mendocino County jail on $30,000 bail. But police say Joaquin is still on the run.

A man in Willits has been arrested after police say he rammed a police car with a stolen vehicle. Diego Spaggiari was arrested after a 2 and a half mile chase with police in Clearlake. Police say one of their patrol cars saw a suspicious vehicle speeding in the parking lot of the Lamplighter Motel. When exiting the parking lot, police noticed it had a broken tail light so they tried to stop the car, but the driver took off, running stop signs and driving into opposing lanes of traffic. The car also clipped another car while trying to get away and finally crashed into an embankment while trying to make a turn. But the driver got out of the embankment and rammed the patrol car several times, causing damage. When the guy was finally caught, he had hit another patrol car and a third officer had to ram the stolen car. Spaggiari was out on bail on two other cases, and had a warrant for grand theft auto. He’s been charged with assault with a deadly weapon upon a peace officer, evading and more. He was being held on $50,000..

A woman from Clearlake police say stole a computer out of a kids clothing store has been arrested. Police say Nicole White had several warrants out for her arrest. Police got a call about a stolen laptop last Friday from Kingdom Kids and saw her on surveillance video from the day before. Police say the video showed a woman stealing a store computer from a counter and hiding it under her jacket. When police caught up to her they found she had five misdemeanor warrants for her arrest on multiple charges that include theft, forgery and possession of stolen property. Two warrants were no bail, the others were a total of $25,000.00. She was arrested Sunday night after she told cops she took the laptop by accident. She was not immediately charged with stealing the laptop, but she was arrested on the outstanding warrants. She’s due in court tomorrow.

A man from Clearlake police say was tied to some local burglaries has been arrested. Police busted Chad Pirtle in a stolen car, which had been taken from the Clearlake Park area. He also had two outstanding felony warrants for his arrest, one with a weapons violation and he was on Post Release Community Supervision with the Lake County Probation Department. A patrol officer found him in the stolen car Sunday morning but he tried to get away, speeding away from the cop. He ended up hitting a fence and crashing down an embankment then running away. Police found he was in possession of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and pepper spray so he was arrested and booked on multiple charges including vehicle theft, felony evading and possession of methamphetamine.

U.S. Senator-elect Kamala Harris has a new state director to oversee state operations. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the granddaughter of Cesar Chavez. Rodriquez worked in the Obama administration as principal deputy director of public engagement, senior policy advisor and special assistant to President Obama. Some of the issues she worked on at the White House included immigration, veterans, LGBT issues and other groups. Harris spoke very highly of Rodriguez’s leadership at the Cesar Chavez Foundation and her organizational skills getting groups and communities to support Obama’s agenda.

A policeman in Bakersfield going out to a call of a man with a gunshot wound ended up killing the unarmed 73-year-old while he was standing in a neighbor’s driveway. Police say Francisco Serna’s family told them he was in the early stages of dementia. Serna’s son says his dad didn’t have a gun and that he was a retired grandpa. He says his dad had been having delusions and other early signs of dementia. He took late night walks alone. Police went to the home twice before after the man had accidentally activated a medical alarm.

Three restaurants in wine country have made it on the list of the 100 best restaurants in the U-S. The OpenTable’s 100 Best Restaurants in America list included St. Francis Winery & Vineyards in Santa Rosa, Terra in St. Helena, and Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford. There are new restaurants in 30 states and the District of Columbia on the list. There are 13 in New York, 12 in California and seven in Virginia. OpenTable provides online restaurant reservations. The company says their list combines the opinions of more than 10 million restaurant reviews that came in from OpenTable diners at more than 24,000 restaurants.

A former JetBlue flight attendant who admitted she was part of a cross-country drug smuggling ring is facing 10 years in prison. Marsha Gay Reynolds, a former Jamaican beauty queen and New York University track athlete was charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine and acknowledged she made thousands of dollars smuggling drugs and cash through airport security at LAX and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Since she was an airline employee, she could pass right by the TSA screenings and would hand off the contraband to an accomplice. She’ll be sentenced in March.

A metallic sculpture of a galloping horse could greet those passing into Geyserville. The Geyserville Community Foundation is looking to raise the $100,000 so it can commission the sculpture by an artist in Glen Ellen who was behind a couple of other works of giant animals that had been temporarily installed in a field along Geyserville Avenue east of Highway 101. The site is where the group wants to put the horse, but keep it there permanently. Brian Tedrick’s other sculptures were on the Geyserville trail at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert then later at Sonoma County wineries because they were sold to local winemaker Ken Wilson.

Placer County sheriff’s deputies investigating the death of a 35-year-old ski instructor who died in an accident at a mountain resort north of Lake Tahoe. Police say Dennis Baltimore of Kings Beach was killed Sunday after hitting several rocks then crashing into a creek at the Northstar California resort near Truckee. The resort’s vice president and general manager says the man died on a beginners trail. So an autopsy will be done to see how he died.

One man’s been caught but another’s still on the run after a reported hate crime at a Southern Calif. Mosque. John Matteson involved, but police say he was not the man who stabbed a worshipper at the Islamic Center of Simi Valley. Police say he and another man approached a group there Saturday night and yelled racial slurs at them, which turned physical, with one man being stabbed. His injuries were not life threatening. Police say it doesn’t seem to be a premeditated act, more like the pair had run into the group of Muslims, calling it an opportunity crime. Matteson was set to be in court today on suspicion of making criminal threats, violating civil rights and disturbing the peace by fighting.

A fire station in Vallejo the scene of gunfire over the weekend. Police say there was damage to the Vallejo station Sunday which fire fighters posted pictures of on their Facebook page. A bullet hit a box of gloves. No injuries were reported and no motive is known.

Some folks who’ve been arrested and prosecuted for marijuana crimes are in limbo. The limbo applies to those who’ve copped a plea and await sentencing. Since Proposition 64 passed to legalize marijuana, it also downgrades marijuana-related felonies to misdemeanors. The Mendocino County District Attorney Dave Eyster says now they have to add a layer of work to the cases where those arrested have caused environmental damage by diverting water, using illegal electricity or discharging human waste. He says before Prop 64, prosecutors didn’t generally add those items because the case was already a felony. But now that they’ll be downgraded to misdemeanors, they will have to figure out how to address the punishment. The DA’s office says now it’ll take months to set some precedents with the new law in place.

Two dogs had to be rescued from a motorhome that got stuck in the Russian River. The Hopland Fire Department reports someone on Old River Road between Ukiah and Hopland saw the RV was stuck with the dogs inside in the middle of the river and called the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The Fire Dept. was asked to respond instead. Firefighters say when they got there they spotted the dogs on the dashboard barking. They forced the motorhome open and leashed the dogs which then swam to shore. Animal control officers took the pets and their owners picked them up later. Apparently the RV was parked near the river, but after the river crested, it got flooded out.

It’s unanimous, a new hiking, biking, walking, running trail is taking the spot of a former landfill. The Ukiah City Council approved the plan by a local trail group for the new trail system near the old landfill at the end of Vichy Springs Road. The trail to be paid for by a $25,000 grant secured by the Ukiah Valley Trail Group from State Farm Insurance. The city owns the property where the trails will go, which doesn’t actually include the former landfill. That will be separated from the trails by a creek. The trail group says they’re also capping the landfill, plus there will be an Environmental Impact Report.

A dedication’s being held by the Lakeport Police Dept. for their new digs. The new headquarters at 2025 S. Main St. becomes official after their celebration ceremony Wednesday afternoon at 2. The Police Chief Brad Rasmussen and staff say members of the community are welcome to see the new building at that time and participate in the event. Besides members of the police dept., some Lakeport City Council members and city administration for the new building will be there. The building was purchased in 2015 for $875,000. It’s right next to Kmart, and used to be the Social Security Administration offices.

More rain headed our way. A Pacific storm system is supposed to drench the area this week with rain and snow in high elevations. The National Weather Service issued a special weather statement for tomorrow thru Thursday. There’s supposed to be a slight break in the system Wednesday and a chance of snow in the 3,500 to 5,500 foot levels tomorrow, then higher up Wednesday as warmer air moves into Northern Calif. Snow is expected in the Mendocino National Forest.

Police in Windsor shot a man who had to be taken to the hospital over the weekend after a car chase. Police say they had a report the suspect almost hit someone so they went after him Sunday night. He’s described as a man in his late 40s or early 50s. They say his injuries didn’t seem life-threatening. Two Windsor officers were involved in the shooting at a shopping center on Alden Lane, off Old Redwood Highway. Witnesses say it happened near a Mexican restaurant, where they saw a sheriff’s helicopter overhead and saw a deputy shocking a man with a Taser.

Members needed for the committee to decide what work will be done on roads in Clearlake after the passage of Measure V. The Clearlake City Council looking to fill the Citizen’s Oversight Committee now that the election results have been certified. The Mayor says the council is working with city staffers to make sure the money that’s spent on the measure is in full compliance. The council members can each pick someone they want to be on the committee. Applications are available on the Measure V page of the city’s website, http://www.clearlake., or at City Hall. Those who are interested have to be a Clearlake resident and be able to attend monthly meetings.

A body of water in Calif. found to have been invaded with quagga mussels. Just a small number of the invasive shellfish, the Department of Water Resources has been trying to keep out of the State Water Project since the mollusk was first discovered in California in 2007. Last week, six adult quagga mussels were found in the Angeles Tunnel. That’s the connector between Pyramid Lake and Elderberry Forebay. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says they now have to consider Pyramid Lake as infested with the invasive species, as well as Elderberry Forebay and Castaic Lake. That doesn’t mean they’ve totally taken over in the waterways, but that boats have to be inspected and thoroughly washed when they leave the lake.

Two men have been arrested in Lakeport after police say they ripped off thousands of dollars from a credit union. Police say 20-year-old Steven Harrington of Upper Lake and 24 year old Christopher Herring of Kelseyville have been arrested in the case after reports from Mendo Lake Credit Union that someone was trying to cash as much as $8,500. Then another similar case of someone trying to scam $10,000 in fraudulent checks out of the credit union. Police say they think the two cases were connected. Harrington was arrested and booked in the Lake County Jail on felony grand theft after a sting with police. Then Herring, aka Christopher Garcia was busted after hiring a woman to cash phony checks for him. He was on the run from South Dakota with that state now awaiting his extradition. He was a bit more elusive when police went to arrest him. They say he had punched a hole thru the drywall in a closet and climbed into the attic. So the entire apartment building was evacuated until he was caught.

A set up for any would be thieves in the Santa Rosa and Petaluma area. Police leaving decoy packages with GPS tracking devices in them to stop thieves this holiday season. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Rosa and Petaluma police departments are using bait packages because of items being stolen thru the county each holiday season. They reported a package one of the officers was supposed to get last year himself, never arrived after getting a delivery message, but no package. In Santa Rosa last year, police say they caught three suspects with the bait packages. The Sheriff’s Office has posted a Facebook message asking residents to email them if they were interested in being the site of a decoy package. They say they got several messages from wannabe volunteers.

The highest turnout for a presidential election since Barack Obama was nominated. New data shows three out of four registered state voters took part in the November election. Friday was the deadline for the ballot counting. The Secretary of State’s office says a little more than 14.6 million ballots were cast in California. That’s a rate of about 75.3 percent of the state’s 19.4 million registered voters. It’s 3 points above the number from 2012, but four points off from 2008, when Obama was elected. Hillary Clinton got 62 percent of the vote this year, beating President Elect Donald Trump by 4.3 million votes to win the state’s 55 electoral college votes.

A new report on the Oakland warehouse fire shows the building may have never been inspected for fire hazards. A firefighter who supposedly has knowledge of the situation told the Associated Press the building, known to locals as the Ghost Ship, may have never had a yearly commercial fire safety inspection. The city’s website says commercial inspections are done as time permits during a fire station’s 24-hour shift. It goes on to say building inspections aren’t routinely scheduled on an appointment basis. 36 people ages 17 to 61 were killed in the fire. They were at a dance party at the warehouse.

A flock of wild turkeys bothering locals in a town in Oregon have caused power outages. The wild turkeys apparently flying into Pacific Power Lines and caused four outages the last month. Each time it happens, more than 1,600 residents and businesses are without power. A spokesperson for Pacific Power says the outages have definitely been caused by the birds, and the utility’s not come up with a clear plan yet as to how they’ll deal with the issue. It’s illegal to shoot or hunt in Medford’s city limits.

Two women who went to a wedding in New Hampshire say they’re suing the groom and the event company who ran the wedding reception because he flew a drone in which hit them in the head. The two women say they have permanent physical and emotional injury after the Aug. 8th incident where the drone was flying around capturing photographs. The drone apparently hit the women while they were dancing, they say they had concussions. The company that owns the drone says they never gave permission for it to be used that way.






































Democratic Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry has taken the oath of office. Aguiar-Curry was sworn in Monday, which was the first day of the new legislative session. She was the first female mayor of Winters and was elected last month to the Fourth Assembly District in the Legislature. That covers all of Colusa, Lake, Napa and Yolo counties, Dixon in Solano County and Rohnert in Sonoma County. She says she is excited and humbled to have been elected. Her platform includes greater access to education and job training, health care, affordable housing, and more efficient and diverse transportation. She takes over for Bill Dodd who was elected to the State Senate.

The sentence of a man convicted of the murder of a 4 year old boy has been modified. The judge changed the sentence of Orlando Lopez, Jr. after the state appeals court called out a 2014 decision that means prosecutors have to give a theory for first degree murder instead of various theories. So the appeals court ordered Lopez and his co-defendant Paul Braden be retried on first degree murder or reduced to second degree. The two found guilty of killing Skyler Rapp during a family BBQ, they also injured five others when they shot into a crowd. Braden’s sentence was modified to 248 years at another court appearance, but Lopez was not in court this week. His sentence turned into 225 years to life.

A reward of $4,000 for info leading to the arrest of whoever killed a young man from Rohnert Park. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office says friends and family of 18-year-old Kirk Kimberly raised the money for info after Kimberley’s body was found in a shallow grace in a wooded area on the campus of Sonoma State University last month. He was reported missing mid October and police say he had multiple stab wounds. The Sheriff’s office reports the family and friends started a so-called "youcaring" page to raise money towards the reward, where they hope to gather as much as $25,000. Anyone who may have info on the case is urged to call the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit.

2 young women, one a minor, have been arrested for the random stabbing of a man near Library Park in Lakeport earlier this week. Police say 20 year old Elysia Sandoval was arrested at home, then booked into the Lake County jail for felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious bodily injury and attempted murder. Her bail was set at $200,000. The other suspect is a 14 year old female, also found at home and arrested. She went to the Lake County Probation Department. The police chief says the two were at the park with a third woman, a 22 year old from Lakeport, drinking alcohol. The male victim walked passed and that’s when he was attacked. The chief says the man looked at the girls, which Sandoval took offense to, so she stabbed him.

The abalone season will be a bit shorter next year and the take will be reduced too. State wildlife commissioners voted for a two month shorter season yesterday and is reducing the allowable catch from 18 to 12 shellfish. The season usually runs from April-to-November, including a break in July. But next year it will be from May to October to offset some recent population losses because of environmental factors. It was a unanimous decision made under emergency rule-making authority. It’s also just temporary.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has put together a special committee to decide if it should still fund public-access television. Citing lower cable subscriptions, part of which pays for broadcast equipment and staff, the county Executive Office says it’s mulling whether it wants to continue giving money to the county’s three public-access channels. They’re located in Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg. The board discussing if it should end the agreement with the City of Ukiah that obligates the county to provide Public, Educational, and Governmental, or PEG, broadcasting to the Ukiah Valley until 2020. The same agreement in Willits and Fort Bragg. Money comes from Comcast which the county disburses to the cities based on the amount of subscribers in the unincorporated part of the region.

City representatives in Ukiah looking at possible changes to the crosswalk at Leslie and Gobbi streets so the intersection is safer for pedestrians. Apparently this comes after a resident addressed the Traffic Engineering Committee during their last meeting. They told the committee, a neighbor at a local senior apartment community was hit in the crosswalk, saying it’s dangerous to those who walk in the area. There are also two mobile home parks for seniors and the Ukiah Senior Center. The Senior Civil Engineer for the City of Ukiah tells the Daily Journal says it could be a problem changing to a pedestrian island because of fire trucks and instead suggested more signs to alert drivers to the crosswalk. The matter to be taken up again at the next Traffic Engineering Committee meeting.

California gray wolves stay on the endangered species list. State wildlife officials say they’ll stay there even if they hit a population of 50 wolves. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has put out its plan to manage wolves, which changes some language from an earlier draft looking to remove wolves from the list. Wolves had been hunted for years and were almost extinct until a lone wolf, known as OR-7 crossed the northern border from Oregon in 2011. That wolf and his mate had a litter each of the last three years. Cameras saw another family pack in Northern California too. There are no actual numbers to report, but wildlife advocates say the population is still pretty small.

The final number of those who died in the Oakland warehouse fire is 36. Officials in Oakland have also declared a local state of emergency which the city council is set to confirm today. That means both state and federal aid can help with the cleanup. Officials say they think a refrigerator was a potential source of the fire but they’ve not confirmed that. The operator of the cluttered warehouse says he’s not responsible saying he signed a lease for the building, that was quote, “to city standards supposedly.” There had been years of complaints about the building being a nuisance, full of clutter and trash. The DA has warned of possible murder charges. A building inspector had gone to the warehouse after complaints, but couldn’t get inside and left. The mayor said they followed procedure and had later sent a request to the owner to get inside.

A couple of 15-year-olds have been arrested for a reported attack on a high school in Southern Calif. Police in Riverside along with school officials say they got a tip Monday there might be a weapon at Martin Luther King Jr. High School. That’s when they started to unravel a plot by the two boys who were supposedly working on a plan. The two arrested on suspicion of possession of knives and ammunition on campus. And were held for investigation of conspiracy to commit murder. A local newspaper reports the kids didn’t bring the weapons to school and their plan for an attack was for the year 2020.

A man in Covelo’s been arrested for domestic violence dispute with his ex girlfriend. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports getting a call to the home where the woman says her ex, who was still living with her, Lucas Case, was drinking and was getting aggressive with the woman, choking her, so she would drink with him. She told police she agreed to calm him down, then he wouldn’t let her leave and choked her again. Someone else in the home called police and Case left. The female victim had some welts on her throat and the next day, Round Valley Tribal Police arrested Case. He’s charged with Domestic Violence Battery and False Imprisonment and held on $25,000 bail.

Police in Lakeport searching for three young women they say may be connected to a random stabbing near Library Park. Police say a 52 year old man was walking in the area Monday night and passed the three women, described as white about 18 years old. He says one of them ran up behind him and stabbed him in the lower back. He didn’t really notice until he saw he was bleeding. He says the suspect had black hair and another of the three women had a blanket around her shoulders. The man was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

A unanimous ruling by the state Supreme Court says police can only search someone after a traffic stop if they think a crime was committed. This comes connected to a child pornography case involving a bicyclist who had been pulled over for rolling through a stop sign. Police in Torrance went after Paul Macabeo in 2012. They followed him with their patrol car’s headlights off and did acknowledge the guy wasn’t riding erratically and didn’t try to get away, but he was arrested. Police searched his phone finding pictures of underage girls on it. But still the Supreme Court says when they stopped Macabeo, the most that really could have happened was he got a traffic ticket, since there was no probable cause to arrest him for a crime and there was also no cause to search his phone, saying it violated his Fourth Amendment, against unreasonable searches.

The deadline’s fast approaching for the Calif. Health Exchange. December 15th is the deadline to be covered for January 1st. Enrollment for 2017 started Nov. 1st and ends Jan. 31st but in order for the insurance to start next month, the signup has to happen by next Thursday. Covered California got more than 1.3 million people insured last year and nearly 3 million Californians bought health insurance through the exchange since it started two years ago. Calif. had a 17 percent uninsured rate in 2013 compared to the 7.4 percent the first half of 2016.

A man in Willits has been arrested after a burglary at a remote cabin village. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office gets a call to the Creekside Cabins last Thursday for a burglary a day before or overnight. Police say someone forced their way into a home where they stole a bunch of items, but the manager found most of it outside. The manager says they were worth more than $400. They also found out the suspect was staying in the cabins. Kevin Dahlund found with some of the stolen property and arrested. Police found him to also be on formal probation on an unrelated offense. He’s now charged with burglary, possession of stolen property, vandalism and petty theft. He was held on a no-bail status due to violating the terms of his probation.

A teenager from Clearlake has been hurt in a drive-by shooting. It happened around 6:45 p.m. Sunday as the 17-year-old was walking with friends on Dam Road near Lake Street. Police say the victim hasn’t been too forthcoming with answers about what he and his friends saw and who got him to the hospital. One thing they did find out was his friends thought shots came from an older black Jeep. Police say they recovered some 9 millimeter spent shell casings at the site of the shooting. They’re reminding the public if you have information that will help them, you can remain anonymous.

A new survey shows more Americans want Obamacare to stay in place. They don’t want it repealed or even scaled back. The post election poll by Kaiser Family Foundation shows most people, across party lines, enjoy some of the major provisions of the law, with 49 percent of the public wanting to keep the law or see it expanded and 43 percent want lawmakers to cut it out entirely or cut it back. Just last week at a rally, President-elect Donald Trump still said he was going to “repeal and replace” the law. 20 million Americans have been insured thru the Affordable Care Act since 2014, many through a provision expanding Medicaid, the nation’s health care program for the poor.

UC Davis is digging into the dirt… literally… exploring how wildfires affect forests. UC Davis Assistant Professor Rahel Sollmann has won an award to help explore more, she’s one of a trio who won the 2017 Research Catalyst Awards. Sollmann is a quantitative ecologist working with the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology. The more than $270,000 award will pay for work with UC Berkeley Associate Professor Justin Brashares and UC Santa Barbara Assistant Professor Hillary Young and other researchers at UC Davis and the U.S. Forest Service. They will dig in to how massive fires or so-called megafires disrupt the forest ecosystem and food web and pollination networks. They’re studying the King Fire. It burned more than 97,000 acres in El Dorado County in 2014.

Final results have been released in Lake County for the November 8th election. The Lake County Registrar Diane Fridley released results last night with no major changes from the preliminary results Nov. 9th. The closest race for District 1 supervisor, Jose “Moke” Simon III held on to his 5-percent lead over Monica Rosenthal. In another supervisor race, Tina Scott’s lead over Martin Scheel in District 4 closed by one percentage point, but she still ended with a nearly 20 percent lead to win. Measure V passed so roads could be repaired. It cannot be spent on anything but roads. Measure X failed, to change the treasurer job from elected to appointed. Every other measure passed in Lake.

New blood to be sworn in at the Clearlake City Council meeting. New and reelected members of the City Council take the oath of office at the meeting this week as members dig right into money that’ll come from Measure V. Nick Bennett and Joyce Overton were reelected and new member Phil Harris will join them in taking the oath. They will then pick the mayor and vice mayor for the year. They’re going to take up a development agreement at the start of the meeting, then take up the election’s results regarding measures V, W and X. X failed, V puts money into the entire county for road repairs and improvements, W to make the City Clerk position appointed instead of elected.

A judge in Calif. says it’s okay for trucks that carry as much as 450,000 tons of treated human waste to dump on Kern County farmland as fertilizer. The Los Angeles Times reports the judge ruling state law pre-empting a voter-passed county initiative banning the practice. The judge saying there’s no evidence to show there’s a human health risk from dumping the waste on city of Los Angeles owned farmland. Kern County was fighting the city after voters overwhelmingly adopted banning the waste dumping back in 2006.

State education officials say they’re investigating some inappropriate emails sent by one of its staffers. One of the emails apparently released by a group who received it regarding food and housing at community colleges. The reply from the staff member said go BLEEP yourself. The state dept. of education released a statement saying they are investigating and are taking immediate action. They go on to say it in no way reflects the views of the California Department of Education.

Looks like there may be a source for that massive fire at the Oakland warehouse that killed 3 dozen people. The Alameda County Sheriff says it appears to have started in the back of the building in an area filled with appliances. The Sheriff says emergency workers are being super careful when they take out debris from the so-called Ghost Ship so they don’t disturb evidence of the source of ignition. There was a toaster, a small refrigerator, and a larger refrigerator. Local law enforcement, fire investigators and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are combing thru debris where at least 36 people there for a music party were trapped and died.

A woman from Florida woman somehow got lost during a half-marathon trail run, adding quite a few miles onto the trek. The Sarasota Times-Herald ( reports Melissa Kitcher got lost on her 13.1 run Saturday, making a wrong turn and not getting home until the next day. The Race director Thierry Rouillard said they didn’t know she was still on the trail until they got a call from her hubby later in the afternoon asking where his wife was. Apparently her cell phone froze before the race so they couldn’t track her. She says she wasn’t really worried, knowing her family would find her.