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A man in Covelo’s accused of burglary. County deputies called out to the Round Valley Rodeo Grounds for a smashed window. Reports that a backpack and game console were stolen and a car seen leaving the crime scene and driving to a home on Yuki Ave. Deputies went to the home and found Tevin Hoaglen and some stolen property in his car. Officers arrested Hoaglen for burglary and possession of stolen property. He was held on $15,000.00 bail.

The Army Corp of Engineers releasing water from swollen Lake Mendocino after a heavier-than-expected rain 2 weekends ago. They say the lake was steadily receding after and water in the Coyote Dam was up. The water release December 22nd after rainfall pushed the Lake’s volume into a storage area for controlling floodwater. Water in the reservoir was 7 percent above the maximum allowed before the New Year holiday weekend. The Sonoma County Water District had asked the Army Corp. to hold 9 percent more water than the reservoir is allowed during a rainy winter season and about 5 percent of the maximum summer storage.

A swearing in ceremony for new members of the Lake County Board of Supervisors. Tomorrow morning in the board chambers at 9, where the outgoing Board members Jim Comstock and Anthony Farrington, will also say their goodbyes. The swearing in for districts 1 and 4. Jose “Moke” Simon III takes over for Comstock, and Tina Scott takes over for Farrington. Supervisor Rob Brown was relected so he will also take the oath. After the swearing in, the board will pick its chair and vice chair, then also the same for the Local Board of Equalization and Lake County In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority Board. After that business, a public hearing will continue on a cell phone antenna in Kelseyville.

A new bill is being considered, no driving while smoking pot. There’s a similar law for drinking in a car, now the legislature will take on a technical loophole of existing laws which don’t allow open containers of weed, or driving while impaired. There is apparently no rule, as of now, about smoking and driving. There’s also apparently nothing about whether a pipe, joint or edible will be considered “open containers.” Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties introduced the bill with Assemblyman Evan Low of Campbell. Hill says it’ll make current smoking while driving laws consistent with drinking while driving. Senate Bill 65 would make it an infraction for anyone to smoke or consume marijuana in any form while driving a vehicle or piloting a boat or plane, just like alcohol.

The first dog, Sutter, has died. The Governor’s Corgi died Friday, he was 13. Apparently he was sick since the fall and it was discovered he had Cancer. The Governor and First Lady decided to put him down. He hung at the Capitol with the couple often and was seen a lot on the campaign trail. Many tried to get selfies with Sutter, including lawmakers, lobbyists and aides of both parties. He even had a twitter account with more than 11,000 followers with tweets showing him and Colusa, his little sister, in the Governor’s office or out promoting the Governor’s top priorities.

A member of the Calif. Coastal Commission who was in support of the agency’s executive director being fired, has herself resigned. The LA Times reports Wendy Mitchell sent a resignation letter to Gov. Jerry Brown last week after six years on the commission. The commission makes decisions regarding 1,100 miles of coastland. Mitchell’s a government affairs consultant and had previously worked as a legislative aide. She supported firing Charles Lester, who’d been part of the Commission for 24-years, accusing him of management issues which were not defined, and are confidential.

Three people end up in the hospital in Florida after their dog got upset with them for trying to put it in a sweater. Police in Tampa say the pit bull mix, Scarface, bit a woman trying to squeeze him into a sweater, then her hubby who tried to get the dog off his wife. Then the couple’s 22-year-old son, who tried to get it to stop, stabbed him in the neck and head. They finally got away, leaving Scarface in the backyard. Animal control officers shot him with a tranquilizer gun, a bean bag gun and stun gun before finally catching him.

A frustrating week it seems for a man called Santa Claus. Not the jolly red guy, but another’s Facebook account was suspended after the social media company demanded proof of identity… on Christmas Day. A North Pole city councilman, with the same name had his page blocked. He says Facebook didn’t believe his name was really Santa Claus or that he lived in North Pole. A spokesperson for Facebook apologized for suspending the account, saying it was a mistake. Claus has to send several documents to the social networking site to get his account reinstated, including his Alaska driver’s license and letter of appointment to the North Pole City Council. Apparently he’s the only Santa Claus on Facebook.

Residents in Los Angeles double-taking the Hollywood hills, after someone briefly changed the Hollywood sign to read "HOLLYWeeD". Police investigating the New Year’s Day prank, calling it an act of vandalism. The vandal, used giant tarps to turn the Os into Es sometime New Year’s Eve. Security cameras caught whoever did the deed. They face a misdemeanor charge of trespassing if they’re caught.

A man’s busted in California for setting up fake unemployment accounts in 3 states after getting temporary visas for exchange students. Cops say Nikolai Monastyrski got more than $355,000 in unemployment benefits for nonexistent workers. He’s charged in federal court in Iowa with wire and mail fraud after the government finds he scammed them from computers in Folsom, Calif. Agents say ge got over $114,000 from Iowa Workforce Development in 2014 and 2015 and $230,000 in benefits from the Illinois Department of Employment Security dating back to 2012. He was charged with mail fraud and wire fraud and arrested Nov. 18 near Sacramento.


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