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A Willits man is charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon for a New Years Eve attack on his neighbor. The 72-year-old victim told deputies he and Ronald Morris were arguing Saturday night when Morris hit him in the back of the head with an object. He fell and tried to cover his head as Morris kept hitting him until another neighbor came and broke it up, getting the victim to the hospital. Morris was booked into the Mendocino County on $30,000 bail.

A 19-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter for a fatal crash in east Santa Rosa that killed her 18-year-old passenger. The victim was Michajla Kostecka of Santa Rosa. The Sheriff’s Office says driver Rebecca Guillory had minor injuries after she crashed off Mountain Hawk Drive around 11pm Sunday night. Police say speed was a factor but a spokesman tells the Press Democrat they also found evidence of alcohol and marijuana near the scene. He also says no skid marks were found where the car left the road and hit two trees, wrapping around one of them. Kostecka was dead at the scene; Guillory had to be cut from the car and was briefly hospitalized. She was being held on $100,000 bail.

There may not be another Humboldt County Cup marijuana competition since pot is legal. Event organizers say it’s not their decision and they may sue to get the competition back on the books. Humboldt County Cup founder Matt Smith-Caggiano says it’s the first major contested case of public consumption of cannabis since Prop. 64 passed. The competition was supposed to be Jan. 21st at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds where pot is judged based on indoor and outdoor grows and their strains. Fire officials say first off, smoking is not allowed in public and there are ordinances in place that ban smoking near schools, there’s a high school nearby. Plus there’s no legal selling in the city where the fair grounds are situated. Organizers say they’re prepared to sue.

A man has been killed along the Mendocino Coast and two others are safe after their boat’s propeller got tangled in crab pots, overturning it. The U-S Coast Guard reports on the boat capsizing in rough seas near Noyo Harbor on New Year’s Eve, killing 67 year old Richard Mottlow of Fort Bragg. His body was recovered New Year’s Day. The others in the boat with him, a man and woman, also thought to be from Ft. Bragg, were rescued Saturday night. The Coast Guard said they were returning to the harbor after collecting crab pots when they hit the crab pot lines, losing power as they entered Noyo Harbor.

A sign of the times in Sonoma County, they make all county bathrooms all gender. Beginning March 1st, any single-occupancy bathrooms in businesses, government buildings and all public places have to be co-ed. They have to allow members of either sex in and they have to have signs up indicating they’re “all-gender”. This after a new state law to increase access to public bathrooms for transgender people and after the controversial legislation in North Carolina restricting bathroom use to a person’s birth gender.

More rain expected this week after a dusting of snow. Forecasters have put parts of Northern California under a winter weather advisory thru Thursday morning. It was supposed to last until tomorrow night, but there was a light dusting of snow in some parts of Lake County Monday. The National Weather Service reports an airmass of very cold air mixed with rain will still be bringing snow over interior Northern California with a lot more today above the 3,000-foot mark. There could be snow in the Cobb Mountain area and at higher elevations along the Coastal Range. It will warm up later in the week, but the precipitation is expected to continue thru Sunday.

An app invented by Cal. Berkeley shows almost 400 earthquakes across the country, with the most in fracking fields in Oklahoma. The univesity’s worldwide network of smartphone earthquake detectors is possible thru their MyShake app which started being downloaded last February. The app for Android users-uses a smartphone’s motion detectors to measure earthquake ground motion. The info gathered is then sent back to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory for analysis. They’re hoping it will eventually allow them to send early warning alerts to users. So far the school recorded as many as 220,000 users. They say there are generally between 8,000 and 10,000 phones active.

The strike continues for Dungeness crab fishers stretching from Northern California to the Canadian border. The vice president for the Humboldt Fishermen’s Marketing Association says the Dungeness crab fleet has been tied up from Morro Bay to Westport, Washington since last Monday. It comes after Pacific Choice Seafood in Humboldt County took their going price down. Crab fisherman had negotiated of $3 per pound, Pacific Choice offered to $2.75 instead. Prices had not been set for all of the fisheries yet because there was still some detected, elevated levels of domoic acid.

A crane operator is going to trial for the deaths of his son and another worker at a bridge construction site in Woodland. Mark Powell in Yolo County Superior Court last month. He’s charged with involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 25 year old Marcus Zane Powell, his son, and his pile driver, Glenn Hodgson. The two fell off the crane in May 2014. They were inside a basket hanging off the crane that somehow broke free. Cal Osha deemed the basket not licensed to carry the load. Mark Powell was the operator of the crane. The company, Disney Construction was fined more than $100,000 for workplace violations for the fatal incident. The man also faces felony counts of violating occupational safety or health standards causing death. He’s due back in court Feb. 28th.

Major travel delays for some of the thousands trying to get back after the holidays, due to snow. Lower elevations hit in the Sierra, setting off chain controls, which had traffic snarled on I-80 and Highway 50. There was snow falling at the 2,000 foot level, which meant bumper to bumper traffic. Some of the drivers interviewed by local TV and newspapers as they moved inch by inch along highways saying they’d already gone 4 hours in what is normally a 2 hour drive, and had 3 or more hours to go. The CHP was warning of how dangerous it was to park illegally on the side of the road. Folks parking it to take pictures or play in the snow.

Several heartbroken kids over the holiday in Italy as the orchestra director says Santa’s not real after the performance. Director Giacomo Loprieno told the kids after the Disney Frozen performance that there’s really no Santa Claus. Some of the families got up and left. The next performance featured a new conductor with event organizers saying they completely dissociated from Loprieno and his comments. Organizers had Santa in the audience for the next performance.

A rare BMW apparently lost in a cluttered garage has been found in Southern Italy. The German Classic car dealer showed photos of the 1981 M1 that had been inside a garage since 1982. Mint Classics now selling the Bee-mer, 34 years after its debut. The owner had only put about 4,600 miles on it before putting it away. There were only 453 mid-engine M1 models put out between 1978 and 1981. The car dealer says they’ll restore the old car that was covered in dust. It apparently had a few dents and scratches from its captivity.

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