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Heavy rains over the last several days has caused flooding along Lake County roads. The Sheriff’s office had reported roads closed over the weekend in Hidden Valley Lake, most reopening by last night. The Sheriff’s office also reported some damaged homes, but no major injuries. The storm is not over yet, and more will come to the area thru the week. Today we have an 80% chance of more rain, but storms are expected tomorrow and Wednesday too. The agency also reminding drivers not to try to plow thru standing water, which may end up being deeper than you think, plus flowing water can sweep a car away.

Some lost power in the Cobb area because of the storms. An outage first reported yesterday mid-morning, and was supposed to be back on last night. No word from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. this morning. About 600 people had lost power yesterday, and no cause was made public so far. Storms and heavy rain had taken down some trees and lines throughout the county though. There were also smaller, limited outages in other areas yesterday, including Clearlake, Hidden Valley Lake, Kelseyville, Lakeport, Lower Lake and Middletown. The utility did say the storm was impacting thousands.

Some roads had to be closed down in Clearlake. Police reporting a closure because of the rain and a sewage leak in another area of the city. That had the mayor calling for residents to use caution as the storms continue and the police department urging folks to stay away from the area of Old Highway 53 at J&L Market because of heavy flooding. They had barricade warnings up where drivers were being told to use alternative routes. The sewage leak in the 6800 block of Meadowbrook where police were warning to stay away. They warned to assume the water was contaminated.

A fire over the weekend in Hidden Valley Lake has damaged a home. The person who lives in the home and their three pets were rescued by firefighters. South Lake County Fire and Cal Fire were on the scene Saturday afternoon after a garage fire was reported. Cal Fire reported power lines down and a victim rescued and taken to a hospital for injuries. Three cats were also rescued. Firefighters reported half of the home burned with an estimated loss of $200,000, $80,000 was prevented.

Schools closed due to the storms, Alexander Valley Union, Cloverdale Unified, Forestville Union, Guerneville, Geyserville Unified, Harmony Union and Monte Rio Union.

Evacuations after flooding, mudslides and power outages reported across a wide swath of land on the North Coast. The water pushing the lower Russian River toward its banks last night which meant several thousand people had leave their homes. It’s the first time in 11 years this has happened as homes and businesses were threatened and some were inundated with water. The Russian River was rising so the Sonoma County communities of Guerneville, Monte Rio and Duncans Mills were on the alert. The river is supposed to crest late this morning into the noon hour at 37 feet — 5 feet above flood stage. That would immediately mean floods for lower areas of the river like Guerneville and farther west. The National Weather Service shows as many as 650 homes and businesses in their models that could be affected by flooding. Anyone needing shelter can go to the Santa Rosa Veterans Building.

Almost a foot of rain fell from Friday to Sunday, according to a weather station west of Healdsburg. Lake Sonoma recorded more than a half foot of rain and Windsor, Occidental and Monte Rio had more than 4 inches. There was nearly 3.5 inches in Santa Rosa. In Petaluma, emergency responders eyeing the Petaluma River which was expected to react to a high tide before 10:30 a.m. Some people in Sonoma County had to be rescued from stalled cars near the river and some homes were threatened at a Mobile Home Park by rising water.

Some possible road closures and roads already affected by the weekend storms, Highway 128 where the Navarro River gets near the southern Mendocino Coast. At least a dozen Sonoma County roads were closed around rivers and water bodies. There were also high winds reported over the weekend which were taking out trees and causing power outages to more than 20,000. About half of those in the dark, in Sonoma County, the rest in Mendocino County, into Lake and Humboldt counties. In Gualala, the National Weather Service recorded a 76 mile an hour wind gust yesterday and another one that hit 52 mph in Monte Rio. Massive power outages reported across the Mendocino Coast in Fort Bragg, Mendocino and Albion. The Mendocino County Sheriff warning about saturation of the ground causing many downed trees mixed with high wind.

Californians still powering thru the drought with continued conservation. As of last Wednesday, residents had kept the savings at just under 19 percent. The usage down 18.8 percent compared to November 2013 water usage numbers. That according to the State Water Resources Control Board. The Sierra Nevada snowpack’s water content measuring around 70 percent of the average for early January and the cumulative water savings from June 2015 through November 2016 was at 22.6 percent.

Google’s self-driving car division says it’s got minivans that are hitting the roads in California and Arizona. Waymo reports the minivans, built in a partnership with Fiat Chrysler, are Chrysler Pacifica hybrids. They have sensors and radar specific for Waymo. The partnership with Fiat Chrysler and Waymo was announced in May. The CEO says they came up with the system specifically for self driving vehicles instead of using the same parts as other similar models. They’ve been in development for eight years.

No vote by the Ukiah City Council about giving up the right to purchase 800 acre-feet of Lake Mendocino water annually. The city council started discussing what would happen if the water was not released instead. The council discussing how that could help further development in other places. The city’s water and sewer director asked the council to permanently approve relinquishing the water right saying even in severe drought years, the city was fine without the extra water. The matter tabled to a future meeting. The council agreeing too, to a public workshop on the matter.

4 million dollars coming from the United States Department of Labor to help with the cleanup and recovery of the Valley and Butte fires. Both fires in 2015 with the Valley Fire mostly in Lake County, killing four people and destroying almost 2,000 structures, nearly 1,300 were homes. The fire blackened more than 76,000 acres. The Butte fire was in both Amador and Calaveras counties. It charred almost 71,000 acres and burned more than 900 structures, including more than 500 homes. President Barack Obama declared the areas major disasters and now the Labor Dept. released money thru the National Dislocated Worker Grant to pay for disaster relief employment for cleanup and recovery.


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