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The City of Ukiah gets approval for a receivership of the Palace Hotel. A judge said yes to the city in court this week ruling the violations by the owner Eladia Laines were so extensive that the health and safety of the public and neighbors were endangered. Mark Adams of the California Receivership Group has been named as the receiver. He will not own the property but takes full and complete possession and control of the property which means he pays all expenses and debts. Laines has 2 months to appeal and even if she does, she’ll have to put up a $100,000 bond. Adams checked out the hotel over the weekend, which was further damaged by the rains.

Heavy rain has left standing water in many areas of Northern California. As much as 7.5 inches added to the months total rainfall in Willits alone. Cal Fire’s Howard Forest Station recorded 7.68 inches which flooded roads and closed highways throughout the county. The California Department of Water Resources recorded 36 inches of rain for Willits’ since Dec. 10th. The National Weather Service Eureka Forecast Office said heavy rain would continue in California and the western U.S. and that flooding was expected in part of the state into western Nevada. There was a flood watch in place, with extensions continuing to be added on until later this afternoon. Those for a large area of northwestern California including Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino counties.

The Willits City Council taking on commercial cannabis permits in their first meeting of the new year. The last time the council considered the matter, the public spoke too. Residents at the November meeting said Willits should capitalize on its established cannabis reputation and try to make as much money off of marijuana as possible. A panel set up to get public feedback, called a “working group” but City staffers say an ad hoc committee should be put together to come up with a cannabis ordinance that have the city’s best interests in mind. The working group, for their part, has come out against outdoor growing in city limits, due to its strong odor.

Already crumbling roads take a hit from almost constant rain that started almost a week ago. In Hidden Valley Lake, the Community Services District reported seven sewer stations at full capacity. There was a lot of flooding last weekend in the area with several homes evacuated Sunday. There was no damage to the homes and the evacuations were only for a few hours. There were power outages reported across Lake County, fallen trees and limbs and powerlines. Bridges and roads were closed, and several roads and parts of highways impassable. A hazardous weather outlook covers most of Northern Calif. today, with flood warnings thru most of Lake County and much of Mendocino County.

Many schools closed because of the storm yesterday but were reporting either school would go on as usual today, or there would be a delayed opening. Students to be released at the regular time though.

A woman in Clearlake charged with robbery and assault agrees to a plea deal. Samantha Sandhoff gets off with a misdemeanor after an incident in October that she was initially charged with robbery, assault with deadly weapon, though not a firearm, conspiracy to commit a crime and actions likely to cause injury. It comes after the Rite Aid in town reported a woman stole items at the store. When she left in a van, she hit an employee, that evidence shows, she saw as she hit. She blamed someone with her, but the judge found her guilty of a misdemeanor violation of possessing and ordered two years of summary probation, 49 days of jail with 49 days of credit. She also has to pay fines, assessments and fees worth $630, and complete 40 hours of community service.

Widespread flooding after the last storm hits the North Coast. Heavy rain and fast moving winds caused flooding, power outages and rivers to run over their banks. The Russian River threatened up to 800 homes yesterday. The storm also knocked out power to several homes, in Sonoma County as many as 11,000 homes were without power. Reports of constant calls for help from emergency crews yesterday between 4 and 8pm when the storm hit hardest. In Monte Rio the Fire Chief reported trees and power lines down everywhere. He said since the ground was so saturated, the new rain was just running off and the ground crumbling beneath. As of last night 8½ inches of rain had fallen since the weekend in Santa Rosa and almost 20 inches in the hills west of Healdsburg.

The Russian River went over its banks Monday and was expected to go beyond flood stage last night in Guerneville at almost 40 feet, the highest since 2006 when it hit almost 42 feet and caused more than $100 million in flood damage. There were 800 homes threatened this time around and as many as 3,000 residents were evacuated from Forestville to Jenner. Emergency crews were using paddle boats to get to stranded residents. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was planning on flood control releases from lakes Sonoma and Mendocino.

A boy hit by a car in Clearlake Oaks is recovering. The CHP reported the 13-year-old was hit by a jeep last Thursday as he walked along a road. The Jeep’s driver immediately stopped. Her name has not been released, but the CHP reports she’s a 45-year-old from Clearlake Oaks. Officers say they do not suspect drugs or alcohol as contributing factors in the crash. The teen had major injuries and ended up at a hospital in Chico. There’s a gofundme account set up for the boy who’s been id’d as Angell Aguirre, Jr., a 7th grader at Lower Lake Elementary School.

Praise for the Grand Jury report on the Library report. The California Grand Jurors’ Association gave the local jury the Robert Geiss Excellence in Reporting Award for their 2014-15 report, “The Library.” Back to back grand juries were questioning the way the county officials interpreted state law and county accounting records connected to the Mendocino County Library. After the reports, major changes were implemented for library management and operations.

Another major dousing of rain. No school in Ukiah yesterday and today in case of flooding on the Talmage Road and Perkins Street bridges over the Russian River. The Daily Journal reported Highways 1, 128 and 175 flooded and were closed in rural areas. Gibson Creek was raging so Babcock Lane was closed after Sunday’s storm. The city manager announced yesterday some downtown street closures due to flooding. And School Street between Scott and Henry streets was also flooded by Gibson Creek. The City also announced they were turning electricity off for homes in the Oak Manor neighborhood so transformers didn’t get damaged, and told residents to voluntarily evacuate. Last night the Russian River was expected to crest in Hopland too. There were also evacuation centers set up on the east side of the River at the Mendocino County Office of Education located and across the river at the Ukiah High School at 1000 Low Gap Road.

Pouring rain had both the Russian and Garcia rivers overflowing yesterday. The CHP had officers roaming streets and closing them. Talmage Road between the 101 and Old River Road, Vichy Springs between Oak Manor Drive and Watson Road, Highway 175 near its intersection with Highway 101 in Hopland, Westside Potter Valley Road in Potter Valley, and Highway 1 near the Garcia River on the coast were all roped off. Forecasters had said the Russian River would peak last night and flood Hopland, Talmage and Ukiah in the Oak Manor area.

There had also been warnings about blizzards in the Sierra Nevada mountains with the latest storm. 10 feet was expected for the highest mountains and 7 feet in Tahoe, along with a high risk of avalanches, and wind gusts of up to 60 mph. Reports the Sierra ridge saw gusts that were above 100 mph. The first blizzard warning for parts of the Sierra in nine years. The National Weather Service called it a dangerous, life-threatening situation. Some ski resorts even closed down and many roads were closed down. Highway 80 was requiring chains.


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