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New delegates have been chosen in Assembly District 2 by the Democratic party. The Daily Journal reports 2,900 delegates go to the California State convention and one third of them are elected, the rest are elected officials their appointees and the local Central Committees. The newspaper reports there were 19 women and 15 men trying to become delegates in Mendocino County. About 100 voters came out Saturday in Ukiah and 390 in Eureka. Those are the only polling places left in this Assembly district.

Three River Rafters are OK after rescuers said it’d be safer for them to stay on rocks on the water all night than for them to try a night rescue. The trio part of larger group from Humboldt County who launched from Branscomb to raft the South Fork of the Eel River. Their raft got wrapped around a boulder north of Laytonville so they climbed onto the rock and made it to shore while the rest of their group went for help. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says since it was late and an attempted night rescue would have been dangerous, and since the guys had warm clothes and supplies, rescue was postponed until daylight. So yesterday a Mendocino County Cal FIRE Unit sent a chopper crew to hoist the men out, but apparently they freed their raft and floated out to Big Bend Lodge near Leggett. They were reported in good health and the whole group headed back to Humboldt County.

A woman’s been arrested in Gualala after police say she tried setting her cousin’s home on fire. Police say the cousin telling them her and some friends got the fire out, but she wanted Ashaki Scott arrested. She told police Scott started the fire after she wouldn’t let her defraud a business client’s credit card. The victim claims she and her suspect cousin had a fight last Thursday night when she caught Scott trying to make a fraudulent purchase. The victim says she did tell Scott she could burn some cardboard boxes in the wood burning stove for heat, she awoke to smoke and saw Scott had stacked the boxes up six feet high and was leaving with her bags packed. Deputies nabbed Scott a couple hours later banging on people’s doors looking for a ride. She was being held on $100,000 bail.

The Lake County Narcotics Task Force has made a series of arrests at retail “smoke shops” for selling meth pipes and distributing nitrous oxide. Warrants served at the two “Cheaper Cigarettes” locations on Lakeshore Dr. and Olympic Dr. in Clearlake, “Ed and Linda’s” on Lakeshore Dr. in Clearlake, “Smoke on the Water” on Highway 20 in Lucerne and Mystic Barrel on Highway 20 in Nice. Detectives say employees at two of the stores sold meth pipes to undercover detectives just before the raids. Besides more than 800 pipes, cops also found two 12-gauge shotguns, a .380 automatic pistol and a .22 revolver.

The Noyo Center For Marine Science Board of Directors is hosting an event to raise money to reassemble their 26-ft killer whale skeleton. After it’s done, it’ll be the 2nd largest in the world. The Center says the skeleton will engage visitors and community members and students with a very unique learning experience and will bring visitors for decades to learn about ocean animals and ecosystems and the threats they face. The event, NEXT Sunday, January 29th from 4:00 PM
TO 7:00 PM at Pete O’Donohue’s in Fort Bragg. There will be food, music, and of course marine science. RSVP to the The Noyo Center Board of Directors.

If you’re planning on pruning some trees on your property, the Tree Care Industry Association says you should make sure whoever you hire does not use spikes for climbing. The TCIA says spikes should only be used on trees being removed because they do unnecessary damage to living trees. Each puncture from a spike produces a certain amount of tree tissue death and groupings of spike holes can cause the entire area on the trunk to die back with no chance of recovery – and they say this is even true for large trees with thick bark. They say professional tree care companies are aware of the dangers of spikes and use proper equipment like ropes and harnesses to climb. For more information visit

A new study show’s if local groundwater basins are brought to a sustainable balance – which is required by state law, it will mean a lot of money. The Governor’s got a five year Water Action plan to help with water shortages. But it requires investment and innovations including continued conservation, storm water capture, recycling and storage. Brown’s 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act says groundwater-dependent areas have to stop overdraft and bring their water basins into sustainable levels of pumping and recharge by 2040. The new study also says if all this is done, it could eliminate the problems of over-pumping, including dewatering streams and the sinking of land which can damage bridges, roads, canals, and other infrastructure. The “Water Available for Replenishment” report was required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act to be used by state representatives in local sustainable groundwater management agencies.

The wife of the shooter at the Orlando nightclub massacre has been arrested. Noor Salman arrested in Oakland yesterday and due in court this morning. She’s arrested on charges that include obstruction of justice and providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. After the massacre where 49 people were killed last year, Salman came back to the Bay Area with her son. She was questioned by the FBI back when the mass shooting happened. Her lawyer says she had no foreknowledge of her husband’s plans. She did however know he watched jihadist videos, but her lawyer says she knew nothing of his intent to go to the Pulse nightclub and kill people. She also says she was an abused wife.

A settlement for those who’ve bought milk over the last dozen years or so… A class-action lawsuit was settled regarding price-fixing against dairy co-ops. The co-ops accused of conspiring to reduce the size of their herd. No word on exactly how much the payout is for Californians, but word is it could be between $10 and $20.

A man from Oakland has been sent to prison for nine years for the rape of an unconscious woman at a BART station. Carlton Barra pleaded no contest for the attack in the victim’s car New Years Day 2015 at the Millbrae BART station. Barra was charged with rape by force or threat and rape by use of drugs. Cops said at the time the victim did not know Barra and was going to sleep in her car after partying for the holiday then woke up with a towel over her and her dress pushed up, saying she felt as though something sexual had happened. Barra busted by DNA evidence. The DNA also linked the guy to a stranger rape of a prostitute in Oakland in June of 2011 and another attack of a drunk woman at a party in Hayward in April of 2006.

A bit late, but better late than never. A book of short stories called “Forty Minutes Late” makes it back to a San Francisco library — 100 years later. Webb Johnson returned the book his great grandma checked out from the old Fillmore branch in 1917. Apparently she died a week before it was due back and that branch no longer exists. Johnson found the book in a trunk in 1996 and says he thought the library wouldn’t want it back, but then it announced their “fine forgiveness program” until Feb. 14th which inspired him to return it.


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