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A couple of ordinances regarding medical marijuana are being passed by the Mendocino County Planning Commission. Then, if the two amendments known together as the Medical Cannabis Cultivation Regulation pass the board of supervisors, agricultural and zoning codes will change. The codes will more regulation for growing in various zones, at the same time protecting natural resources. The rules will work with the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act recently passed by state lawmakers and signed by Gov. Brown. Permits would be issued by the county’s agriculture department starting in the year 2020. Those with permits already will get to apply before that. The new regulations would allow various gardens on one parcel, there would be relaxed rules on visibility and outdoor grows in industrial areas will not be allowed.

A former Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy is recovering after being shot on duty in Bonner County, Idaho. The Sheriff Tom Allman reports Justin Penn shot three times while he tried to serve an arrest warrant. He was with the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office from 2008 to 2011, leaving ahead of imminent layoffs. Since then, he’s been in Idaho on the job. Allman reports Deputy Penn as listed in fair condition and that his department wishes Penn a speedy recovery.

Lower opioid use reported in Lake County. Per the SafeRx Opioid Reduction Task Force, the use of black market and prescription use was down. That data from Partnership HealthPlan of California and the California Department of Public Health. The information released from January 2014 to August 2016 showed a 62 percent reduction in opioid use and an 85 percent reduction in high dose users when you count 100 Plan members. The study shows a 70% prescription rate drop too. They also report the strength of the opioid’s being prescribed was also down 30 percent.

Senator Mike McGuire is trying to get a bill he drafted that was denied, another go. The bill passed both legislative houses last time around but the Governor never signed it, letting it die. The bill to require the state to set money aside for Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) reimbursements to counties. McGuire says the state made a promise to advance the reimbursements from Fish and Wildlife to rural counties. He says for 15 years the state’s been putting the tax money into the General Fund, but it should have been going to help rural communities thrive. The PILT payments started back in 1949 to offset the potential impacts to county property taxes when the state acquires private property in a county for wildlife management areas.

A lawsuit to stop the Dollar General store in Redwood Valley from being built has been tossed. The suit brought by some residents of Redwood Valley against the construction of the 9,100 square foot store approved in 2015 saying it wouldn’t fit in to the rural character of the town. But the judge said no and won’t allow any other challenges to the legality of the construction. The owners of Redwood Valley Market went to court last year to stop the store from being built, asking for an environmental assessment of the proposed store after the Planning and Building Department said it wasn’t needed. The store owners along with other residents first challenged a permit. But it went thru anyway. So then the store owners filed against the developer, but that was thrown out because it passed the 35-day statute of limitations. Residents say they’ll move their fight to future development of other projects they deem not a fit for the community.

2 people charged with perjury have pleaded not guilty in Lake County court. Shannon Mick and Michael Alexander are accused in connection to a child custody case. The two both from Live Oak were arrested last fall after the DA’s office Perjury Investigation Unit found they had both lied in court in written statements and oral testimony. They’re fighting over a toddler, the dad filed for custody after he heard the 3 year old was being subjected to physical fighting and alcohol abuse between the mom, Mick, and her boyfriend, Alexander. Mick testifying in court that there had been no abuse or boozing. But a deputy who investigated, testified otherwise. Mick claimed her lawyer forged documents on her behalf too. The two are again saying they’re not guilty on all counts against them, they’re due back in court next week.

As more storms line up, road crews in Sonoma County are working feverishly to patch roads. 6 county roads west of Highway 101 were partially or totally closed because of floods or landslides. New potholes have been reported all over the county or old ones have gotten bigger. The county’s transportation and public works director says they’re working as quickly as possible but says most of the fixes are just temporary patches so the roads are driveable. County supervisors approved spending more than $11.5 million this fiscal year on road preservation, half of last year’s allocation.

Squatters have been making themselves at home in a home in Fort Bragg. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports four people living in the home illegally arrested Sunday afternoon. They report another person was arrested later the same day for burglarizing the house owned by a 78-year old woman from Red Bluff. A neighbor apparently told the owner there were people living there. Deputies arrested the 4 people, all there when they arrived and found stolen property from local burglaries, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Charges against the four include burglary, possession of stolen property, forgery and maintaining a residence where a controlled substance was used.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors says yes to forming a new municipal advisory council. After District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele requested the council, supervisors all voted yes for the Middle Region Town Hall in Lucerne. The council is formed for unincorporated areas of the county so they can let the board know about matters related to their region. The new council joins the others, the Middletown Area Town Hall, which was the first, starting in December 2006, the East Region 3 Town Hall, or EaRTH for the Clearlake Oaks area and the Cobb Area Council. There soon could be another, the West Region Town Hall, or WRTH, for Upper Lake, Nice, Blue Lakes and surrounding areas.

Firefighters in Oklahoma City got a unique call. A cow stuck in a pool. The firefighters get a call last Sunday from someone who reported hearing some sort of “snorting” in their swimming pool area. When they got there, they found there was a hole in the pool liner with a cow trapped underneath, in the water. They used pumps to take out around 5 feet of water from the pool so the cow didn’t get hypothermia. They then used a wrecker to pluck the nearly 1,500-pound animal from the pool. They say the cow was not hurt.


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