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2 men have been arrested in Kelseyville after reports of a man with a gun. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept and the CHP responded and found 3 people who say they saw two men, Ariel Santos and Mario Flores at a home where Flores had a gun and Santos argued with another person. They say the two eventually took off and as they left, they heard four gunshots. Deputies say they found the two soon after and found a loaded, 9 mm handgun that was stolen in September 2015 during a burglary in Lakeport. Flores and Santos were arrested for several charges. Later cops found there had been a shooting at Kelseyville High with no injuries, but they found nine pounds of processed pot, 45 flowering marijuana plants, ammo and another gun near the school. The 2 were finally taken to jail and booked on more charges including negligent discharge of a firearm in a school zone, possession of stolen firearm and obstructing or resisting a peace officer in the performance of their duties.

A man in Willits has been arrested on a felony warrant. Police say a deputy witnessed multiple traffic violations so they stopped the car and found he had contact with the driver in the past. Jack Owsley was arrested for the felony warrant on probation violations. He was booked into the Mendocino County Jail and held on no-bail.

Record breaking crowds reported for the Women’s March in Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports as many as 2,000 people gathered Saturday in Alex R. Thomas Jr. Plaza in a sister march to hundreds around the world. The organizers for the local march told the newspaper they had way more than expected, numbers were counted by a local Pastor’s husband there with his video camera. The paper reports there were women, men, seniors and families in the rain which held off as speakers took to the Plaza before the march to the courthouse. There was chanting and peaceful protesting with no arrests reported.

A woman in Ukiah’s dead after a tree fell on her apartment building over the weekend. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority reports they got a call Saturday morning after the oak tree crashed into the building, crushing three bedrooms and damaging several vehicles. The tree pinned a woman in one of the bedrooms after it crashed through the roof of the building. A man in bed with her was uninjured and helped their toddler child out. The 3 year old was also unharmed. Another child was not at home at the time. The fire dept. warns the public to have trees near their homes checked. They say the extended drought has possibly weakened roots of large trees, then the recent rains saturated soil which risks unhealthy trees falling.

A nearly 2 million dollar grant has been awarded to the City of Lakeport for a street improvement project. The $1.87 million Active Transportation Program (ATP) money is for the Hartley Street Safer Route to School Project. The project will put in improvements on Hartley Street for student safety for kids walking to school. There will be sidewalk and crosswalk fixes, new radar feedback signs to slow traffic and reduce reckless speeds on Hartley Street. The Lake Area Planning Council (APC) partnered with the City for the grant. The first part of the work includes environmental studies that won’t start until 2019 with street construction starting in 2021.

A woman in Lakeport’s pleaded not guilty for a stabbing near Library Park. Elysia Sandoval was in court for the attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges after the December attack. Police say a witness saw three woman rush a man from behind and stab him. Court papers say when officers investigated the stabbing the victim told them there were 2 females drinking booze at the park as he walked passed. He says he looked at them, and Sandoval was offended by that and made some comments to the man and as he walked off, she assaulted him. Sandoval was arrested in Upper Lake that night and a juvenile who apparently handed her the knife was arrested a couple days later. Sandoval is due back in court Feb. 15th.

A man in Clearlake Oaks accused of murder has a court date set. The judge in the case of Ezequiel Junior Bravo set the preliminary hearing. He’s charged with murder, attempted murder and several other charges and enhancements for a November shooting in the Elem Colony. Bravo was accused of going to the home with a shotgun in search of his wife and shooting her aunt to death, injuring her mom and 2 others. She was not injured. The woman found dead when police arrived, a man and 6 year old, injured. One woman hit drove herself to the hospital. Bravo has his Preliminary Hearing on Feb. 8th.

The future of a proposed cell tower in Kelseyville is being discussed by the Lake County Board of Supervisors plus supes will consider hiring an outside lawyer for the sheriff due to a lawsuit. The board is first considering an appeal by Epic Wireless Group, on behalf of Verizon tomorrow morning after the Lake County Planning Commission denied a use permit for the 75-foot monopole cellular antennae in Kelseyville. They had been looking for a new location near Kelseyville High, but stopped negotiations after the school district wanted things included in a proposed contract, including more money and a shorter termination clause. The board also to talk about a lawyer for the Sheriff who’s being sued by the Lake County Correctional Officers Association because of a possible conflict of legal representation.

The Lakeport Police Department is reaching out to the public for help identifying a group of men they say assaulted two people at a bar over the weekend. Police say it happened Saturday night in front of Logans Bar in the 200 block of N. Main Street. The police chief says when officers arrived they saw an unconscious man bleeding on the sidewalk near the entrance to the bar, going in and out of consciousness, with signs of severe head trauma. They reported a second victim with cuts to his face and an arm injury. Officers say the victims were attacked by 10-12 men who severely beat them. They have not mentioned any leads on the suspects and say there were gone by the time they arrived. They’re asking anyone with info to call the police department or report it on their Facebook page.

Widespread flu cases have been reported in the state. The California Department of Public Health’s Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith reports it’s more severe than last year. There’s been one death of a child in Riverside County. Dr. Smith says that’s a tragic reminder the flu is a serious illness for all ages and kills thousands of Americans a year. With a reminder to get the flu shot. The state says they’ve had 14 reports of flu related deaths since the start of flu season. She also reports hospitals being hit hard with cases and stays for pneumonia and influenza. The Health Dept. reports Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Northern California say the week ending Jan. 7th was at 10.2 percent, the highest level recorded in 10 years.

A trucker has an accident and loses his marbles, literally… Indiana State Police report a truck in the Indianapolis area that had been carrying 38,000 pounds of marbles lost its trailer Saturday on a highway. The marbles spilled out onto the shoulder and in the median. There were no injuries reported but police had to close down one lane of traffic while the area was cleared of the marbles.

A sailor finally gets a response to a message in a bottle he sent out, more than 3 decades ago. Then 19-year-old Ron Herbst, a petty officer in the Navy included his ship’s coordinates, his name, the date and his address. A couple found the bottle a year later on vacation in the Florida Keys and kept it, never trying to contact the sailor. But last year, when the couple was moving they decided to contact the sailor thru Facebook. He says he was stunned when they found him and plans to donate the bottle to Pensacola’s Naval Aviation Museum.


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