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A man from Willits has been arrested for possession of drugs and metal knuckles. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports officers on patrol saw Rudolph Esquivel, who they knew from previous contact, and knew he was on parole with a suspended drivers license. They searched his car and found drugs, metal knuckles, and drug paraphernalia so they arrested him. He’s charged with a parole violation, possession of metal knuckles, possession of drugs and driving with a suspended license. He was held over the weekend with no bail.

A man from Roseville’s arrested in Willits for having a stolen car and drugs. Mendocino County deputies near the Sherwood Valley Casino saw two people rummaging thru a car. They told police they were looking thru their own personal property, but one could not provide proof he owned the car. Deputies say they found a home made "billy club" so they arrested one of the men, Michael Voris for Possession of a Billy Club. He was held on $15,000.00 bail.

Governor Jerry Brown’s office say he has to have more treatment for prostate cancer. Brown’s oncologist at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center says Brown can be treated with a short course of radiation with no expected significant side effects. He says the Governor’s prognosis is excellent. He’s still at work FT and will continue to be during his treatment which is expected the end of next month, into early March.

Verizon has won an appeal so it can put up a cell tower in Kelseyville. After several meetings, appeals and continuations, Epic Wireless on behalf of Verizon will get its permit for a new cell tower. The Lake County Board of Supervisors has voted 4-1 to uphold the appeal from Epic to put the monopole tower up on 17 acres. The permit was denied by the Lake County Planning Commission after public comment and finding the property didn’t meet the county’s zoning ordinance requirements. But last week the board agreed more cell coverage was needed for emergency response and community safety. An updated design has the tower at 64 feet, the lowest they can erect a cell tower. Epic says it will cover the 19-square-mile service gap on a three-mile stretch of Highway 29.

California’s new Attorney General Xavier Becerra agreeing with more than a dozen other attorneys general against Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. The other chief legal officers include from New York, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. The group put out a joint statement that they represent more than 130 million Americans and foreign residents of the U-S. They called President Trump’s order unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful. Several federal courts ordered a stay of the executive order Saturday after hundreds were detained at airports and protests began. Becerra called the order “constitutional overreach."

Nearly a year and a half after the Valley Fire, FEMA’s Manufactured Housing Program is closing down. The Office of Emergency Services got an extension until the fall but it doesn’t cover anyone renting homes that were destroyed. So they have to leave the homes they’re in by March 22nd. Seven of 28 families who’ve been renting the mobile homes have been told they have to leave or they’ll have to pay rent, penalties or face eviction. The County’s reporting reaching out to those renting the homes and most have apparently made other housing arrangements. Those who don’t have other arrangements are said to be working with Supervisor Brown to do so.

Congressman Mike Thompson says Americans have a right to know signups for Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act continue through the end of the month. The White House announced they would stop all advertising and outreach through, but open enrollment lasts through January 31st. Thompson says it’s irresponsible to try to keep Americans in the dark. He says Americans have a right to know how they can still get coverage before the deadline. He says it’s already been paid for so to pull the plug on outreach is a waste of money and a callous disregard for those in need of healthcare.

Lawmakers in Calif. make a move to be the first in the nation to add another gender marker for driver’s licenses, birth certificates and state IDs. The Gender Recognition Act of 2017 would put “non-binary” as well as male and female on official state documents so transgender people could change them if they choose. Transgender and civil rights activists support the bill saying it would make a huge difference in the lives and safety of those who don’t identify as a man or women or the gender they were assigned at birth. But many Republican legislators said to be against the bill.

The state says they can now demand Monsanto put a label on its popular weed-killer Roundup to show it can cause cancer. This would make Calif. the first state for such labeling. But Monsanto sued claiming California based its decision on an international health organization based in France. They also say it will cause immediate financial consequences for them and that they would lose business. The ruling is tentative and Monsanto says they’ll fight it. The pesticide is sold in as many as 160 countries. In Calif. it’s used on 250 different types of crops.

A man on death row in San Quentin has suddenly died of unknown causes. The State Prison says David Majors, who was sentenced to death in 1991, died Thursday at a nearby hospital. He was found guilty back then of robbery and first-degree murder for a triple murder. He and an accomplice came to Sacramento to buy meth, from AZ. They stole some methamphetamine, money and jewelry. The last execution in Calif. was back in 2006.

P, G & E has to pay a 3 million dollar fine plus run commercials on TV that shows its pipeline safety after a fatal natural-gas explosion in the San Francisco Bay Area. The judge also ordered the utility’s employees to go thru 10,000 hours of community service plus they have to have an independent monitor overseeing the safety of its gas pipeline system. The punishment connected to the 2010 explosion in San Bruno where eight people were killed and 38 homes were destroyed.

The first ever joint Congressional Assembly town hall had a packed house. 2nd District Congressman Jared Huffman and Assemblymenber Jim Wood spoke to about 450 constituents Friday talking about several items of concern including the environment and immigration. Wood and Huffman promised the crowd they’d fight for Californians thru bipartisan action. Other local leaders were at the meeting at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center, including county Supervisor John McCowen, Ukiah Vice Mayor Kevin Doble, and Willits Mayor Gerry Gonzalez. Huffman says he’s trying to focus on positive actions to counter negativity from the White House. They spoke about immigration a day before the president’s refugee ban started in earnest. They talked about climate change, social security and the impending repeal of Obamacare.

State Sen. Mike McGuire has put forward a new bill to stop marijuana businesses from using the name of a California county or name similar to it if their product was not actually grown there. Sen. McGuire says it adds some clauses to existing law and will further protect counties from companies “improperly capitalizing” on their name. He says it’s a similar action to one fought years ago by the wine industry. It prevents companies and individuals from profiting off marketing claims that are false. He says it’s about truth in labeling. His bill expands wording already noted in Proposition 64 and the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act so that a product cannot have a similar sounding name to mislead consumers.

A man in Ohio busted for burglary apparently cleaned up before being caught. Cops in Youngstown say a homeless man brought his own food to cook too. The man’s charged with burglary and breaking and entering after being found in a woman’s home. She says the guy ransacked her home and there was food everywhere and her stove was used. She also says he left water running then she found him in her shower.

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