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After former Supervisor Tom Woodhouse resigned, the board of supervisors endorsed another former Supervisor John Pinches to take over. But Pinches says he’s not planning to run for the seat in 2018. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors sent a letter to the Gov. to put Pinches in Woodhouse’s seat, but the letter also stated he wouldn’t be running for the seat. The Daily Journal reports the supervisors wanted Woodhouse, because they thought if they put someone else in the seat who wanted to run in 2018, it would give them a better chance at winning, something they think would be unfair. Pinches is one of a ½ dozen people who put their names up to take Woodhouse’s seat.

Police in Ukiah say two people report being attacked by three men. A woman told police she was attacked Saturday while walking in the area of McPeak and Jones streets. She says she heard yelling behind her and when she turned around three men were coming at her. She says one threw her to the ground and yelled at her as another stole her wallet and hat. She says she pulled one of the attackers down, then she got up and ran home. She says they were all white men in their 20’s. Police say they got a similar call from a man saying he was assaulted too by someone who punched him in the back of his head, then three men assaulted him. He says when he fought back, one pulled out a semi-automatic handgun. Someone passing by yelled at them and threatened to call police, so the suspects grabbed the victim’s bag and took off. He described them as younger men, one maybe Hispanic and another possibly African-American.

Expansion time for the old Walmart in Clearlake. The big box store open since 1994 will get a complete facelift. The expansion is going thru the Environment Impact Report right now and work won’t start for a couple years. They’re growing it by 39,000 square feet so it will be nearly 150,000 square feet. They’re adding new floor space, and a full service grocery department with a bakery and deli. They’re also said to be considering a liquor store, medical and/or vision clinic and possibly adding other retailers. The environmental impact report will go to public review and to the Planning Commission sometime this winter or early spring. The new store will be a 24/7 operation and management says they may be able to add up to 80 new jobs.

A lot of rain, in fact, record breaking, but officials in Calif. are not saying the drought is over. The Sierra Nevada Snowpack is at 177% of its historic average. It’s been five years of drought with strict conservation, but 25 feet of new snow has hit the Lake Tahoe region. The state Department of Water Resources will measure the monthly snowpack today, but the agency reports 108% of the April 1st historic average in Kern County and there’s still two more months of winter to go. State officials say they don’t think the Governor will decide right away to amend or rescind the state’s emergency drought declaration from January 2014 until April.

A new climate bill being considered would mean developers would have to add a so-called social cost of greenhouse gas emissions to their projects. AB 262 would mean more development of low-carbon industrial products. That from Assemblyman Rob Bonta of Oakland, the co-sponsor of the bill. If the bill passes as is, it means those bidding on a job would have to show how much greenhouse gasses it will emit during manufacturing and moving industrial materials. The bill is backed by clean-air and environmental justice advocates and United Steelworkers District 12.

An event set with a writer from an Alt-Right website for Cal Berkeley got canceled, then riots broke out on the streets. The San Francisco Chronicle reports Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart news was set for a talk at the UC campus, but after outcry it was canceled. Then hundreds of protestors spilled into the streets, confronting drivers and lighting fires and smashing windows of businesses. Yiannopoulus touts himself as a gay conservative who goes around the country giving quote, “Dangerous Faggot” talks. The talk was canceled a couple hours before its planned start due to earlier protests that got out of control. Campus police say five people were injured. No arrests were made. In response to the violence President Trump tweeted he might take federal funding from the campus for not allowing free speech and allowing violence on innocent people with a different point of view.

A former Charles Manson follower may soon get out of prison after a parole panel recommended release, but it’s up to the gov. Four previous parole recommendations were blocked by Governor’s in Calif for now 74 year old Bruce Davis. He’s held at the Calif. Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo where he’s serving life for the 1969 murders of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald "Shorty" Shea. Parole board’s have previously and are currently stating Davis is no longer a threat, so now it’s up to Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown has five months to consider the recommendation, which he has previously said no to. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger before him said Davis was still too dangerous to be free.

Several hundred Google employees had to be evacuated out of two buildings in Mountain View because of a broken gas line. Apparently a contractor hit the 2 inch gas line while trying to clear a blocked drain line. A strong odor of gas permeated the area soon after. The buildings were evacuated by firefighters and Google employee emergency response teams. A clamp was used to stop the flow by PG&E crews who were still working on the line late yesterday. A couple streets that were closed near the Google campus have been reopened.

A former UC Santa Cruz student is being paid more than one million dollars as a settlement after she said a professor raped her in 2015. The student claimed school officials did nothing to stop the professor who she says they knew had a history of going after students and did nothing to stop him. The claim says another student was also involved in the woman’s assault. Her lawyer says it may be the largest award to an individual in a campus sexual assault case. The student, Luz Portillo says she wants her name public so anyone else who may have been assaulted would know they were not alone.

An inmate at a men’s prison, the first to have a state-funded sex-reassignment surgery has been moved to a women’s prison. The California corrections department says 57 year old Shiloh Heavenly Quine was taken to the Central California Women’s Facility yesterday near Fresno. She’s been living as a woman since 2009, but had been in the men’s prison. She’s serving a life sentence for murder. She had the sex reassignment surgery in December. Calif. the first state with standards for transgender inmates who got the surgery. The state also setting precedent by providing transgender female inmates in men’s prisons things like nightgowns, scarves and necklaces.

28 children rescued and more than 470 people have been rounded up in the state in a huge human trafficking case. The Los Angeles County Sheriff says it was a three day operation with 30 law enforcement agencies across the state last week. Undercover cops dressed like prostitutes hanging on street corners and others who posted ads online were part of the sting. They arrested three dozen on suspicion of being pimps. Police say the rescued kids were being sexually exploited and were offered to adults for sex.

Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies are on the lookout for man they say led them on a chase in Nice. The man’s described as white and heavyset, wearing a black baseball cap with a yellow bill. He was last seen in the area of Gardner and Lakeview streets. They say if you see him not to contact him but instead call 911.

The inaugural Lake County Ag and Natural Resources Day will be held at the Lake County Fairgrounds in March. The event will offer kids from kindergarten through sixth grade and special education students some hands-on learning opportunities about all things agriculture and natural resources including where their food comes from. It’s being put together by the Lake County Fair Foundation, Lake County Farm Bureau and the University of California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources division and 4-H. It will be held Thursday, March 16 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

Officials at a Dutch zoo trying out a new project for Orangutans, a Tinder like dating app. Tinder is a way to meet people on your smart phone, now researchers at the Apenheul primate park, are investigating emotional responses of orangutans and bonobos when they see pictures of their same species on a touch screen. A biologist at the primate park says the screen could show them an ape’s preference between prospective mates for breeding. They say they hope it helps them figure out a pairing for the animals.


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