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A bigger Ice Rink for Ukiah is approved. The City Council has unanimously said yes to the holiday ice rink again, but adding some length. But one councilmember noted hearing from some community members that the rink was in the way of the Farmers Market. The rink under the covered pavilion at the Alex R. Thomas Jr. Plaza where market vendors and customers congregate in the winter, but the rink took over the spot for five weeks. The manager of the Farmers Market saying they were out in the rain which wasn’t good for business. He sent some letters to the city, looking for an alternate covered area.

Police in Ukiah say they’re unsure if two assaults last weekend were related. Three men attacking a woman and a man separately a few hours apart. Police say it would be rare if the two incidents were related and that it’s unfortunate they were both reported a day after they happened. As we reported a woman reported being attacked by three young white men, and a man said he was attacked by three men with one of them possibly being Hispanic and another possibly African-American. The attacks last Friday night, one in the 500 block of Cypress Avenue around 7 p.m., the other around 9-30 near McPeak and Jones streets. The man reported seeing a semi-automatic gun during his attack.

The Lake County Fire District trying to raise money thru a ballot measure for more staff and services. If it passes, Measure D money would allow for the full time staffing of the Lower Lake Fire Station and mean a faster response time which could help to lower fire insurance premiums. Measure D asks for more Fire Fees on property tax bills, just like they’re taken now. It would appear on the ballot March 7th and could go into effect as soon as July 1st. The last time there was a Fire District tax was in 1997. Firefighters have been visiting the public to talk about their tax increase. They report downsizing staff over the years while also going from 1,100 calls a year, to 5,200.

A petition campaign has started for a public bank so people buying marijuana products can use a credit card. Commonomics USA started the petition so a legal precedent can be set for the public bank to open in Santa Rosa. They’re calling it the “North Coast Public Bank project” and say it will cost less than $200,000 to set up as a “local remedy” for safety issues in the cash-only cannabis business. The petition asks the state Board of Equalization to start the policy of having a central, state enforced manager of cannabis business revenue. The board administers sales and use, fuel, alcohol, tobacco and other taxes . Once they have enough signatures on the petition, it’ll go to the State Treasurer and California Board of Equalization Chair.

The Little Lake Fire Department is looking for a new home. The department’s board of directors says after the recent heavy storms and an insurance review, they need to move. They apparently lost their insurance on the current location. The board met at the building before their January 10th meeting and noted the structure appeared to be deteriorating with a leaky roof. The insurance company said the building had little replacement value because of how old it is and its shape. The cost of a new firehouse has been pegged at about $2.5 to $3 million. So the board of directors is considering bringing the idea to voters and is considering an ad-hoc committee to study their options. The next meeting on Valentine’s Day to continue discussions.

Congressman Mike Thompson speaking out about the Trump administration rolling back a federal restriction on guns for the mentally ill. Thompson’s the chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, and a gun owner himself. He took to the floor to speak out against the resolution that prohibits the Social Security Administration from reporting names of people who cannot responsibly own a firearm to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Thompson says passing the resolution would put Americans at risk, by allowing the Social Security Administration to stop reporting names of people who should not have a gun indefinitely.

Fire investigators still trying to figure out why a fire started at a home in Kelseyville that killed two family pets. The home in Riviera Heights practically destroyed by the fire, heat and smoke Tuesday night. The Kelseyville Fire Dept. reports a woman and her daughter came home to find the home in flames and called 911. Firefighters started in the kitchen then took out flames in the living room. A dog and cat died in the fire that nearly gutted the entire home.

More than 150 oak trees are being felled in Windsor to make way for a giant apartment complex. Some old growth trees and others in ill health being taken out so the 387-unit apartment complex can be put up in their place. There had been public outcry about the removal of the trees a couple years ago so the developer agreed to take down 50 less trees. They expect to start the construction in March. About 157 of 274 oak trees are being removed. The project manager says about half are in poor health of have other hazardous structural issues. They will also plant 267 new oaks. So there will nearly be 400 oaks in all.

A mosque in Roseville the latest to be vandalized. It’s the second in Northern Calif. in less than two weeks. The Tarbiya Institute was spray-painted with racist or obscene slurs. The institute has only been open about six months northeast of Sacramento. They have a few hundred members. A police spokesperson says they’re investigating the vandalism as a hate crime. Surveillance video shows a woman shattering windows and putting uncooked bacon on a door handle at a mosque in Davis. Police there say that was a hate crime because Muslims are encouraged not to eat pork.

The Sierra Snowpack at a record measurement. Yesterday state water managers trekked up to the measurement point with reporters for their annual report. They put rods into snow drifts and measured it at 173 percent of average, which they says is the most snow since 1995. The overall snowpack provides a third of the state’s water supply year round. As we reported yesterday, it’s expected Gov. Jerry Brown will wait until the end of the rainy season to decide if he’ll lift the drought-emergency.

In response to President Trump’s promise to build a wall next to the Mexican border, a popular miniature world attraction put up a wall around the United States. Operators of Miniatur Wunderland put up the wall with barbed wire this week, separating the U.S. from the rest of the world. The site is said to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hamburg that has a huge indoor model railway that stretches across two floors. The staff decided the U-S display needed changes to reflect current developments. They say they’re just encouraging visitors to imagine what happens “when we build ideological walls around our countries.”

A man wanted for failing to register as a sex offender in Lake County has been caught. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says Lawrence Clayton Jelks was found and arrested by Clearlake Police Wednesday and taken to the Lake County Jail with bail set at $35,000. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office thanks the public for tips that helped to find Jelks.

Two doctors are checking out a man charged with arson and attempted murder after a fire at a residential care home last week. The docs to determine if Anthony Conley is competent to stand trial for the fire at the San Sousee adult care facility in Clearlake where he was a resident. San Sousee is a state-licensed adult residential facility for those with mental health issues. His lawyer raised doubts about Conley’s competency, so the judge order he be examined. He’s due back in court at the end of the month when the doctor’s report will be presented. Conley remains in the Lake County Jail with bail set at $800,000.

Homeowners with losses from the Rocky, Valley and Jerusalem fires can request more time to get insurance money. The Board of Supervisors reminding homeowners the 24 month deadline to receive insurance money happens this summer. California Insurance Code calls for a minimum of 24 months to be able to make claims, but nothing in the code prohibits the insurer from allowing you more time. County staff has verified with the California Department of Insurance that homeowners who don’t expect to be able to meet the 24-month deadline can request an extension for ‘good cause’ from their insurance company. You do need to file a Request for Assistance with the California Department of Insurance.


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