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Enrollment for 4th and 5th graders is open for Ukiah kids at Eagle Peak Middle School. The magnet school for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The enrollment for the 2017-18 school year. The school focused hands-on activities to help prepare students for high school, college, and employment in high-demand and high-paying careers. The principal inviting interested families to three informational meetings: tomorrow night at 6 at Frank Zeek Elementary, Thursday at 6 at Yokayo Elementary and then again March 21st at 6 at Eagle Peak. They’ll be accepting about 40 more students.

A new member of the Ukiah Valley Sanitation District is blaming the former city manager for the multi-million dollar lawsuit, saying it was due to a lack of communication. The Daily Journal reports John Sakowicz saying the former city manager, Jane Chambers, didn’t take any calls from the Sanitation District for one to two years. He told the City Council at their meeting last week that he thinks the only reason a lawsuit was ever filed was to just get the city’s attention. Sakowicz started on the Sanitation District’s board Jan. 19th and didn’t say he was speaking on the board’s behalf, but it was his opinion. The board and the city jointly own the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Lake County’s got quite the feral cat problem. The Record Bee reports many stray cats that wonder lost are not fixed. Animal Assist and Rescue says it’s become an epidemic. The nonprofit working with others to help with the issue, offering low to no cost spay and neuter services. A Clearlake pet pantry offering free pet food for low income families and survivors of the Rocky, Valley and Clayton fires so they get their animals neutered or spayed. Besides spay and neuter clinics, there are also adoptions. Right now anyone who adopts a cat thru Animal Assist and Rescue gets a free vet visit.

Clearlake is looking for new blood on the Planning Commission. The City Council will appoint the new members to the commission which hears land use applications, then decides if they should be granted. The commission gets the applications after they go to the city council, then advise the council on the same. The Planning Commission seats go until March 2021 and those chosen get a $25/mo stipend. For those interested, the deadline to apply is Feb. 16th. You can find more info on the City of Clearlake website.

Fish in Clearlake have higher mercury levels. The Press Dem. reports guidelines set by the State office of Environmental Assessment says not to eat too many largemouth bass. Those guidelines are posted at public boat ramps at the lake. The newspaper reports women of child-bearing age and kids are being told not to eat any largemouth bass from Clear Lake and to seriously limit the amount of fish they do eat to just one serving a week. More than 50 lakes in Calif. have more than one fish species with levels of mercury that are too high. That according to a 2007 California Water Resources Control Board survey of more than 200 of the most popular fishing lakes. More recent studies by Big Valley Rancheria with Fish and Wildlife researchers in 2015 showed 14 of 20 fish sampled had above normal mercury levels and some largemouth bass had more than five times the acceptable level.

A massive heroin and meth ring has been broken up in Santa Rosa. Police say they arrested four men, including Artemio Sandoval-Rivera, who they suspect was the leader of the drug ring. Two other men they say were probably working for Sandoval‑Rivera, including a brother, and a fourth were also arrested. They say the whole thing was a sophisticated Mexican national drug trafficking organization moving into Sonoma County. They say they think they sold about 1 pound of meth and a half-pound of heroin everyday for years. During the sting they turned up 3½ pounds of heroin and 3½ pounds of methamphetamine, $24,000 in cash and 5 pounds of pot.

A man has died after a weekend stabbing in Clearlake. Clearlake Police report getting a call early Saturday morning to the 14000 block of Walnut Avenue to a report of a stabbing victim. They say when they arrived they found a man with a stab wound to his neck. He was taken to St. Helena Hospital Clear Lake where he died. Detectives say they have a suspect who’s described at a white man, about 6-feet-tall, with a stocky, muscular build. There were witnesses, but apparently they only noticed he was wearing a baseball cap. Anyone with info is encouraged to call police.

A man from Philo has been arrested after a thrift store employee says they were kicked by the man as he went thru their trash. Police got a call last month to the Hospice Thrift Store on South State Street for the assault. The employee told police a transient was rifling through their outdoor trash, making a mess and when they asked him to stop, he tried to grab a bag from the employee, then kicked them. The employee was not hurt but wanted to press charges. The homeless man was cited, then released.

More artwork for the public eye in Ukiah. A group has decided one place for a new mural could be the side of the old Poma TV building at the corner of Church and School streets downtown. The Mendocino Arts Council is applying for a grant thru the California Arts Council. The grant pays for murals. The Art Center Ukiah is helping with the project which is limited to city owned spots as part of the Public Art Policy. They are also accepting donations to add to the kitty. They say they’ve already got about $7,000.

A man in Ukiah has been arrested after locking himself in a room at the mental health services center. Police say they got a call to the Crisis Services Center a couple weeks ago to a client who was probably high on meth and locked in a room. When they got into the room, they found the man taking his pants off and painting his toenails. He was arrested for being under the influence. Police say he struggled with them so they had to put him in leg restraints before booking him into the Mendocino County jail on suspicion of drug use and resisting arrest.

This is what nightmares are made of, a boy in Abilene Texas, finds a rattlesnake in a toilet. A snake removal expert says he got a call to the home last week after the boy lifted the toilet lid and found the snake’s head poking out of the water and the rest of it extended down the drain. Apparently it got there thru an exposed pipe. The kids mom chopped the snake’s head off, then the snake expert found nearly 2 dozen more in the home’s storm cellar and under the home.


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