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With the rain comes another Flood Warning. The National Weather Service and the California Department of Water Resources are warning rivers in Mendocino County could rapidly rise due to the latest storm. The Navarro River at Navarro is rising quickly and could flood later this afternoon. The warning so residents don’t try to drive across any flooded roads or streets. The Flood Warning for the Navarro this morning into tonight or whenever forecasters end it. As of 4-30 this morning the river was at 13.6 feet with flood stage about a foot away. They say it could flood out around 2 PM this afternoon, but that it will most likely recede around 4 PM this afternoon.

Three Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office police dogs are getting new body armor thanks to a donation from the non-profit – Vested Interest. K9’s Cam, Ruddick, & Doc Holiday are getting bullet and stab protective vests made possible by private donations to Vested Interest from the Hausman Family Foundation, Bruce Crist of Monterey, and Robin Doerr Russell of Sonoma. Mendocino K9 Unit Sergeant Joey DeMarco says they go into some dangerous situations, like illegal marijuana grows, SWAT call-outs, tracking fleeing felons and parole and probation searches and he’s glad his K9 partner "RUDDICK" will have virtually the same protection he does when going into a situation where there is a known armed suspect.

A Saturday night domestic violence call in Ukiah apparently started by a man not wanting his wife to talk on the phone. Deputies went to the home where the woman reported her husband Kyle Mitts became upset and tried to get her off the phone but when she didn’t hang up he grabbed her and threw her to the ground and began to choke her. The woman was able to kick Mitts off her and tried to run but he caught her and started choking her again, this time, she said, nearly unconscious. Mitts arrested for felony domestic violence battery and was being held in the jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

A community panel says they want the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office to stop cooperating with Immigration agents. The panel says they want the Sheriff to command jail staff to release illegal immigrants instead of holding them for possible deportation. The panel says they want the sheriff to protect and serve everyone. This is the first major work the newly formed Community Advisory Council has done since being put together in December. They work with the Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach. The group wants the Sheriff’s office to stop allowing ICE officers to see detention files which can show they’re from another country and not legal citizens. Right now the Sheriff’s office responds to all ICE requests.

An elderly and fragile woman has been saved by firefighters after her home caught fire in Clearlake. Fire officials arrived to find the stove and cabinets in the kitchen ablaze. Lake County Fire and Cal Fire were on the scene as the home filled with smoke and the fire spread. The woman was found in a hospital bed. Firefighters were able to remove her from the home and she was taken to a hospital to be checked out for smoke inhalation. Firefighters say they were able to contain the fire to one room and there was minimal damage.

More amendments are being considered by the Lakeport Planning Commission related to the marijuana laws. The meeting tomorrow night at Lakeport City Hall where the main topic will be potential amendments and revisions to the zoning of the city where it relates to noncommercial marijuana cultivation for personal use and medical marijuana cultivation as they relate to Proposition 64. A working group put together with two city council members, the city manager, city attorney, police chief and community development director have all looked at the potential language for the city’s municipal code. Now they bring it to the commission. The meeting tomorrow evening at 5.

California is joining several other states who have filed a legal brief against the federal government’s travel ban. Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed the friend-of-the-court brief yesterday in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the State of Washington v. Trump case. The so-called amicus brief joined by 14 other states and the District of Columbia. Becerra says it shows that immigrants are the “life-blood of the United States”, saying they work hard to build the country, especially in California. He says the state is going to keep working with like-minded states to fight the travel ban denying the rights of law-abiding people so they can travel freely here and abroad.

Democratic leaders in Calif. speak out after President Trump says Calif. is out of control and he may try to withhold federal funds. The state Legislature says Calif. has had strong job growth and has a massive economy that has important contributions to the U-S as a whole. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon says if that’s out of control, he says other states should be more like Calif. The statement after Pres. Trump spoke on Fox News speaking on the state being a sanctuary for people living in the country illegally, calling that "ridiculous." He says the state receives a lot of money from the federal government. The California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon says in actuality, the state contributes more to the federal government than the other way around.

A massive amount of new applications for the Affordable Care Act in Calif. Covered California reports more than 386,000 new people signed up for coverage. The number was higher, at more than 400,000, but some backed out before finalizing their application before the deadline. A spokesman for Covered California says the actual enrollment matched their projections even though the year over year enrollment was a notch lower. Total enrollment is at more than 1.5 million if those who signed up continue after automatic re-enrollment.

A San Francisco Sheriff’s deputy in trouble with her superiors for giving her duty pistol to a former inmate but saying it was stolen in a phony robbery at her home. April Myres has been arrested in the case after a gun found in the car of a former inmate was traced back to her. She was apparently in a relationship with the ex-inmate, Antoine Fowler while he was behind bars. Court papers say Myres filed a claim with her insurance company about some of her personal items being stolen, including her handgun. But when her home was searched, some of the stolen items were actually there. She could get up to 20 years in prison if she’s convicted.

A Cheeto that looked a lot like the dead gorilla Harambe pulled in some major cash on ebay. The bids for the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto started at just $11.99 on Jan. 28th, but soon shot up to the winning bid of $99,900. In the listing, there was a picture that resembled the gorilla. The actual gorilla Harambe was killed last May after he dragged a small boy around who got into his pen. Handlers at the Cincinnati Zoo shot him to death.

A man in Bakersfield is recovering after a doctor removed a human sized tumor from the man’s belly after another doc told him he was just fat. The 130-pound tumor would hang from below Roger Logan’s belt when he sat down. The 57 year old says doctors assured him he was just fat, but the non-cancerous growth would hit the floor if he sat down. The doctor who removed it says it was probably an ingrown hair that got infected, swelled up and started its own blood supply. He had it more than 10 years. Last week the man walked for the first time in years.


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