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Heavy rain flooded several roads in Lake County. Clear Lake was at nearly flood stage yesterday at 8.73 feet Rumsey and was forecasted to pass the 9-foot Rumsey flood stage on Thursday. The National Weather Service has forecast rains to keep coming down with a heavy downpour expected tonight into tomorrow morning. Showers were expected thru Friday with clearing predicted Saturday through Tuesday. The Lakeport Public Works Director was in touch with the City Council saying they were preparing for the lake to be well over flood stage, maybe to 9.5 feet Rumsey. There could be more flooding though, he says they’re keeping their eye on possible flooding in that city’s sewer system and at the Willopoint trailer park and resort.

A complaint’s been filed against Mendocino County regarding the newly passed Marijuana Tax. The lawsuit claims Measure AI which was approved by the voters did not have the required 2/3 majority required for special taxes. The county says the measure is a special tax. The plaintiffs are county residents. They ask the court to clarify declarations that the tax was a special tax which is supposed to get a super-majority and that AI and Measure AJ were schemes to get around the super-majority which would be prohibited by the California Constitution.

Lake County is looking for a new location for its over-crowded courthouse after the site the county had its eyes on near Vista Point went over budget. The State Administrative Office of the Court has been in touch with the county to look for new locales including property in No. Lakeport across from the Hill Road jail and on Bevins Court, across from the Health Services Department. Right now the court is in the county building. The County Administrative Officer says a jail expansion project was canceled so the property nearby could be a fit. She also says the Health Services dept. can move so that’s another location that could work. The new courthouse will include four courtrooms, a leased Record Storage Annex and the court administration. Right now they’re looking at a completion date of around winter 2020.

A new count of the homeless in Lake County shows there are more than 450 homeless individuals and families. More than 80 questioned in the survey said they had been living in a home before the fires of 2015 and 2016. The county’s Continuum of Care for the Homeless count finished late last month. The PIT survey shows how many homeless people eligible for federal funding there are in the State. The money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other agencies. The numbers will be analyzed by students from Pacific Union College. During the count, volunteers offered flu shots, HIV/Hepatitis C testing, dog food and supplies, sandwiches and water/coffee. The survey was confidential.

A woman from Clearlake with several outstanding warrants has admitted several crimes in court. Nicole White had five outstanding misdemeanor warrants for forgery, possession of stolen property, theft and driving on a suspended license. She’s also charged with Forgery, Driving with Suspended/ Revoked License (DUI) and Driving with Suspended License (Refusal of Chemical Test-DUI). She pleaded no contest to 3 charges and admitted 5 others. It all comes after a call to police about a stolen laptop at a kids clothing store where White was seen on surveillance video tucking the computer under her coat. She was put on summary probation for three years and has to serve 90 days in jail with 17 days credit.

Mendocino County’s poised to apply for state money to go towards new housing, health services and rehab programs for inmates. The Board of Supervisors approved having staff send in the application to the state prison board for $25 million from a state bond program. Apparently that’s the most small counties can ask for. Since Mendocino is considered a small county, it can contribute less to the match required. The county says its got a bit over $1 million so far. The application to be sent at the end of the month and if it’s approved, the county could get rolling on construction around spring of 2020.

A man from Gualala has been killed after his truck slammed into a tree. The CHP reports the 30-year-old man was in his 2006 Toyota Tacoma Monday when his truck left the roadway for unknown reasons. They say he went onto the shoulder then made a sharp right turn, hit the road again and crashed into the tree. They’ve identified the victim as Luis Ferreyra. He died at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The CHP says the man did not have a seatbelt on, and they don’t think he was high or drunk. He was alone in the crash.

Instead of saying Sanctuary City, Santa Rosa unanimously decided to dub itself an “indivisible city” to show support for undocumented immigrants. Apparently some city council members didn’t want to say sanctuary due to concern residents would think they could get protection the city couldn’t offer. The Mayor says he hopes it doesn’t take away from their goal of sending a message to residents that they are valued members of society and that they are supported by their city. He says it’s the intent of the city to protect all of its citizens. Some residents at the meeting spoke out though, saying they wanted the term sanctuary used to send a defiant message to federal officials.

Lake County staff is updating an urgency ordinance the Board of Supervisors approved last month. The board approved updates yesterday regarding boating speeds on the lake, something considered because of Clear Lake’s high water and due to debris from recent storms. The Water Resources Director had a modification for the Ordinance which had restricted boat speeds to 5 miles an hour while the lake was above 7.9 feet Rumsey. But last night the lake was at nearly 9 feet which it’s supposed to reach later today. So far one tournament had to be canceled because of the lake level. So the water resources director says instead there should be a no wake zone so the economy’s not affected. But the Sheriff says they’ve had to warn people to slow down on the lake. The board approved the new wording ahead of several tournaments scheduled on the lake.

Those in Cobb affected by the Valley Fire have a workshop coming up on rebuilding. The workshop a week from Saturday at 10 a.m. at Cobb Elementary School by the Rebuild Advocacy Committee for the Cobb Area Council. They say they’ll have experts there to help residents who may be confused or overwhelmed about how to begin their rebuild. Anyone with concerns about property values, costs or the time it will take to rebuild are encouraged to come. For more information, call 707-533-9771… that number listed on this radio station’s website.

The rain forecasted to continue with heavy downpour at times all the way thru Friday. In Mendocino County the expected rainfall will be about 5 and a half inches in Laytonville, 3 inches in Fort Bragg, 2 and ¾ inches in Ukiah- and about 2.5 in Gualala. Forecasters also predict winds of up to 40-50 mph in coastal areas and above 1500 ft. They also warn to be alert to possible landslides and localized flooding. There was a slide yesterday that had closed the northbound side of the 101 around 10 miles north of Willits. Highway 128 was also closed on the coast yesterday and Hwy 175 was closed in Hopland. To check current road conditions, visit the Cal Trans or the Dept. of Transportation website and search Mendocino or Lake Counties.


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