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The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors had a lively crowd at their meeting to discuss zoning for legal marijuana gardens. Those who have title to a single parcel, also known as “tenants in common” get to grow on several sites on that parcel, but the sites can only be a total of 10,000 square feet. The chamber was filled with those for and those against stricter regulations. The board also approved several regulations from the county Planning Commission with some modifications. They agreed to stricter regulations they say so there are less illegal grows.

Rezoning has been approved in Ukiah so a potential housing complex can be built. The City Council says yes to the rezone on the small vacant parcel near Home Depot, including potentially high density residential housing. It’s on the corner of North Orchard and Clara avenues. Apparently the lot was supposed to be part of a Kmart store. No one commented on the idea to change the zoning to accommodate housing so it was approved. They will take up the matter again next week for final approval.

A special joint meeting’s been called by the Fort Bragg City Council and Planning Commission on the Georgia Pacific Mill Site Specific Plan. The plan’s been stalled so the meeting called to spur things on again. The document hanging for about 15 years. Right now the site’s zoned for Timber Resources Industrial, so a lumber mill is all that’s operating there. The city’s looking to utilize some of the space though for other purposes. The mayor says about a half dozen businesses have shown some interest in the property.

The Fort Bragg Post Office is changing up hours. They’re closing during the evening which means those with postal boxes won’t be able to access their box during off hours. So instead of 24/7 hours, the lobby’s going to be open to the public from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and closed Sunday effective Monday. The postmaster says it’s something that’s being done around the country. She also says they’ve been dealing with a severe problem with homeless folk making themselves home inside the lobby.

The Flood Warning for the Navarro River continues as the rain slows. The National Weather Service reports the warning for the Navarro affecting Mendocino County is still on as water levels start slowly receding through the day. The warning until 12:35p or if they should cancel it sooner. We will of course let you know… The river at 26.9 feet this morning with minor flooding forecast. Flood Stage is 23.0 feet. Forecasters say it should get back to flood stage this morning and down to just about 8.5 feet by Monday morning.

A local Indian tribe is working with a Republican in Congress instead of Jared Huffman to get its reservation next to Windsor approved. The Press Democrat reports the Lytton Pomos in Sonoma County working with Jeff Denham a Republican from Turlock to hopefully push their reservation through. The newspaper reports this comes even as Congressman Huffman tried pushing thru the same legislation 2 years ago. Now Denham will push the Lytton Rancheria Homeland Act of 2017 as its sole sponsor. The newspaper reports Denham and his PAC got more than $68,000 from the Lytton tribe and its casino this past year.

A new report shows the regulatory and taxing system for California’s legalized marijuana market may not be in place by the time it’s supposed to be. The Press Democrat reports several state agencies, including the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation are moving fast to get the rules for licensing and taxing marijuana businesses and growers together. But the paper reports State Sen. Mike McGuire is among a handful concerned things won’t be up and ready in time for the Jan. 1st, 2018 deadline put forth in Proposition 64. McGuire says the tax collection system is nowhere near ready. Right now the state collects taxes for medicinal products, but that’s not totally streamlined either. McGuire’s having a hearing Tuesday at the Capitol calling it “California Cannabis in a Turbulent Time”. The legal recreational marijuana industry is being taxed 15 percent for sales and another cultivation tax of $9.25 per an ounce for flowers or $2.75 for leaves.

Another day of pounding rain closes several roads. In Lake County a flood warning put out earlier this week continues thru tomorrow morning at 9:15. The National Weather Service forecasting some more rain today with clear conditions this weekend, then rain again mid-next week. Clear Lake went past the 9-foot Rumsey flood stage late Wednesday, and was sitting at about 9.5 feet early this morning. It’s supposed to get past 9.8 feet Rumsey this weekend before coming back down again next week. The Cache Creek Dam was releasing water at a high rate. Lake Co News reports the Dam releasing water yesterday at a record amount not seen since March of 2011, the last time the lake flooded.

Some weather related closures: Clear Lake State Park in Kelseyville and Lakeport’s Library Park. Lake Co News reports officials say main park roads into Clear Lake State Park are flooded and so are the campgrounds, cabins, launch and bathrooms. They say they’ll re-open when it’s safe for visitors. Over at Library Park, city crews took out docks because of rising water. Apparently the lake breached the park’s seawall and flooded into parklands where it left some damage and totally drenched the lawn and playground. They say it’s too hazardous for visitors. Several roads in Lake County also closed due to flooding and safety issues.

A road crew worker has been killed clearing a mudslide near San Jose. The CHP says it happened on Highway 17 about 25 miles south of San Jose where the mudslide blocked the main north-south road between San Jose and Santa Cruz Tuesday. Crews had been working since then to clear it. The CHP says a dump truck ran over two workers – one was dead at the scene, the other was conscious and talking to paramedics while pinned under the wheel of the truck. Once they got him out he was taken to a nearby hospital.

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