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The California National Guard is helping with the reconstruction of the Lake Oroville Dam. The Guard providing eight helicopters for the emergency spillway reconstruction at the dam about 150 miles northeast of San Francisco. They’re also going to use the choppers, if needed, for search and rescue efforts near the Dam. They’ve notified all 23,000 soldiers and airmen to be at the ready to deploy if needed. They’ve not alerted the entire National Guard since the 1992 riots.

Nearly 190 thousand people had to leave their homes after massive erosion was spotted on the emergency spillway at Lake Oroville. The emergency spillway apparently held for the moment but in danger of failing which could mean a massive amount of water flooding into communities along the Feather River Basin. The California Department of Water Resources Interim Director Bill Croyle says that could be catastrophic to the auxiliary spillway.. SOT

The Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea says there’s still a lot they don’t know but they’ve evacuated entire neighborhoods in the area… SOT.

Gov. Jerry Brown has issued an emergency order and says his office is in close contact with emergency personnel managing the situation. Brown says the state’s directing all necessary personnel and resources for the “very serious situation.” The evacuation order yesterday afternoon after engineers found a hole eroding back toward the top of the spillway. Marysville, Hallwood, Ollivehurst and Plumas Lake have all been evacuated. And Yuba City is under an evacuation advisory.

A man’s been arrested in Covelo after Sheriff’s deputies found him in a high school parking lot, wandering barefoot. Delbert Alford placed under citizen’s arrest by school officials until deputies arrived and discovered Alford was a registered sex offender on active parole from the Ukiah area. Cops arrested Alford for being under the influence and say he had no justifiable reason to be at the school nor did he have written permission from school administrators to be there. He was arrested for parole violations, being a Sex Registrant on School Grounds without Lawful Business and Written Permission, being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance. He was held without bail.

A man in Laytonville’s been arrested in connection to a murder last November. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says several people were connected to Jeffrey Settler’s murder on November 11th at a pot farm where it’s believed the suspects may have all worked and planned a robbery. At the time police said the suspects knew where the weed was stored, which happened to be where Settler slept so they assaulted him during the robbery, causing his death. They took off with more than 100 pounds of processed pot. Seven people were identified in the case, four were arrested before last Friday when another was found in Williamsburg, VA. Frederick Gaestel was arrested and held in Virginia with extradition proceedings to start immediately. There are still two suspects on the run, Gary Blank III from Garberville and Jesse Wells of Laytonville.

A man in Clearlake has been arrested for busting into his ex girlfriend’s house while he had a restraining order against him. Police arrested Robert Bosche who they say broke into the home a day after they were searching for him for another incident. Police say Bosche broke into the same house a day before stealing items his ex said were hers. The ex is protected under a domestic violence protective order. Police also found Bosche to be on county probation out of Mendocino County for assault with a deadly weapon. The ex ran away the second time Bosche broke in and called from a neighbor’s house. Police dog Bear got the guy at a nearby house where he found Boche hiding under blankets on a couch. He was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries from the capture, then arrested for burglary, violating a domestic violence protective order and resisting a police officer.

Continued rain in Lake County has flooded roads and more’s on the way. The Board of Supervisors discussing the possibility of more blue-green algae blooms. District 3 Supervisor Jim Steele brought up the matter due to the level of Clearlake last week. Steele says when the warm weather comes, there could be a serious bloom in August. He says a couple of different patterns that are prime for algae to bloom: extended periods of shallow levels and hot weather, or a full nutrient-rich lake that lessens over the summer. The Record Bee newspaper interviewed some locals who work in the tourism industry who say in the past the algae has not scared off sportsmen and sportswomen who visit Lake County. The newspaper reports it’s more of a minor inconvenience where boats get a little dirty and the smell is bad, but otherwise, it’s mostly harmless.

A new poll in Calif. about the performance as President by Donald Trump’s shows a meager 30% approval rating. Many in the poll by the Public Policy Institute of California say the state should keep moving on its own policies with regards to immigration and climate change. Almost two-thirds of those surveyed said the state and local governments should consider moving forward, separate from the federal government so the rights of undocumented immigrants are protected. Fifty-eight percent of those living in Calif. disapproved of Trump’s performance, and 12 percent weren’t sure if they approved. The 30 percent who like the job Trump’s doing is way lower than his national approval rating of 45 percent from a recent Gallup poll.

California’s still in the top 15, but fell a bit in the latest Gallup Poll of quality of life. Calif. was 13th in Gallup’s “Well-Being Index” based on five key traits. The poll of more than 177,000 people last year. California was at its lowest since it hit 17th place back in 2013. It was in 10th place in 2015. Texas was in first place. They measure social issues, financial, community issues, like local spirit and physical measures as far as healthiness. Other states that beat Calif.: Maine, Colorado, Vermont, Arizona, Montana, Minnesota and Texas. West Virginia was the worst, then Kentucky, Oklahoma and Indiana.


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