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2 women in Ukiah say they want to be on the Co-Op board but cannot because they’re only members by association. The Daily Journal reports Julia Dakin and Halle Brady have been volunteering and paying dues with their husband’s at the Natural Foods Co-op for decades so they want to be members and part of the board. But apparently the bylaws for the co-op only allow one member on their accounts, their husbands, as their accounts are in their names. The organization used to allow dual membership for one household but in 2000 it changed to coincide with state law for nonprofits. The board notified members back then but the two women say they didn’t see the notice.

Laytonville High wins the Mock Trial competition and moves on to the state competition. The school’s Mock Trial team takes home its 12th Ron Brown Memorial trophy for this year’s Mendocino County Mock Trial last Saturday at the courthouse in Ukiah. The team won over Fort Bragg High, Developing Virtue Girl’s School and Ukiah High. Laytonville goes to Riverside next month for the state competition. If they win there they go to Hartford, Conn. in May for the national championships. The team will be doing some fundraising and is reaching out to the community to chip in too. For more info call Laytonville High School.

Repairs have begun on the spillways at Lake Oroville. The California Department of Water Resources reports work going on at the primary and auxiliary. There were two military helicopters carrying rocks to the Lake and putting them down where the dam started eroding. The repairs after more than 180,000 people were evacuated from their homes Sunday. Officials who were monitoring the two spillways at the Dam saw severe erosion on the emergency spillway. The residents are still out of their homes and won’t be allowed back until the fixes are in place. The Oroville Dam holds the state’s second-largest reservoir in place as a concrete spillway releases floodwaters into the Feather River downstream.

The Gov. is requesting federal assistance for the erosion fixes at Lake Oroville. The Governor sent a letter to President Trump yesterday asking for help for 3 counties in Northern Calif. affected. The Governor says help’s needed for residents in Butte, Sutter and Yuba counties who had to leave their homes Sunday due to the possibility the emergency spillway could release water into the towns. Gov. Brown also issued an emergency order for Lake Oroville Sunday night. U-S senators — Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, both from No. Calif are also calling on the President to approve the disaster declaration for damage from recent storms. They’re asking for more than $160 million dollars in disaster assistance.

A man from Virginia had major injuries after a car accident in Mendocino County off rural Highway 128. The CHP reports Akiva Demarinis of Great Falls, VA was headed west on the highway, going way too fast. They say he lost control of his Mustang about five miles east of the Navarro River bridge, near Highway 1. Officers say the Mustang went off the road, spun out and hit a tree. No word if drugs or alcohol may have been a factor.

A nonprofit says a report they filed more than a decade ago warned the Department of Water Resources there could be a failure of the emergency spillway at the Lake Oroville Dam. The acting head of the department told KCRA TV he wasn’t familiar with the report. But the TV station reports 2005 documentation was filed as the agency went to renew their operating license for the hydroelectric dam. Friends of the River filed the brief with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). It says the Dept. of Water Resources was taking a minimalist approach to flood control issues and necessary modifications were needed, but predicted they’d only happen in the face of disaster. The filing said the spillway could cause severe damage in the path of the flood release. Now the nonprofit wants the dept. to add a full concrete spillway.

A reversal for dozens of Native Americans taken off the membership rolls of their tribe in Northern Calif. The Robinson Rancheria Citizens Business Council says its reinstating membership for those involved in a contested 2008 disenrollment. The tribal council voted February 1st to allow the reinstatement of as many as 5 dozen tossed from the rolls after the disputed 2008 tribal election. Those affected will be notified by mail they can re-enroll which begins at the end of the month. The tribe’s going to have a community dinner next month to talk about its five year plan and re-enrolled members are invited. The disenrollment had been upheld by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in April of 2010.

FEMA is reported to be monitoring the severe weather and the failing spillway at Lake Oroville. There’s a FEMA Regional Response Coordination Center in Oakland which has been activated so they can respond in a timely manner to protect life and property. The acting administrator for FEMA is encouraging residents in the affected area to listen to local authorities regarding evacuation orders. There’s an emergency team in place in Sacramento prepared to help. The National Weather Service is also warning about a new series of storms lining up for the end of the week with heavy rain expected tomorrow night into Thursday morning and all day Friday.

A man in New Jersey’s busted for stealing more than 8,000 cartons of cigarettes. Andrew Oreckinto of Matawan (MA’-tuh-wahn) New Jersey found guilty yesterday for the interstate shipment heist. He faces 10 years in prison. Prosecutors say surveillance cameras recorded the guy breaking into a store in Connecticut in March of 2011. They linked him to the robbery by analyzing his call history. He was already serving five years in prison in Jersey for stealing $100,000 worth of copper wire.


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