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An explosion and fire under Hwy 101 in Ukiah this (Tuesday) morning apparently started in a homeless encampment. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority says a guy living there left a candle burning on top of a propane tank and asked a friend to put out before he left, but apparently the friend forgot and just walked way. The blast sent smoke well up over the overpass and across lanes of traffic. No one was hurt and the UVFA, CHP and Ukiah Police decided not to close the bridge but just keep traffic moving slowly.

Folks living below the Oroville Dam are being allowed home but told to stay at the ready. At a news conference this (Tuesday) afternoon Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said the evacuation order has been changed to an evacuation warning saying the risk has been reduced as authorities have been draining Lake Oroville to reduce the need for the emergency spillway off the main dam, and repairing erosion damage to that spillway by dropping bags of rocks into the gouged portion. Honea also said that while heavy rain is still forecast for the area, the latest update shows it will be less than first thought. Still has warns residents to remain vigilant as conditions can rapidly change and says those with special needs or who require extended time to evacuate should consider staying evacuated. The evacuation center at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds is staying open.


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